NASA testing new helicopters to explore Mars


Since July 2013, the Rover Curiosity crossed about 7100 m on the surface of the red planet, an average of 400 meters per month. But if a new NASA project will succeed in tests, the small high-tech helicopter will be able to overcome the distance of half a kilometer per day. A significant advantage of the drone will become not only the speed but also maneuverability: the new robot will be able to bridge deep gorges and steep inclines, which on Mars is sufficient.

The vehicle will consist of a small cube with shovels on top of that carry 2400 rpm, and the reference mechanism. The weight of the unit will be 1 kg and the size is 1.1 m from the end of one blade to the other end. The helicopter is powered by a solar battery, which lasts approximately three minutes of flight, after which the drone needed recharging.

Scientists assign to the machine high hopes, believing that the drone is able to push Mars exploration to a new level.

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