Myths about the creation of the Earth different peoples

According to some, the world was created by Allah, Lord, God – whatever you call it, but we owe him their lives. No big explosion, not a natural cosmic processes, and the creation, which, according to Kevin Smith, it looks like Alanis Morisette. But it wasn’t always when every nation offered its version of the creation of life involving sweat, Masturbates gods and other heresies.

The Scandinavians

According to the Scandinavians, was first the void with a complex called Ginungagap. Near the void, as expected, was the frozen world of the darkness of Niflheim, and to the South lay the fiery hot muspelheim in the country. And here begins elementary physics. Some ancient Scandinavian, noting that from the contact of ice and fire, frost may form, ventured to suggest that the juxtaposition of the emptiness of the world gradually filled with poisonous frost. And what happens when the frost melts poisonous? Usually it turns into evil giants. Here the same thing happened, and frost formed an evil giant, whose name pays Muslim notes. Simply put, Vladimir. Was he asexual, but since it is, according to James brown «man’s world», we will refer to him as a man.

To do this void was nothing, and, tired of hanging in the air, Vladimir fell asleep. And here begins the most delicious. Considering that there is nothing more intimate than sweat (assuming the secondary urine, not Cambodian dictator), and came up with that sweat dripping off him from under the armpits, turned into a man and a woman, which then went a race of giants. And the sweat dripping from the feet, gave rise to Thrudgelmir – giant with six heads. Here’s the history of velicestva. And even with the smell.

And the ice continued to melt, and realize that it must be something to eat, they came up with the cow with the beautiful name Audumla that originated from the melt water. Vladimir began to drink milk, and she liked to lick the salty ice. Slazav ice, she found beneath it a man, his name was Buri, the progenitor of all gods. How it got there? This fantasy is not enough.

The Storm was the son of Bori, who married the frost giantess Bestle, and they had three sons: Odin, Vili and Ve. Sons of the Storm hated Ymir and killed him. The reason is purely noble: Vladimir was angry. From the body of the slain Ymir dripped so much blood that it drowned all the giants except Bergelmir, grandson of Vladimir and his wife. They managed to escape from the flood in a boat made from a tree trunk. Where did the tree in the void? What do you care! Found, and all.

Then the brothers decided to create something the world has not seen. His Universe with drakar and the Vikings. Odin and his brothers brought the body of Ymir to the center Ginungagap and made it a world. Threw the body in the blood and the land became. Blood, respectively, by the ocean. Skull turned to the sky, and the brain scattered in the sky, and came out of the cloud. So next time, flying in the airplane, catch yourself thinking that you’re in the skull of a giant on huge birds cut giant brains.

The gods have left only the part where the giants lived. It was called Jotunheim. The best part of this world they are fenced off of Imira for centuries and settled there people, calling it Midgard.

Finally, the gods created people. Two knots of wood there was a man and woman, Ask and Abs (which is typical). All the other people descended from them.

The latter built a fortress of Asgard, which rose high above Midgard. These two parts are connected by the rainbow bridge Bivrest. Among the gods, protectors of the people, there were 12 gods and 14 goddesses (they were called «aces»), as well as a whole bunch of other smaller deities (Vanir). This whole Assembly of the gods crossed the rainbow bridge and settled in Asgard.

On this multi-layered world increased the ash Yggdrasil. Its roots sprouted in Asgard, Jotunheim and Niflheim. On the branches of Yggdrasil sitting eagle and the hawk, the trunk up and down rushed the protein, the roots were found the deer, and below all sitting nidhegg of snakes who wanted to eat everything.

That was the beginning of one of the most remarkable of the world’s mythologies. Reading the «Older» and «Younger» EDD never make you regret the time spent.


Refer to our ancestors and to the ancestors of the poles, Ukrainians, Czechs and other Slavic peoples. One certain myth did not exist, they were few, and neither is the approval from the ROC.

There is a version that all began with a God Kind. Before he was born white light, the world was shrouded in utter darkness. In this darkness was only Rod – Ancestor of all things. On the question of which came first – the chicken or the egg, the Slavs would have said that the egg because it was signed Rod. To sit in the egg was not very good, and in some magical way, some to the extent of their promiscuity realized what Rhode begat love, which is ironically called Lada, and the power of love destroyed the prison. So began the creation of the world. The world is filled with Love.

At the beginning of the creation of the world Race gave birth to the Kingdom of heaven, and under it created a celestial. Rainbow cut the umbilical cord, and the stone firmament separated the Ocean from the heavenly waters. Then there was the household stuff such as the division of Light and Darkness. Then God Kind of gave birth to the earth, and the Earth was plunged into the dark abyss in the Ocean. From His face the Sun came out, a Month out of His chest, the stars of heaven from His eyes. Clear dawns appeared from eyebrows kind of dark nights from His thoughts, wild winds – from His breath, rain, snow and hail – from tears. Thunder and lightning is nothing like his voice. Actually, this is all alive, the father of all gods and of all things.

Rhode begat Svarog heaven and breathed his mighty spirit, and gave him very useful in our days the ability to look at all sides, so that nothing from him was not lost. It Svarog responsible for the change of day and night, and for the creation of the Earth. He makes to get the land hidden under the ocean, grey duck. More worthy was found.

Duck first appeared year, couldn’t get the Land then again Svarog sent her over the Land, is not she appeared there two years and again to no avail. The third time gave up the Race, flipped out, hit the duck by lightning and gave her a great force and shocked the duck was absent for three years until she brought in the beak of a handful of earth. Crushed Svarog Earth – the winds blew the Earth with the palm of his, and she fell into the sea blue. Warmed it the Sun, the Earth baked top crust, cooled it for a Month. He adopted her in three sets of three of the underworld. And that Land is not left again into the Ocean, Rhode begat under her powerful snake of Yushu.

From the Carpathian Slavs, it was assumed that nothing but blue sea and oak was not. How they got there, is not specified. On the oak sat two positive pigeon, which decided to bring the fine sand from the sea bottom to create the black earth, «cold water and green grass» and the Golden stone, which made the blue sky, the sun, moon, and stars.

With regard to the creation of man, no natural selection, of course, was not. The Magi said the following. God washed in the bath and sweat, wipe them with a rag and threw it down to earth. And Satan arguing with God who him to create man. And created a devil of a man the soul and God put into it, because people will die, the earth is his body, and the soul to God.

Found the Slavs and the ancient legend of the creation of mankind, which was not without eggs. God, cut the eggs into halves, throw them on the ground. Here on one of the halves came out male and the other female. Men and women formed from the halves of one egg, find each other and marry. Some half fell into the swamp and died there. So some are forced to spend the rest of my life alone.


The Chinese have their own ideas about how the world came. The most popular myth can be called the myth of pan-GU, the man-giant. The plot is as follows: in the beginning Heaven and Earth were close to each other so that merged into a single black mass. According to legend, this mass represented nothing but the egg was a symbol of life in almost every nation. And inside it lived pan-GU, and lived for a long time – many millions of years. But one day this life bored him, and waving a heavy axe, pan-GU emerged from its egg, it splits into two parts. These parts later became Heaven and Earth. Growth was unimaginable – so fifty kilometers in length, which, by the standards of ancient Chinese, was the distance between Heaven and Earth.

Unfortunately for pan-GU, and luckily for us, the Colossus was a mortal and like all mortals, died. Then pan-GU decomposed. But not as much as we do. Pan-GU decomposed really cool: his voice turned into thunder, his skin and bones became the earth’s firmament, and his head became Space. So, his death gave life to our world.

Ancient Armenia

Armenian legends are very similar to Slavic. However, Armenians do not have a clear answer to how the world happened, but there is an interesting explanation of how this works.

Heaven and Earth is husband and wife, which divided the ocean. The sky is a city and the Earth a piece of rock that is holding on to its huge horns of a huge bull. When he shakes his horns, the earth is bursting at the seams from earthquakes. That’s all the way Armenians imagined the Earth.

There is an alternative myth, where the Earth is in the middle of the sea, and around it floats the Leviathan, trying to grab its own tail, and his multichanel also explained the constant earthquakes. When the Leviathan finally bite its own tail, life on Earth will end and the Apocalypse will come. Have a nice day.


The Egyptians have a few myths about the creation of the earth, and one striking the other. But this is the most original. Thanks to the cosmogony of Heliopolis for such details.

In the beginning was the great ocean, whose name was «Nude», and was this ocean of Chaos, and apart from him nothing happened. It was not until Atum effort of will and thought is not created out of this Chaos themselves. And you complain about the lack of motivation… But then – more and more interesting. Consequently, he created, now it was necessary to create in the ocean of the earth. Which he did. After wandering through the land and realized his total solitude, Atum became unbearably boring, and he decided to make some more gods. How? Climbed a hill and began to do its dirty work, desperately masturbating.

Thus from the seed of Atum, Shu and tefnut were born. But apparently, overdone, and newborn gods lost in the ocean of Chaos. Atum grieved, but soon, to his relief, finally found and re-found their children. He was so happy to reunite what had been crying, and his tears, touching the ground, fertilize it – and from the ground up people, a lot of people! Then while the people were impregnated each other, Shu and tefnut also came coitus, and they gave life to other gods to GEB and Nut, who became the personification of the Earth and the sky.

There is another myth in which Atum RA replaces, but the basic fact does not change – there is also all each other massively fertilized.

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