Myths about drinking water

Good idea for a beginner to write a book «Myths and legends about drinking water». Us – a small percentage for the idea. Just on drinking water, speak a little less frequently than on a piece of straw, called the hair of Donald trump. It is time to explain where the truth and fiction. We are not about trump, we are on the water. Take only the most famous myths and discuss in the usual manner. Because we vowed not to drink until you discuss it with knowledgeable people what is possible and what is not. And it would be better not discussed, it is terrible. But do not worry, pour a glass of water and heed.

Drink water all you want

Marketers – people are deeply cynical. They will convince you to become disabled, so sales have been growing delicious milk with cyanide. There is no «house of cards» next to no cost, no brilliant «mnogohodovochki» can not be compared. Who said that we should drink clean water? Maybe your dietician? Or an angel come down from heaven, having the normal daily intake of water? No, gentlemen, said this is a tricky marketer. Much water we get from food. The same soup is quite considered. And tea too. Out of the water 88% consist of mandarins, 86.3% of apples, 92% – tomatoes, 93% radish, 96% of cucumbers. So in normal nutrition the norm and so is inside of you. And the fact that tea, coffee and juices do not cover the body’s need for water nonsense, which even Irade Zeynalova never dreamed of!

There is another myth, launched successfully crafty marketers, like the myth that, for health, beauty, smooth skin and a happy stomach to drink 2 liters of water or 8 glasses. Recently say about three. There is no point to argue the science all been said. Numerous studies of the University of Pennsylvania as did not try, but confirmation of these figures is not found. According to the recommendations of the world health organization, daily requirement of fluid is between 2.3 and 2.7 litres at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight. The average of 0.8-1.2 litres we drink about a liter of liquid of foods, another 0.4 liters of water are formed in the body.

So drink all you want. Don’t try to clean the body with water, do not forget that it is also full of impurities.

Distilled – not a poison

Dissolved in water or that the amount of mineral salts. So there is and will be, is an enduring truth. The content of these substances one miserable glass of drinking water varies from region to region where the water najority, it chemicals, as depression in autumn, but somewhere not very. And we know that some of these impurities are useful, without them our body «Coca» without «when».

Since there is a perception that if you drink double-boiled, or just sling the esophagus distilled water, you can soon go to hell. By the way, for the same reason, some disdain water filters, like, all the best, they do not pass. But what about the filters later. Now will dot the I’s, because the «I» in the Russian language point did not, because there is nothing to mock the letter. You can even choke the so-called «dead water», all of these substances, which it does not, you receive with food: cheese, cheese, milk, dried apricots, beans, apples – eat, do not want! So with proper nutrition you can drink anything.

By the way, a well-known figure of alternative medicine, Paul Bragg claimed that within 50 years, drank only distilled water because «the water helps dissolve toxins that accumulate in the body of modern civilized man, it passes through the kidneys without leaving inorganic residues there of stones». But we’re not going to believe the geniuses of alternative medicine. Anyone, only yourself.

The bottle from the tap…

Water producers purchase raw materials (i.e. water) at the water treatment plant. The man who delivers water to your apartment on the water pipe. But he they buy 1000 l in 28 roubles of 50 copecks, and sell from 70 rubles per 1 liter. I admit, there are conscientious producers, there are exactly two people who own nails digging artesian wells and through the hose suck clean water in the bottle.

It turns out that every third bottle of water – the proverbial «water from the tap», in a beautiful package with an elegant sticker and had undergone the purification, the doubt even your body suffers from this God-awful hangover as «parched». And in this state, even the toilet bowl water seems to spring. In short, you’re paying for is packaged in plastic the legend under bizarre as Elton John glasses, name. The inscription containing the words «centralized water supply source» means not that other, as «refined» water from the tap.

So don’t look for a fancy label, with forest slums, all kinds of happy wild cattle, mocada hooves in the lakes. A quick look at the label to suspect the deception. Well, can not water, which according to legend, the Caucasian is extracted from artesian wells spill in the industrial area covered in smog large plants, mate, legends and chemicals in Nizhny Novgorod.

From the tap is not to drink!

«If that is the case, say some friends, – that means I’ll drink water from the tap in Switzerland or the Czech Republic. Why pay more!» With them seemingly not argue, but often the most tap water a little bit clear. So be sure to pass it through the filter, not be true greedy mouth to the dubious jet. Once again not asking the question, «Why?» remember rusty water pipes of your home. And now imagine, what sort of worthy of the nightmares of Hitler’s landscapes. The pipes do not change over the years. It abroad they are plastic, and we have rusty, and on the walls of shit with a fist stuck.

The thing about filters

Manufacturers of filters and bottled water are ready to gnaw each other’s eyes and to pick out eardrums, trying to prove that ventilation is not that useless, but dangerous. Seeing these battles, Yorkies with Lancaster, Kutuzov and Napoleon, Trotsky and Stalin, ISIS with common sense – all sworn enemies embraced each other, wept, and ran away.

For example, carbon filters accused of fragility. They are only good for 2-3 times. The fact that the structure of coal – the material is porous. And if one or two times to skip through it, it left some impurities in these pores. But «to wash» or something like that is impossible to clean. And of course, sooner or later coal «sponge» accumulate large amounts of harmful substances and the place for the new will not remain. But the worst thing is not that such a filter stops working. Hazardous substances are starting to get to the filter on the water that passes through it. And the filter begins to work for the forces of evil, providing a pitcher of juicy, fresh, the kidney of your unwanted impurities.

Water filters – generally a quiet horror, more insidious President Nixon. For the active breeding of bacteria rather a combination of two factors: standing water and time. Unfortunately, this is what we offer household filters.

Besides, evil tongues say that some salts and minerals are also tested. Trust me, it goes away. Because these filters are «hard water» – the same invention as the fact that the exhibition with photos of vaginas is an art. Coal retains only some of the minerals. As for chlorine, this substance is volatile and evaporates completely, if the water is slightly warm and defend within 30 minutes.

The question arises: to use or not? To use it. Just frequently change the filters, it is still cheaper to obtain.

Cautiously, silver

As long as you live hear was the Encyclical of the parable of the fact that the water is filled with ions of silver is not more useful than a Saint. This may seem strange, I can shower silver bullion, if you don’t believe (I’ll be very grateful), but use very little. Moreover, water with silver ions is harmful to health, which is not comparable even such an evil and terrible thing, like Russian pop music.

This is how it happens. Silver in ionic form is indeed a bactericide, that is kills bacteria. What? And almost everything! And harmful pathogens and harmless, and necessary – participate in the life of the organism and the cells of the body! That’s the danger. Silver ions replace the ions of trace elements in enzymes responsible for metabolism and reproduction. This leads to disruption of cell function and death. There are even disease – argentos associated with a high content of silver in the body. By the way, «Holy water» and therefore does not deteriorate for months, which is a poison for all living things.

That is all what he was talking about our grandmothers, is a lie. No, they weren’t trying to poison you (and maybe tried it, didn’t want to please you for nothing), it was just a truism that all believe the reliability of «MMM». For a long time, silver was one of the few means of dealing with the come along with urbanization and mows the whole city epidemics.

You ask, what about silverware? So, the bactericidal properties of silver ions, i.e., silver salt, dissolved in water. Metallic silver is harmless – Bon appetit! And remember, the maximum permissible concentration for silver is 0.05 mg per liter. The same as lead. I hope you don’t think the lead is a useful metal?

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