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manygoodtips.com_24.06.2015_Zlmi1gCwcAspsThis time we talk about country music, about the music, which is now very well developed, although the days of cowboys are long gone. If translated literally, the country is rural music, but now she is inherently is not. Original country music comes from folk songs and melodies that were imported by the first settlers from Europe, in their form, they were based on Anglo-Celtic folk music traditions.

Conventional instruments of this style is the guitar, mandolin, and sometimes fiddle-fiddle. But now the concept of country is quite spread out, and now this music has become more than simply fun inhabitants of the American heartland. In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, a host of sub-genres and offshoots, almost the same as it happened with the Blues or jazz. However, the country listens to still more modern and fell into academia. It’s simple music, soulful and pleasant. Simple words that can come to the liking of real men that do not give empty promises. Nowadays, when pop music has long moved away from, actually, music to the most primitive of the show, which is held only on the instinct of reproduction, the music remains modern, yet managed to maintain dignity. I hate to say that sex in pop culture is bad, sex is always good, but besides him, too, something must be man not just an animal anyway.

In General, gathered for you a small selection of various country artists that may differ in time and importance, but also in sound. The only criterion was «We like it». Grab your cowboy hat, tilt in the rocking chair with the Winchester 1887 and listen to this good music, examining the keen eye of a field of corn.


1. Johnny Cash

If rock and roll were Elvis, country music king – of course, johnny cash, who unfortunately died in 2003. The cache is one of the most influential musicians of the twentieth century and the guy who brought country to the trend. He believed that it performs is that a Christian country, however, numerous biblical references and appeals to God in every fifth his songs. But it is not a fanatic, God is, rather, universal sense, something unifying and human. The Cache is a righteous man was never, he had problems with drugs, prostitutes, he led more than life rock stars, but can, and so in his latest albums felt so nasty and sharp sadness. Last lifetime hit was a cover of the song Hurt industrial rock band NIN. And there is reason to believe that this is a rare case when a cover has turned out more interesting than the original.

In a time when «country & Western» was a minor genre, the Cache broke into the top twenty of the pop charts. From that moment no one doubted the power of voice the Cache and appeal of a good country song.

Rolling Stone, 2014In 2005, came the great movie «walk the Line», which tells about the life of country legend. This picture was taken 3 Golden globes and 1 Oscar, which is true, because it perfectly illustrates not only the great life of a great man, but also the numerous problems he encountered.

Recommended albums:

With His Hot and Blue Guitar (1957)

American Recordings (1994)

American IV: The Man Comes Around (2002)


2. Waylon Jennings

A year before he died, another Titan of country music, namely Waylon Jennings. He spoke nearly half a century, from 1959 to 2002. Jennings always irritated stylish and perfect images of pop stars, he believed that music should be real, not artificial, synthetic and created from the most notable advertising images. He was the leader of the «Outlaw Country», but now we realize that his ideas did not become dominant in popular culture. Jennings was no different healthy lifestyle and her end was seriously ill. However, who is not the patient 64 years? After his death, he left the world six children, and a large number of magnificent albums.

Recommended albums:

Honky Tonk Heroes (1973)

Right for the Time (1996)


3. Bourbon Crow

Well, we all old people and pensioners. Among the new performers country music has a lot of very bright individuals. One of them will be, perhaps, Joseph Poole, better known for two great horror-groups – Wednesday 13 and Murderdolls. However, he has a fully fit side project called Bourbon Crow. In the music of Joseph Pool-you’ll never find any pop tunes and similar nonsense, it’s fair to say about the country project. The lyrics are mostly based on the foundations of the alcohol and the eternal problems use it in unimaginable quantities, as well as death and sex. Who knows Joseph, he will understand that it is his eternal theme.

Recommended albums:

Highway to Hangovers (2006)

Long Way to the Bottom (2009)


4. The Boss Hoss

Group from Germany, after listening to the feeble-minded pop singers, decided to record their dark songs in their own way and they got it but still great. Any song by them sounds like a great soundtrack for some Comedy in the style of westerns. When listening you don’t know what the source is, and who those hits played before, but when you do, genuinely surprised. Band the Boss Hoss consists of 7 people, and now they are actively touring, and writing their own material. We wish them good luck! They picked us up.

Recommended albums:

Internashville Urban Hymns (2007)

Liberty Of Action (2011)


5. The Bloody Jug Band

Alt-country band the Bloody Jug Band adequately fits into any active selection of music. The team almost never known and performs quite modern sounding country distorsionada guitars and nice warm vocals. Why not listen to their album while Jogging?

Recommended albums:

Coffin Up Blood (2012)


6. Angaleena Presley

And sometimes you want to listen to something very easy and with female vocals. Performer Americana and country Angelina Presley can help you with this. A very free and pleasant voice and is very simple, but beautiful and energetic music. While she has only one album, which was released in 2014, but we expect that she will also enjoy other releases. However, judging by her busy concert schedule, so be it. Good background for good people characterize her work.

Recommended albums:

American Middle Class (2014)

Actually you can add another 20-30 performers of this genre, but quite a good idea. The music is very versatile, you will understand it after listening to only the Assembly. Some of the performers fit in order for them to fight in the ring, others to cook pancakes at home, well, and others – to go somewhere away in the West the sun, having on hand only a few dollars and a good hat.

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