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manygoodtips.com_11.08.2015_qxMnSJtiN7PFTAs you know, for a good way need two things: good mood and good music player. Everyone has their own tastes, but we allow ourselves an unheard-of audacity and would recommend his soundtracks for happy travels. Especially now this is so true. Summer…

Iggy Pop – «Passenger»

Horribly primitive, but infinitely awesome immortal hit of the old Iggy. She road song in the history of rock music, perfect for travel in any mode of transport, but with one reservation: move to the passenger seat.

According to one version, Iggy wrote it, inspired by the poetry of Jim Morrison, on the other, inspired by the film «the Passenger» by Michelangelo Antonioni. There is a more prosaic version that fellow Pop wrote it during his Berlin period of his life where he went with David Bowie to get rid of drug addiction. Just while riding the Berlin subway came to mind the words. So are born the best road hits.

Gogol Bordello – «Wonderlust King»

Song for traveling in a large company, with a minimum of money and a high good mood.

In English the word «wonderlust» is translated as «wanderlust». Of course, this transcontinental Heath could not avoid our hit parade. Anyway, how can you talk about the song for travel and does not recall the group-nomad! The singer of «Brothel Gogol» Eugene Hutz entire life traveling the world in search of inspiration, fun and, oddly enough, citizenship. So a song can be called autobiographical.

Vasily Chernov – Pulse Of The Earth»

YouTube is full of videos with titles like «Interesting guitarist on Nevsky, St. Petersburg», «a Guitarist plays on a homemade 12-string guitar». They have a rustic man at the ready with a huge, more than him, twelve-string guitars does a guitar shaped magic. His name is Vasily Chernov, he lives in St. Petersburg, and it really knows very little, except that he’s a fucking genius! To play twelve-string guitars bass very, very difficult. Let the skill games on this monster it is not up to such a universally recognized geniuses, like Tony Levin, but this is more than kompensiruet his compositional gift. Therefore, it is hoped that someone will undertake Basil and bring to the heights of the music industry, because he deserves it.

In our subjective view, is that he has not thought up anything the best of this composition. «Pulse of the Earth»… the best thing he’s felt during his travels. Song for travel to the West, leaning against the glass of the bus with his head. Outside the window the fields give way to forest, and feeling like you’re about a couple of decades older. That kind of music.

Beirut – «Nantes»

Another beloved group. For long distance travel. «Beirut» in every new album, each new song presents a new musical tradition and a new country. Balkan extravaganza gives way to an exquisite French wine and the scent of expensive cheese. Great for walking on the old pavement of any European capital (although it would seem, it is necessary to listen only in the glorious French city of Nantes) on a hot summer day, the endless selfie on the background of interest and knowledge of the culinary peculiarities of the country on the move.

Chris Rea – «Looking For The Summer»

There aren’t many musicians that have no bad songs. His Majesty Christopher Ri is one of them. Almost every song gives gasoline, night highways and movies like «Harley Davidson and the Cowboy, Malboro», and it soaked in a barrel of Bourbon, lost at cards a baritone shakes to the core. It is difficult to choose any one song. The most logical seems to be the «Road to hell», especially because the action takes place there just on the freeway, with lots of allegories of the road. But there is «Auberge», which sounds like a trip along the desert highway to Las Vegas. And then there are the stunning and peaceful «Looking for the summer» is a song for any time of year. So highly recommend that before you sit behind the wheel and go in the night on the road somewhere far, far away, some songs of Mr. Ri. For him to drive – a pleasure.

The Doors – «Riders on the storm»

Another arrangement for driving behind the wheel of your Cadillac 71-year track at night under light rain at low speed. Under it you sure you don’t fall asleep, but the desire to hit the gas will not occur. The smooth voice of Morrison under respectable key Manzarek is the best music to chill to leave the boring and suffocating in your own gas city.

Gipsy kings – «Escucha may»

If you’re Roma, or go to hot countries, or go with Russia far away, it is better to do it under the Gipsy Kings. Hard to explain why, just fits. A beautiful song with a beautiful melody and screaming vocals of Mr. Armik.

System of a down – «Chop Suey»

If you eat large crowd, and you become unbearably boring, turn on SOAD. The collective performance of songs of «the System» casts out demons, tearing the throat and improves articulation. No one can sing like Tankian, but they all try hard to repeat his high-speed gibberish. And in fact, no matter what song, what matters is how you sing.

Bon Jovi – «Wanted Dead Or Alive»

In late childhood I have formed a stereotype that Bon Jovi is better for longer trips nothing is coming up. Probably, therefore it so love American truckers. What beautiful music, the vocals are good and lyrics are told through song refers to the infamous «Highways». It is only important to solve the eternal debate that is more suitable for: old hits like «Living on a prayer», «Dead or Alive» and «You Give Love A Bad Name» or later albums «Have a nice day» and he says «Lost Highway». Although smart people take the long road and those other songs.

Red Hot Chilly peppers – «Road Trippin»

One of the most melancholic songs by one of the most crazy groups. There is no usual funk, but there is a great guitar Frusciante. For travel over long distances in any form of transport is ideal. However, if you are afraid to fall asleep at the wheel, listen to more upbeat songs of the band or the album Blood Sugar Sex magik. After him long to get to sleep.

Didyulya – «Parcel from Romania»

The didula songs fared as well as with Beirut. Each song is like a journey into a far country. Even 5 years ago in every car (well, almost any) lay the disk of didula. And I must say, this music brightened any trip. Now it is forgotten, and in vain, because a good instrumental song to do Hiking and car camping.

Leap year – «Quiet fire of my soul»

Now we’re not even kidding. So far no one has been able to come up with a better composition. Imagine the scene: you’re sitting behind the wheel, driving on the highway M1, on the left sits Ivanovich, in the body – the load in the cabin – «fucking hell», outside the window the poplars and the fields, the sky lit up with a gentle purple of the sunset, and «in the middle of the evening lights and beeps of machines hurtling silent light of your soul.» Best song to travel on Russian roads.

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