Myths about how we need to look for a job

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2014_3AkzmpCJoUhJLWe are all constantly faced with the need to look for a job. Like any other still relevant problem, the process of finding a suitable job has long acquired a variety of myths that came from someone’s personal experience, phobias and other speculation.

We are a team going to destroy some of these myths.

1. All the jobs are in the network

Of course, to look for work it would be much easier if all the vacancies were posted on one single site. But it’s not that information of this kind is often scattered not only on different sites, but there are also some offline: on Bulletin boards, in specialized Newspapers, etc.

The main problem, which is to remember when looking for a job, is that many jobs simply do not have the formal status. In other words, neither the network nor outside of it. This practice of searching for employees allows the employer to save themselves from the influx of unwanted candidates and consider only those who are somehow interested in them. In this applicant can be you — unless, of course, will mark its presence in the market. Take a chance, call that company where you always wanted to work. Is it suddenly now they have a seat for you.

2. The first offer is the best

Of course, the temptation to accept the first more-or-less like a job offer is very high. Thus, you will save yourself from the tedious walking interviews, mapping of different variants, and more. On the other hand, reckless consent may come back to haunt you another short entry in the service record. And as you know employers don’t like it when these kinds of records too much.

3. A cover letter doesn’t matter

More like a, man. Nothing attracts attention to the summary as reasonable, well written cover letter that concisely contains information about who you are, what can do and what you want to work in this company.

In addition, the fact that you’re not lazy and wrote a few lines, and not just clicked the «send summary» characterizes you as a candidate interested in the job.

4. To get the job done, you need to have connection

Of course, a wide circle of acquaintances can be useful in finding a job, however, keep in mind that some companies basically do not take «an acquaintance». Also, if you’re really good specialist, you will certainly find a suitable place and not having the insider information and the good «stand-in» in the company.

5. The summary should be no more than one page

Moot point. On the one hand, some recruiters don’t like to read a lot. On the other hand, if you have behind a lot of valuable experience, why not tell the potential employer? Most importantly, do not overdo it. No need to write about you three days worked as a waiter in the seaside cafe.

6. Often change place of work? Forget about the success

The employer, unless he is a complete moron, usually realizes that the man who jumps from place to place, with the same probability can be as bad, irresponsible employee, or the person in finding their place under the sun.

And work for idiots because you don’t want, isn’t it?

7. Necessary to respond to a large number of options

The only thing you can do, approaching the job search this way is cluttered with all sorts of spam box and worn in the process of going on numerous interviews boots.

8. Your social media accounts is your business

And your behavior in a network does not concern the employer. Yeah. As it is not so! Many companies now openly ask applicants to provide links to accounts in social networks, those that are not familiar with, check their without you knowing.

In General, you have understood. Watch the Bazaar, even when they write on your wall in Vkontakte.

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