Myths and truths about tattoos

In our society, despite their popularity, tattoos enjoys a mixed reputation. Certainly among the dudes that read to tattoo a dual attitude, and our editors have someone walking with pants, and someone with a perfectly clean skin. Of course, not our rejection compared to the rejection that takes place, for example, in the land of the rising sun, where tattooed people are often unable to get even a shitty job or go to the bath. But the issue of organized crime. We are all different, and a lot of the negative revolves around different kinds of errors.

We decided not to sculpt their own thoughts on the matter, and asked the guys from the front, those involved in the tattoo because of their professional choice. So, we talked to the professionals about what myths are parasitic on the noble Foundation of the production of drawings. Take the most popular and certainly the most fun to play with.

1. After going to the salon, you cannot wash

The misconception that only makes you look worse. All the interviewed masters solidary in opinion that wash not only possible, but necessary. What not to do is to steam and brush drawing.

2. Before applying a tattoo can’t drink alcohol

This is not to argue hard, and we’re not going. We know a lot of stories that start like this: «I Drank, then we a bottle of whisky and decided to get a tiger on my shoulder!» Immediately creates an image of this guy who is his own enemy. But conscientious tattoo artist would never beat the figures on the skin buhih customers. Why? Refer to the craftsmen.

— A tattoo parlor in Moscow tattoo25 Before applying the tattoo should not drink alcohol, the more pain the alcohol still will not save, and the bleeding will be greater, which will create additional difficulties for the tattoo artist. In addition, under the alcohol capillary activity increases, the colors «float» and the quality of work is not visible.

We understand that drinking booze changes the composition of the blood, dilutes it. The skin as a result is injured, the blood becomes more and the picture turns out worse, because the ink can fall unevenly.

Studio piercing and tattoos Sphinx I’m against alcohol and tattoo, and during application and even after. The person should be in a good mood during the tattoo. The alcohol will kill the mood. Besides, the master needs to have respect for yourself and not work with drunken customers.

3. On the beach, in the sun too!

Tattoos, as you know, is essentially a wound that needs to heal. Of course, to hurt her during this period of healing is not worth it. What can hurt? Infection that can be sure, is present in any open water, and ultraviolet rays that make us happy in the warm time of the year, and on the sandy beaches especially. Wizard – people are smart and understand that an active sun’s rays contribute to the rapid exfoliation of epithelial cells, namely epithelial cells contained the same pigment, which we so zealously inflicted on themselves. It turns out, during the healing period it is better to refrain from the sun, and it lasts at least a month. So please be powerful tools against sunburn (SPF 50, 80, 100) and wait for a bit.

4. Tattoo is forever

If self-inflicted sad shit, and this opinion will undoubtedly arise when the brain you will be more. Around all shouting that «a tattoo is forever!», but that’s not true. More precisely, it was true some time ago, now everything changed. In the modern world of robots, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to reduce the drawing at the root. But if you can’t afford it, you can always block the horrible daub some good work.

Studio artistic tattoos Provokacija today, tattoo can be remove without a trace and painless, using laser technology. It requires considerable cash outlay and will take a certain period of time. But it’s worth it, if your youth does not bring you any joy in life. So, before you get a tattoo, you should think about the consequences. If it is about fixing the old tattoo, in the most difficult cases will take a few sessions of laser lightening. If an experienced master will be able to cope with any practical old portak. Only thing that is still difficult, and therefore need to appeal only to the professionals.

5. You can get infected with AIDS, the plague and leprosy!

Our mothers we cherish, and remember, this was their main argument, because they heard that some guy had contracted HIV when he filled his drawing. And the truth is, of course, was quite different. When it comes to changing your body, then disease always hang a heavy shadow over man. Everything is an awful lot of grief-counselors who stir up fear and distract us from our own desires. It applies actually not only to tattoos, but to the whole of life.

You can become infected anywhere, roughly. But if you want to stay healthy, you should see the conditions in which the artist works, he uses disposable equipment, you have to be sure that the risk of infection is reduced to zero. Accuracy is a very important quality of a master.

– Master a novel, Studio Sphinx

6. The picture is blurry and deformed with age or change weight

In other words, if you suddenly became a fat ass, the picture, respectively, will stretch, and if you hit 69, the paint will be barely noticeable on your wrinkled skin.

Is it true? In that case, if you were beating a tattoo artisanal low-quality paints, it’s true, and we do not envy you. But all this can be avoided. First, find a good, professional masters, and second, eat less.

In fact, the tattoo industry is developing very quickly, so the clarity of the lines performed by a professional, did not suffer. About the form of the figure… If you ceased to monitor their appearance and health, then the status of the tattoo you certainly would care otherwise going to be the age to please others.

– Master Alex, Provokacija

7. If the wizard does not like the sketch, can he refuse to work?

Understandable, because drawing on your body – a kind of portfolio, an indication of suitability of the tattoo artist. Of course, there is a human factor, but many artists do not fundamentally undertake work that they feel boring, sad, horrible or beaten along and across. There is also a definite ideological, the ideological component. You have to understand that he is also a man, and if you are asked to fill in itself a symbol of the Caliphate or Swanton, it is, of course, you can deny, not even explaining the reasons.

We draw your own sketches to later they turned into a really interesting, individual and quality tattoo. A consumer goods do not interested.

– Master Oleksiy Skrypnyk, tattoo25

8. Tattoos affect the future life?

Difficult question, but the answer we got. In General, any action could affect your future life, and a lot depends on the environment in which you live. Circumstances play an important role, as you could see from the above example about Japan. The tattoo might be part of the national culture, can be part of her dark side. But once it so happened that we live in Russia, and the attitude we have to it is purely European. Some time ago, tattoos were treated much worse than now. At the moment it is increasingly becoming not just a cultural phenomenon but a normal part of life. Accordingly, it becomes less rebellious and more informed choices.

If to speak about personal feelings, they depend on the individuality of the person. Symbols can play a significant role in your life if you give them certain meanings, important information that can be hidden or apparent. However, there is a large group of people, which refers to the drawings only as to conventional jewelry. Put in the chosen images of the meaning, it’s up to you.

9. Do in heaven, if to apply the tattoo?

Could not do without this question because now in society there is a bias towards spirituality, and consequently in the tattoo world, he also have. So what do you think about this masters?

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