Musical instruments that fit in your pocket

While the beatniks fought back the corners of their acoustic guitars about the Luggage compartment of buses and ungrateful head homeboys, smart people take a hike with a the proper tools of correct dimensions. There are tools with which to accompany themselves no worse than using a guitar or piano, but they are much smaller. These are musical instruments that can fit in your pocket, our article. And if you are far from the music, then you should buy one of these tools (and even all). First, it is not difficult, and secondly, the music – the meaning of our mortal lives.

1. Harp


Amazing, shrouded in myths of the ancient instrument associated with most people with the peoples of the far North. Yes there is Jew’s harps appeared independently in almost all parts of the world it is known more than 1000 local names. In America it is for some reason called «Jewish tower», although they can’t explain, as it is generally associated with the Jews (actually at all). In the XVII–XVIII centuries the harp has been extremely common in Europe, but over time severely vitasnella modern tools, becoming in our days it is quite a rare thing.

A mysterious, shamanistic ceremonies, the instrument impresses with its external simplicity and magic of sound. Someone the sound seems terrible, and someone just space. If you give the harp a try to win your heart, in gratitude, he will give you a favorable TRANS. Suppose that it is possible to play a Suite by Bizet, but the harp allows you to retrieve an unimaginable variety of beautiful velvet sound and overtones.

In such a miniature tool many varieties: arc plate, made of bone, wood, but better sound in metal. You just have to choose a harp, learn to play every night, absorbed, looking at the stars, enjoying the magic of vibrations and mysterious sounds. To choose a good Jew’s harp is very difficult, because many are doing it for decorative purposes and not for the game. But «Oberton-Pro» for the quality guarantee. It’s not just a shop, and a Museum with exhibits from the 16th century, school of, Studio audio/video recording, workshop, concert venue – the collection unique even by the standards of conventional musical instruments.

2. Kalimba


Almost as old as European statehood, a tool that if handled properly gives a truly fabulous sound, after which the body is experiencing a rush of joy, and the organs inside are reversed.

Names and types of Kalimba about the same as tribes in Africa. By the way, the tool is said to have originated in the Central part of the Black continent and was used to bloody and not (as if they can be other) rituals. Apparently, the magic sound of the Kalimba, or as it is called, Nancy, Sanz, mbira, mbila, ndimba, lukambo, Lala, malimba, ngandi, igari, mgange, likembe, selimi, bring harmony to their terrible acts and initiation. Well, everything else, it is a wonderful tool for meditation, immersion in itself, and cleansing their chakras from all sorts of nasty things.

Sometimes I wonder how these are not developed in terms of progress, the tribes were able to create such a complex and perfect tool. No wonder the Europeans called him «the little piano». Mbira consists of a resonator of the case and some reeds. Housing Kalimba may be the most varied forms and the material traditionally used dugout wood, turtle shell or an empty gourd. Modern Kalimba are also made of plastic. The reeds can be made of wood or bamboo, and metal. The number of reeds varies from 4 to 60, depending on the range of the instrument. To configure kaliba – not an easy task, you need everything else to adjust the length of the reeds, and then enjoy the sound.

The sound of Kalimba depends on the size of the instrument. The more, the lower the sound – this is suitable for the harsh African rituals. A little more like-sounding music box. But whatever the sound, when you sit down, put Kalimba on his knees, clamped his hands and beginning to pull on the tabs with your thumbs, making it easy to harmony you in a moment, carried away somewhere inside his mind, into the country of goodness and grace. However, if you want to diversify the music in my folk band, then go ahead and Kalimba is also suitable as an accompanying instrument that can play chords.

3. Ukulele


Maybe ukulele – not the world’s most compact musical instrument and does not fit well in the pocket but much easier to carry than, say, the tuba, guitar and piano.

Kind of variation of the Portuguese brogini, ukulele conquered the world early in the last century, and in the Pacific countries has become a national musical instrument like a balalaika in Russia. Lightweight, with a very distinctive sound, quite easy to learn ukulele, despite your lad and 4 strings, is still a guitar. It is possible to akkompaniroval anything, not just tunes from «spongebob» though the Scorpions, though «Satan bakes pancakes», at least «Kalinka-Malinka», but it will sound special, because it has its own charm, kind and a little frivolous soul, just like his girlfriend.

Somewhere in a secluded wet dreams draws the image in which you scored a ukulele, a couple of books and a removable shirt in a small shoulder bag, got on a bus and came to the shore of the nearest ocean (even the Arctic), sat down on the Bank and began to play, looking into the blue distance.

4. Harmonica


Perhaps the most popular pocket tool in the world for those who are too lazy to learn the flute and great harmony. One of the first who noted the usability of the harmonics in the campaigns, were fascist invaders, which, if you believe the movies about the war, riding from the occupied territories on motorcycles and was playing a labial harmonics «Oh, my dear Augustin.» Not the Valery Leontiev, and boring folk song. But to grab someone else’s territory in normal people is not accepted, but it is possible to generate any traffic Blues during a long journey.

First miniature harmonica called Little Lady was made in Germany at the turn of XIX–XX centuries. Length modern tool is 3.5 cm, a thickness of 0.95 cm and a width of 1.27 cm. it Weighs a mini accordion only 18 grams. Now the variety has increased markedly. Themselves of many harmonics with different ranges, system, holes and position of the sound plates, choose his liking. Want to play the Blues take Blues want to play – take it diatonic or chromatic. Mood and tone choose one according to your taste.

By the way, the harmonica is not only convenient and interesting but also useful for health. Doctors say that the lessons on harmonica helps to develop a strong diaphragm and deep breathing using the entire lung volume. Many pulmonary rehabilitation programs include harmonic. So that your country and Blues can you still improve.

5. Strapon


Now from the sounds of pure and blissful sounds to distorted technical progress. Strapon – thing is able to produce completely synthetic sounds by poking at the Board with the stylus. It is called «pocket synth», so nothing to be surprised. It used a range and variety of sound stylianou was extremely low (in fact, as in appearance). Now they are less like prehistoric recorder, getting rounded features and functions of the bit-machine.

Invented strapon nice Australian musician Rolf Harris, but cult status, as, in General, and the popularity of the tool is acquired only after it was used by David Bowie in his Space Oddity. It is then noticed him and started trying vtulit in his compositions Kraftwerk, Erasure, Orbital, Marilyn Manson, White Stripes and Little Boots.

This brand synthetic instrument, when you touch the Board in different places playing field of different frequencies. So if you want you can strum modest sort of Rachmaninoff. In modern models, there was a switch of tempo, which allows you to adjust the speed during playback of the sound.

In principle, such a thing is quite able to do it yourself, if there is at least a simple understanding of electronics. But if it’s not, or just don’t have time, or basic desires, or you just want a more powerful device, in this case it is better to order. No special musical skills it requires. This is the tool on which you need to have to understand it.

6. Flute


The history of the flute, consider the history of mankind. The first musical instrument was, of course, the drum, or rather his historical prototype, because ancient man could only that to talk on the subjects. And then someone guessed that if you drill or burn the rod from the inside and blow in it, it will give a variety of sounds. But if you have to drill extra holes, you get something magical. So was born the ancestor of all wind instruments, the flute.

Every nation has had its own. Some believed that drilling holes in the case base. Some of these were the Greeks, who have put together several hollow tubes of different sizes in a row and created a mystical panpipes, from which and breathes the spirits of the forest, prehistoric myths and legends. Varieties of this flute is also very much, in fact, every nation calls it differently. But the Greek myths were attributed to the mastery of the instrument, the goat, the protector of the cattle and wildlife on behalf of the pan (no relation to Poland and Ukraine he has not), and when Mister was playing around him constantly dancing hot nymph with whom he held worthy of Ron Jeremy Orgy. Dimensions in panpipes, as did the range, but its natural, ancient, organic sound cannot be compared to anything. No screaming Janis Joplin or electronic fads Mr Oizo.

In the 14th century-there’s another flute with the prefix «unit». This unit is located in the mouthpiece of the flute, making a simple pipe becomes a noble sound. It is for this simple tool and wrote all those strange men in wigs with the Renaissance. To play it, of course it is, after all, 7 finger holes on the front side and one on the back – the so-called octave valve. Plus the last two holes double, so if the wrong hold, you get a nasty sound like the death rattle of the hanging man. However, to play it a hundred times easier than the flute. Here it is desirable to have a Conservatory education. By the way, if you don’t like the high «no guys» sound, get yourself an Alto recorder, which sounds the same courage as the cry of Marshal Zhukov. The only thing she is bigger, but who stops?

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