Myths about women in relationships


Often it happens that my friend discussed the familiar couple. Don’t lie that you are not doing the same! We analyze their behavior, their relationships and trying to guess what will happen next with each of these pairs. In the course of such conversations (which I am not proud of, but do not deny) it became clear that I had no idea about women’s relationship. So I took their stereotypical, from which we hasten to warn you.

Myth 1: all women want to get married

No. And the children too, not all of them need. In fact, some are not even sure whether they want a relationship: fear of losing independence, to move away from friends or stop getting pleasure from the society of the chosen guy. Again, not all women are strictly against marriage and life together: they’re just not all want marriage.

Myth 2: all women want to meet you every day

We used to think that women are sentimental, weak in emotions and love to see us right every day. I really thought so. My friend and I always keep in contact, but it’s not just routine — but most of my friends thinks so too. And her friends. She says her friends really don’t understand why we need to know about each other so much information. Women happen to like to have his personal information space, then to have something to listen to at our next meeting. And something to share.

Myth 3: all women are crazy

This is my friend really angry. So, from time to time they behave irrationally and admit it and apologize even if it wronged us. However, this does not make them mentally unstable. Just from time to time they’re wrong — and we ourselves also screw up. But impulsive behavior is simply impulsive behavior, not a symptom of emotional disorders (they insist on it). Often women say «all men are jerks» — but this too is wrong, I’m not exactly a goat. Just some women a little crazy, that’s all.

Myth 4: women tell their girlfriends everything

Women naturally speak better than us. You know what I tell you. With friends, they discuss the million all, including men. However, even women are able to stop in time, that we would not say popular culture. If a woman likes you and respects you, she won’t blab about you to the girlfriends that you did not want. Good news.

Myth 5: women need to spend a lot of money

If we are not talking about the day she was born, she spit at five-star restaurants, trips to Paris and gifts, the value of which ends with an obscene number of zeros. Women like attention, but when they throw dust in the eyes, trying to hit them with wealth, they do not like. Why? They don’t like to feel obligated. They don’t like to feel nalepnica. They don’t like it when you look at them as eaters of dough.

It turns out that women are much more pleasant people than we thought. If not all, then certainly many of them.

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