Mustang — brand, mixed with moonshine

One of the most revered and ancient brands of old Europe is the company Mustang, which famously became the first non-American company on manufacture of jeans and made multi-million dollar fortune.

In Germany, where is located the famous factories of concern «Mercedes», there is an unremarkable provincial town of Künzelsau, where originates the history of the brand Mustang. Sochi had several small factories producing clothing for workers, and one of these factories belonged to the family of Hermann.

After the war, took the reins of a young Rolf Hermann, but unfortunately, the production of textiles was not profitable and did not have the demand from buyers, as the country experienced a severe economic crisis. Post-war, lying in ruins, Germany had nothing to do with fashion.

manygoodtips.com_4.10.2014_wDFgvX8zhu0cMTo somehow stay afloat and in time to pay the bills, workers produced and sewn to order almost any clothing, from socks to coats. And who knows what would have turned the plot of the story, if Mr. Hermann came to the aid of brother-in-law, albert Sefranek, a very enterprising young man, with grip fighting dog and feline intuition. He decided to take a chance and start a business with the production of jeans in the country.

In 1949 the factory released the first «cowboy pants» as they were called, but the market was already filled with American companies, which were dominated by native jeans — a favorite clothes of numerous contingent of the American army. Needless to say that in the European jeans created in a rundown factory in a provincial town, people are treated with great suspicion.

As they say contemporaries, albert Sefranek could not lose, and he decided to subscribe to a rather comical adventure that eventually led him to success: at the railway station in Frankfurt am main messenger was sent whose goal was committing a very beneficial barter. In the end, 10 bottles of brew have provided the head of the economic Department of the American army fun time, and Safranek — party of true American jeans of different sizes.

As a result of this successful operation in a month in Sochi is the first batch of jeans, like two drops of water similar to their overseas counterparts. But Safranek knew that it is impossible to make a name for themselves, just copying the American model, so he constantly searched for new methods of denim jeans, which would make the products of his factory is unique.

Albert decided that the combination of traditional techniques and innovative creative approach will help him succeed, and he was right: in 1953, he created Europe’s first jeans for women and in 1955 the first model of velvet. This production of chalk tremendous success, and in 1958 it was decided that it was time to produce clothing under its own brand.

manygoodtips.com_4.10.2014_45N1JrlUyy7GXAfter several sleepless nights and hourly thinking, Sefranek christened his creation the sonorous name of Mustang Jeans, which is associated with wild nature, movement, freedom and passion. In 1961, he created the logo of the brand, depicting galloping through the barrier horse. In the same year the brand «Mustang Jeans» offered customers the first jeans stretch. The financial Affairs of the company was somewhat shaken when fickle fashion showed corduroy your fidgety ass, but until then, the company has stood firmly on his feet, because it has established itself as a competitive brand with a quality product.

The credibility of the Mustang has increased so much that manufacturers were able to compete with such giants as Levi’s and Wrangler. Almost half of its product the company exported to European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Holland, France, and the German jeans were a huge demand, as something exotic.

In the late sixties «pants for leisure time» became a symbol of life the new generation.

Hermann » becomes one of the leaders of a new style, producing not only the traditional blue jeans, but pants made of sateen, corduroy and gabardine. Denim fever is cleverly inflated with skillful marketing, magazines and banners are full of half naked sexy girlfriends whose elastic appetizing Asses were dressed in «Mustangs».

By.kom.ua_4.10.2014_0qhhYF9t8hpe2In the 80s hit the country a new fashion epidemic, yuppies, which was the cause of the decline in demand for jeans, but the company came out of a difficult situation, dividing products into three main groups: «Fashion», «Basics» and «Modern Classics». Mustang asked for help from a qualified leading Italian fashion designers and designers, and soon under the guidance of Calvin Klein was launched a new collection of classic jeans.

In 1990 the firm changed its leadership: its sole owner was the son of albert Sefranek – Heiner.

In 16 years at the firm of his father, he has managed to accumulate the necessary experience and gain authority. In his opinion, the Mustang was supposed to conquer the world. Heiner helped to make the company even more successful.

Today, Mustang is one of the pillars that holds up denim fashion. Being the largest manufacturer of jeans in Europe, the Mustang is a family business, and to create a promotional video the song «Living for tomorrow», the Scorpions performed.

manygoodtips.com_4.10.2014_smKHQ3JtqBNWCNow, the manufacturer produces about 20 million pairs of jeans a day and is one of the most popular brands of jeans and not only under the banner of the brand also produced leather jackets, sweaters, lingerie, women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and even perfume. Wide range and a policy aimed at the expansion of the trade network around the world makes the brand popular and beloved.

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