Myths and betrayal, all believe, but it’s not

manygoodtips.com_16.05.2014_eND4eCWFimGl0Betrayal — topic, overgrown with myths and legends, because it’s almost legendary phenomenon, appeared simultaneously with the concept of family. Betrayal often face in the modern cynical world, which is undoubtedly a very sad fact.

We believe in some facts about infidelity that we impose the journals, life, literature, and other people. The problems on this list do have a place, but life is full of individual cases. Someone knows that cheating on him, and in a whisker does not blow, and someone to survive a betrayal not able to. It should be noted that in most cases cheating marriage does not strengthen, but on the contrary.

1. After infidelity a couple can never be happy

This is not so. Why don’t we ever hear about such situations? Most likely, because no one wants to tell others about their personal problems. People don’t like to wash dirty linen in public.

The relationship can be successfully restored, the only problem is that some relationships cannot be restored, because they are, roughly speaking, destroyed or have become obsolete. Sometimes cheating means a trivial offense. This is quite a childish way to show that in a relationship someone that is not happy. Also it is a childish way to get revenge. When a cat wants to show that scary at you or the tray is dirty, it happens. Animal! Same with hurt and betrayal.

2. Cheating is not about sex, it’s personal

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes sex with another woman is just sex. Of course, some infidelity occur only because of the resentment, unmet emotional needs and other troubles. But some men and women want a new younger body, because old and tired. And there are people who absolutely can not or just do not want to control myself when I see an easy way to get sex. In good, of course, is always to restrain myself and think the top of his head, but there are people who believe that we should take everything from life.

Do not look for deep meaning, and so everything is clear.

3. It’s not cheating if you don’t have sex

It seems and sounds strange, but emotional cheating is also cheating! Even if there was no sex. Correspondence with another person, looks, smile and other things that cause strong emotional reactions is also a betrayal. This is the same deception, only in a slightly different plane. Unlike the previous item, in this case, it is clear that something goes wrong. And, most likely, you’re just phenomenally tired of each other.

If you want to ask, is emotional infidelity a short conversation with another girl with absolutely no ambiguous hints, that, alas, man, there! The whole point is that you bailed on your old girl, I forgot her bright face and willing to exchange her for someone else. At least for a day.

4. All because of sexual desire

Go back to the previous paragraph. When two flashes of sparkle, which for some reason no one is going to ignore it, sex is just sex. But sometimes two in the best tradition of romance novels, draws on an emotional level. Overworked wife stopped for a monitor and pay attention to you? Do you need a kind word or an opportunity with someone to talk to? And then you come across a cute girl that all this can be done. Sometimes even sex is not necessary, only pure emotion. She talk to you, comfort you, and create a sense that you are a man and need you. Maybe you will be strong and sturdy feeling, which will seem real. Emotional attraction is even without sex: two people meet, have a long conversation, smile and walk in the Park. It is clear that someone in the relationship is missing something simple and human, but to them as something else this man did not try.

Most often then, of course, going back to his wife, not because there better but because there familiar.

5. Cheating occurs because of problems in marriage and relationships

Every relationship and every marriage has its problems. Someone starts with polpinka, who does not perform his duties on the house, who someone is rude, but someone else is banal suffering. The problem is that nobody wants worn out and try to fix it. Instead, the two sides fight, go to the left or corny at first. But most often I go to the left.

Having problems in a relationship does not justify cheating. Is there a problem? Solve them! To destroy and to change ten times easier than learning to live in a way that was bearable to Wake up to.

6. Once betrayed is always going to change

It is widely believed, if we are talking about full of thugs and rare achievement. Some things can only happen one time in your life, and the only precedent would cause unpleasant associations.

One affair can shatter a marriage and specify these two that everything they have is bad and you need something urgently to solve it. Also, this betrayal can destroy the shaky tower of the relations, which, if you think about it, even good. The traitor realizes his mistake and may eventually change, if you know what I did wrong. On the other hand, it can realize the impunity and go to change again. However, exactly clear what to do with such a man!

7. Cheating means the end of marriage

Not so fast! It can be changed. As we wrote above, some people in marriage do not know how to discuss their problems, probably because they are not able to recognize their presence. But the fact of adultery neillyuzorno hints at the problem.

8. To blame the young

There is a common belief that infidelity leads only young fresh «meat». Women over thirty are conducted in kids for 20 years, and all men want young girls. But it is not so. Remember the story of Monica Lewinsky and with housekeeper, Arnold Schwarzenegger — these are scenes from the life implying that the age of infidelity does not matter.

9. This is because the traitor is always in search of

Many are firmly convinced that the traitor is a way of thinking. There are people who never want to stop, but we’re not talking.

Infidelity happens much more often when no one is looking. Suddenly appears the opportunity for casual sex, or the person is comfortable and wants to open up. Emotional connection is secured secrets and personal secrets, and may well go to a regular relationship.

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