Mysterious Apple Watch: what exactly is not in this gadget

A week ago, Apple announced the Apple Watch, without going into details regarding the technical component of the novelties. The few and absolute facts about which it was succeeded to learn a wide audience, are just that smart watches will be equipped with several sensors including a heartbeat sensor and accelerometer.

Yield trends in the market is planned only at the beginning of next year, but the public is already excited and thinking about what agencies and where to kick to get a long-awaited novelty.

Tim cook said that the minimum price for the Apple Watch will be $ 349, which is about 12 thousand rubles. And the flagship line is made in gold (in literal sense of this word) building. The price is unknown, but the fantasy works.

And if we can’t say what chips will be Packed with this «bull’s eye», try to go back and think about what these hours will not be accurate.

1. Long saving mode

In the beginning of the year edition of the New York Times put the message that Apple is planning to introduce the gadget of technology that will allow the clock to eat solar energy. According to rumors, it is for elements for solar charging Apple back in July of 2013 compact patented a flexible battery. But if it will be possible in the coming year.

Without recharging the device can operate for more than a day. The company promises to eliminate this deficiency before the release date of the device on the market, but that the battery life will be significantly extended, there is little hope.

2. Water resistant

Judging by the sparse available data, the device plan to make water resistant, but not vodopronitsaema. Watch master small splashes of water while washing hands, miserable drizzle of rain, but not swimming in the pool or taking a shower.

3. Sync with iPad and iPod Touch

You can curl all fans to throw music or contacts from one gadget to another, because, according to the latest data, the Apple Watch that can’t.

4. Curved screen, round case

The appearance of the device is designed for the Amateur or connoisseur products. Watch this hand though in the form of excrement of an elephant — still pull in the first hours of sales and will be worn with pleasure.

5. Cooperation with Android

manygoodtips.com_15.09.2014_wDha6nlY5Tl5DThe history of the feud of the Montagues and the Capulets was nothing compared to the eternal rivalry of these two operating systems. Over the past two years the Android platform has made several strong attempts to move forward, but Apple is always a step ahead, strengthening the position, demonstrating a growing capacity and commitment to quality in the way of definitive leadership.

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