Myths about how to deal with common injuries

manygoodtips.com_29.10.2014_Br7gQ6kHWPwsnFor any emergencies regarding health will surround you from the crowd of friends, giving out free advice : «He’s choking! Hit him hard in the balls!»

Interestingly, their knowledge is scientifically validated or is it an old wives ‘ tale, familiar to them from childhood? Today we will try to destroy the main stereotypes from the world of health and to dispel the myths associated with them.

1. Not zaprokidawati head back, if the nose started bleeding

No matter for what reason you have bleeding from the nose: from a clear punch in the face, or a sudden high pressure, but, probably, your first instinct is to pinch the nostrils and tilt the head back. Admit it, at least once, but you did. Of course, blood stains on the t-shirt can make you the bad guy and a bully, and in General in such a situation pleasant enough. But if the body likewise gets rid of excess lymph, he doesn’t need to interfere, otherwise you risk to make nausea and stomach pain.

What to do:

If the bleeding is small, then tilt your head slightly forward, pinch nose and wait. But if the blood flowed rapidly and abundantly, then you need to make a cotton swab, moisten it with hydrogen peroxide.

2. If you were poisoned, do not rush to shove in his mouth fingers (of course, if the doctor does not prescribe)

If you’ve had too much alcohol at the party or decided to see how fast the «FAE» to cope with fat, do not rush to get rid of toxins this way. Because your stomach contains enough acid that is able to «digest» the meadow, but if you pass the poison through the esophagus, you risk to burn your throat and lungs.

What to do:

Go yourself or send a friend to the pharmacy for a proven activated carbon, «Smektoj» and «Enterosgel».

3. A cold shower does not sober

Once vowed that this will never happen again, just a week you’re already enjoying a helicopters blades chopping your head off.

You collect the remains of the will and the power in his fist and dragged his body into the shower, trying to scare and be worried about his ice water. But the only thing you will find is hypothermia.

A cold shower does not help sober up, but they can cause a weakened organism, a state of shock and provoke loss of consciousness.

What to do:

There are many various means from a hangover, starting with coffee and ending with being punched in the face. Although, frankly, the surest way to suffer in silence and to wait, when your exhausted liver to cope with the test.

4. The ice helps with burns

Another instinctive desire burns to impose the affected area of skin with ice or a frozen piece of meat. This method relieves the pain only for a few moments, but seriously affects the General state of Affairs. And it is scientifically proven. The guys in white coats under the guise of good works, decided to implement their sadistic and inflicted twenty-four healthy volunteers burns, which are then cooled. In the course of the experiment revealed that the cooling care helps more than the absence of any manipulation.

What to do:

Reason burned finger under a stream of water or make a cooling compress. Do not neglect pain. You can try proven means of traditional medicine: a toothpaste or a mixture of grated carrots and potatoes to put on the affected areas.

5. Urine does not help pain caused by burns of jellyfish

Remember the episode of Friends when Monica was stung by a jellyfish and Chandler decided to help her ease the pain, help to the bite? No sooner said than done. Probably, this event brought them closer together and was the reason of first marriage. But if you decide to do that trick in reality, remember: it will only exacerbate the pain, as if on an open wound splashed acid.

The fact that fresh water activates the stinging cells of jellyfish, and human urine – surprise! – for the most part consists of water.

What to do:

The most important thing is to try to get rid of the stinging cells, thoroughly rinse the affected skin with salt water, which deactivates them and reduces pain.

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