NEC Medias X smartphone which is cooled using liquid

NEC Medias X1689476664

Frequency and power, which are smartphones, are rapidly growing. To blink was not in time — already 8 cores, and when in the presence of the camera made you really cool.

Not surprisingly, some smartphones outrageously hot, because the cooling system they have developed is not as good as I would like. Good Japanese dudes came up with a very interesting cooling system, which is implemented in the phone, NEC Medias X. I hope that he will not only be pink! A small tube with a specific liquid is in contact at one end to graphicom of the radiator, and others — that the cooling system of this phone. Not surprising, he’s barely warmed up!

On the other characteristics little is known: a 4.7-inch HD display, camera with a matrix resolution of 13.1 megapixels, LTE and Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600. Like a good idea! Only not pink!

However, interestingly, the NEC Medias X is only released within Japan. Sadness!

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