Mustard is the richest in the world homeless

homeless mustardThere was a homeless man who one day became famous all over the world, got rich and became a famous musician. Even for a Hollywood script pulls: a very improbable story, dude? I would not believe it myself, if the story unfolded before our eyes. But it was quite recently.

The childhood of Daniel (the name of our hero) started more than successfully. I think each of us would have envied him, if his life has evolved somewhere else. He was born in Hollywood and spent his childhood on the very famous sunset strip. As they say scribblers, there were no signs of trouble.

And no signs for a long time. Let the relationship with the parents of Daniel did not go well, that in our time no surprise, but the death of his father caused him great. Otherwise, the dude had a good life: decent house, a beautiful wife, good job and even a dog in the bargain. And then his life at one point cracked.

How so? Why sometimes we are pouring an endless stream of crap and destroys our lives to the ground? Chief Daniel died, and he was fired. His wife left. The destruction was complete. The house was confiscated for debts, the dog died. A dead end.

However, our hero was not discouraged and decided that if here he was not lucky, the change of places will certainly establish his life. And Daniel moved to new York. He found a job there, but it was covered. Just like in a Comedy of disasters: the store in which he worked, Mustard, closed. Without work he could not pay for housing, and it is flooded with apartments.

I was always surprised by these people. Life gives them a noogie and they laugh. Life to them is another — and they’re like, «what I’m saying?», as if nothing bothers them. So, after the Mustard again on the street, he also lived for some time at the party, relaxed, fun and mustache is not blowing. Was in the hostel for the homeless, and legendary Washington square Park. Played guitar, wrote songs, drank, wandered the streets. Why wasn’t the wing twenty-four hours a day, it is kind of unusual tragic stuff? Why he didn’t try to bring things back to normal? I don’t know. But we have come to the climax of our story.

Probably, you have not spared the movie, where Mustard performs a cover of the song Creep Radiohead group. That was the turning point in his life. And it began again but not in that tone.

Once the Mustard was arrested, as often happens with the homeless, for being in a public place while intoxicated. It, of course, brought to jail, and that was overcrowded. What to do with a drunken bum? The decision of the extraordinary — on the broadcast.

The fact that local radio was broadcast where from time to time brought the homeless to tell the story of his life. Why? Hearing this, according to the authors, people would have relaxed, realized that their life is still in the order that they are great. Tramps, of course, ridiculed. Not the humanistic idea. But during the transfer in the Studio you can call to donate money to the poor man who sits in the Studio.

And so, sitting there Mustard in front of a microphone, introduces himself and says: «by the Way, Yes, I’m a musician». Magically appeared before him guitar, and he, without thinking twice, began to play. He played, you know. Here’s the video, enjoy it again:

I wonder what would have happened to play in a fairy tale the average Russian homeless? «Murku»? Songs Of Mikhail Krug? «King and jester»? All versions can not be compared with Radiohead, right? It’s a bit strange all the same people. He lived in such a chill and slid into bestiality. It’s amazing to me. I’ll never understand it, but to condemn not.

What happened next? You would not believe (although believe me, because everyone knows that), but the movie received one and a half million hits (at the moment — and at twelve and a half million), and in the Studio called 15 000 listeners. Mustard has donated so much money that he became several times richer than us. He bought the mansion with the recording Studio, and now he is planning to make about his life documentary. New pictures show that life is not really changed: only a little stouter, and dressed almost the same and the beard is not shaved. Has not changed him man.

homeless mustard

homeless mustard

Dude was lucky. Living illustration of the saying «from rags to riches.» Such is the strange we have today is a hero.

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