Naked drift


Many people have some morbid desire to see all their bodies, regardless of attractive actually teles or not. This guy from Florida named Brian Blake Bienvenu was detained by police twice in 12 hours. This dude knows how to attract people’s attention.

The first time Brian was arrested for driving very drunk, being totally naked… the Guy tried to climb over the fence that leads to the beach, and spriatatsia there in the bushes (apparently, then for him it was very important). There he was caught by the police. After a brief conversation, Brian was released.

But this guy was not enough. In the Parking lot at the airport our hero found a motorcycle that was stolen in the best traditions of the games of series GTA. And then it caught a second time. Apparently, the guy forgot the cheat codes that gives immortality and ammunition. Now our hero and sit down. Blood Brian found traces of marijuana.

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