Mustache and beard that annoy girlfriends

amazing beard

More than once we said, dude, that mustache and beard is a happiness available only to men. We talked about how to grow a moustache and beard, and even got you a hit parade of the bearded and long-horned beetles. Today we will talk about when mustache and beard cease to be beautiful and be a real curse to their owners. If you to grow on your face something from our list, you may not have sex until you’re smart enough to shave off this mess. Girlfriends hate the mustache and beard. And if you for some reason don’t want female attention, take note.

1. Beard thread

beard thread

Looks killer and suggests the thought of the eunuchs who guarded the harems of the Sultan. Don’t want to be like the eunuch — not to grow it, it’s simple.

2. A La Riff Raff

riff raff

A beard is permitted only to the Riff raff. If you’re not a famous rapper, better forget about it. Anyway, as with such to appear in public? Everything from small to large will only do what is staring at you.

3. Stinky


You know why the beard is so called? Very unsanitary thing. But if you really want to have to wash it more often than the head.

4. Bushy beard

bushy beard

Men will envy you, getting a signal on the rampage of testosterone in your body. But women will not think this looks untidy, and the faces of her almost not make out. And from the heat on the skin may become irritated.

5. Pornosy


In General, the mustache is a classic of the genre, to drive on the mustache somehow conscience does not allow. But for some reason girlfriends don’t love them. They somehow send them to the porn actors, Shoe-shiners and owners popkornovyh companies. Interesting to get a set. I think that somewhere in the world there is a retired porn star who has popkornom business and loves their shoes. That’s really who probably mustache!

6. Goatee


It guys cover the failure of the chin: too small or too large. But it’s better to flaunt the chin than so badly to drape.

7. Seriously, goatee


It is extremely small number of people, such as Puerto Ricans and brad pitt. Maybe you’re not brad pitt. And, slightly more likely, but not very like the truth, not Puerto Rican. So it is not necessary.

8. Uneven beard

uneven beard

If you have a uneven vegetation, the better it intensely Breuil — so the higher the probability that it will become uniformly dense. To grow bald goatee is worse than ever. Looks ridiculous.

9. A La johnny Depp

johnny Depp beard

First, it is difficult to repeat. Here must try, or nature itself, or the hairdresser. Second, the same thing that we were talking about Riff Raff and goatee: few people is such a beard. Johnny Depp is already exactly all the others — at risk.

10. Pointy sideburns

pointy sideburns

The trick sideburns — that they look natural. And when they begin to split hairs and make them not know what, they lose their meaning.

11. Bushy sideburns

bushy sideburns

It would seem, wanted natural get. But no. Such whiskers, as a good half of the items on our list are a limited number of people. Namely Pushkin. You don’t Pushkin. And you’re not robbing the Bank. So carefully.

12. The gray in his beard

Siwa beard

It is important to distinguish between a fit about the junk. Evenly graying beard friends like, but its gray tip or the cell is gray hair on a particular area — they do not like it. The truth is strange looks, my friend?

13. Sideburns in the style of «lamb chops»

lamb chops

It so happened that fans like sideburns like sigh about the past and for some reason knitting. Or they like the skinhead aesthetic. But her friends both seem not very attractive, so vegetation on the face they are openly shunned. And I can’t blame them for it.

14. A La Lemmy

Lemm Motorhead

If she is not a fan of Motorhead. His moustache and beard resemble the shape of a Bicycle wheel. The lines are so expressive that he always has a sad face. Sad bearded type, who plays in a rock band, that’s what you’re going with that beard.

15. In the style of the Amish

basketball player

Remember, there was a funny clip is a parody of the song Amish Paradise? These are religious freaks in the US who’re stuck in the nineteenth century. As they say in Russia, named penny — get into the body. Grow a beard, start to bake bread, milk cows, to pray to God and all that jazz.

16. Superacidity beard

ZZ Top

We’d chosen a photo of the dudes from ZZ Top in red thread is the idea that some things are allowed only known the guys for which it is an integral part of the style. You’re not a rock musician, not Gandalf, not Santa Claus. So the trimmer in hands — and forward!

17. Hairy neck

volohaty shiya

Know this: it is important to stop in time. Don’t let the hair to sweep all the space that is not hidden by the collar. Hairy neck is unpleasant.

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