Myths about bodybuilding


Every sport has its legends and palomita, it turned out that people like rumors and palushi, there’s nothing you can do about it! Ordinary people are not familiar with the sport, absorb these myths, just a sponge, and then give them away, delighting scary dudes «in the subject.» I would put bodybuilding among those sports that is surrounded by the greatest number of legends, half-truths and rumors. Most often the rumors end where there is a difficult choice: «needle» or very long grueling workout, coupled with a special power, to achieve the appropriate physique.

Each workout is created in accordance with the fundamental principles of the body. If you want you can read about them in our category «Fitness», but people persistently come up with some crap! Now let’s review some of the myths about body building that are so prevalent.

1. Myth # 1: big muscles slow you down

Muscles are responsible for every movement of our body, which it can do. They help us to close the eyelids and harvesting hundreds of pounds in the leg press lying. What muscles create movement. The myth of «big muscles slow you down» stretches from those days when people used the term «muscular» to describe bodybuilders.

In every sport, from baseball to river rafting, it is clear that a stronger athlete is the better athlete. If you want to wave legs and arms faster, you need more power. If you want to run faster you need more power. This power comes from your biceps, quadriceps, pectoral muscles. Big muscles hinder in those sports where coordination and dexterity are important, but well-developed musculature also plays a role in coordination and dexterity. We confuse physically strong people and those who pump up his muscles with steroids. Yes, they are big, but they’re just overblown, quality force them a little.

2. Myth No. 2: once you cease to swing, the muscle will go to fat

Muscle tissue and fat tissue are two different things. It is impossible to transform one into the other. Where does this myth? Muscles are considered active tissue, because they require a lot of energy for movement. A pound of muscle (in our 453,59237 g ) burns while working 60 kcal. If you do good work and you will have in the body, for example, 4.5 pounds of pure muscle, you to their work need to spend a day 600 kcal. To be active, of course. The same is required to support that amount of muscle in this condition. By the way, for this reason, the best way to lose weight is to develop muscle mass. So why when dudes throw a swing, they acquire fat? With a lot of muscle on the body you increase the appetite. If you stop exercise, the new muscles will begin to atrophy or shrink, and you’ll be coasting to consume calories that will be unnecessary, because the previous, the usual diet will cease to justify themselves. You’ve lost 4.5 pounds of muscle, but need 600 extra calories left.

3. Myth # 3: you need to constantly keep my muscles in a state of shock that they continue to grow

Some dudes this myth makes literally laugh. The idea behind this myth is that you need to change your training regime so that constantly to «surprise» your muscles and get a fresh reaction.

Think about your biceps. He’s like the robot Bender from «Futurama», created in order to bend. Like most of your muscles, it can be in two positions. At least you get to smash bricks or play on the simulator for $ 5,000, he will do the same. Where’s the shock? Or instead of dumbbells and barbells, your muscles told a secret that they want to raise the package with ten packs of salt? Where is the proverbial shock, about which so much talk?

Here is another false belief: «You train Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your body will have a training session on Sunday. But you cheat and allow it in Monday.» Here’s a shock! But you can’t fool your body, you know why? Because your brain knows that Monday’s workout, and on Sunday — no!

Muscles not surprised the new workouts, they are designed to overcome them. By analogy with this we can say that your stomach would be shocked by the fact that on Monday you ate a salad, and on Tuesday — spaghetti, we would not be very fun would be, right? It is necessary to train rationally, that is diverse, but this does not mean that every day you have to do the same complex. Have at least 3-4 different complex and change them. It is necessary that one muscle group rested while others worked. So more likely that you will not break at the end of the training.

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