NASCAR: simplicity, destruction, racing

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_ve3YW26fmVAsYIf European like aesthetics and beauty, which is reflected in the sport, the American do not feed bread – give anything to destroy. If formula 1 is a beauty, high technology and brilliant driving, racing, NASCAR is rude, disruptive enclosed in a metal sheath.

NASCAR race appeared in the middle of the twentieth century, and more precisely, in 1949. The basis for the future of the championship became a race on serial machines, which are held in the Southeast USA. Then this race was a spectacle for a simple working class machines were available, and to participate could be anyone. However, now NASCAR still had such a reputation – the race for the white working class. To officially approve a new competition, they had to decide, would not take no Motorsport organization. Not undertake it for many reasons: production vehicles were not designed for racing, a big injury risk, as well as the low prestige of the race. But there was a man like bill Franz, senior, who decided to create Motorsport, to which he gave the name of NASCAR (national Association of racing in production cars). Incidentally, the Association itself is still private and belongs to the family of FR.

The championship is divided into three series. One of them is strictly intended for production cars. Another for modified. Well, the third was intended for open cars. It will not be difficult to understand that the popularity of NASCAR owes the first series, which were filmed directly from the factory Assembly line. It is easy to understand. These machines – the same ones that you can meet on the roads of the city, you can be a pilot, just having a car and balls of steel. Oh, and of course prize money. In NASCAR they never skimp. The best pilots are just making a fortune, but the risk is great.

The new popularity of racing has grown by leaps and bounds. Soon, in the USA there was a huge racetrack, Daytona International Speedway, which is only for this competition.

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_kXpokIhd7WR9JBut, as happens with any sport, the money took over. Car companies from the very beginning tacitly supported their products at these events, but in 1962 appeared first on factory teams. When car companies compete against each other in sports, I believe, starts the arms race, contrary to the initial intentions and ideas laid down by the founder of NASCAR.

The sports Association was struggling with the car companies in different ways, because they were primarily interested in sport, not to increase sales of a particular car. In the end of 80-th years of the twentieth century, the Association changed the technical policy in such a way that racers could earn their trophies with only their skill, not technology machines. They have achieved this by using a specific technical regulations. Plants supply the only racers tubular steel frame (base car), cylinder blocks and some other parts. All the rest of the team do it themselves. All vehicles should move V8 of 5.87 L.

To understand the rules of racing requires a little patience and remember each race. In fact, the winner is revealed using points system that has been operating since 1975. The main character receives 185 points, second place gets 174 points, from second to sixth in increments of 5 points, then from the seventh to the eleventh in increments of 4 points, from 12 to last in increments of 3 points. Thus the main loser of the competition gets 35 points. Of course there are still some subtleties. For example, anyone who has ever had the lead one lap, give additional 5 points additional 5 points give whoever was in the lead the longest.

manygoodtips.com_9.07.2015_iHFEpXvPGmDGJSince 2011, the point system is somewhat simplified. It has really become easier. First place gets 46 points, the second – 42. Those who follow the second, taken away at one point. Out third place, 41 points, fourth 40, and so on. Around the updated point system fierce debate, but, most likely, the Association made the right choice for a beginner it’s really easy to remember. On the other hand, disappears when at least some the apparent complexity of the sport, and it all becomes a simple show, with chips and beer, it is time to think. However, NASCAR and for this was created.

So, what you can see looking this is a killer competition? In the first place – speed. Although the machine is nominally a serial, they still do not just. They are accelerated up to wild speeds. Then – mass. When compared with other races, in NASCAR involved just a lot of pilots, it can, and is the cause of numerous accidents. By the way, crash is also an element of the show. We don’t understand how anyone could survive in some points of this racing. Anyway, if you think that Formula 1 is boring, not interesting and for the dudes that NASCAR created for you, man.

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