Music for those who want to open a cozy bar

Hey, dude! Every guy who is just starting to make decent money, think about how to open his own drinking establishment. And many people do it! Kneipp is now full, and we are afraid to look at them. We won’t talk about business plans, economic risks, we do now will not affect the subject business. We just talk about the most important things besides drink at the bar. And this is music. Without it anywhere! Good music can brighten a hole, poor, conversely, can detract from the institution of any dude. Tastes differ, that’s right. But haven’t you ever wanted to go to a cosy bar, where you could hear a really cool, manly music instead of all these multiply at the speed of light or popular dance hits? Unlike clubs, a bar is not just a place of removal, the bar is a part of the culture, a place where men can talk on different topics and not to bring themselves to a state of freaks, a place where people can escape from routine work and will lie to each other, to escape from the family. Take a break from all of this is really necessary, but good music is the Foundation of every pleasant places. And that’s what songs edition would like to hear in the pubs and bars of your city.

1. «Shaking So Bad», Gluecifer

Norway – a musical country. Anyway, the Scandinavians know how to make good music. There’s the band Gluecifer understand. Their album «Automatic thrill» 2004 – a wonderful example of hard rock as it was 10 years ago. In 2005, the group ceased to exist, leaving us with five amazing albums. «Shaking So Bad» is a dynamic track that, incidentally, was used in a good black Comedy, which you must be watched. «A real Bummer» is called.

2. «Dope Fiend Blues», Mike Ness

Bar – a place frequented by the same people of one and the same company. So you should not put worn-out music, diversify the playlist. Always good acoustic songs that touch the soul. Men sometimes need to think. Mike ness is the headliner of the punk band Social Distortion, but he also likes to do something sincere and nice for chatting over a mug of ale. The punks themselves are often used motifs with country music and ballads. In General, it is a group.

3. «Blues Binge», The Reggie Wayne Morris

Guitar music typically is crucial for good bars. No, we are not against other styles, listen to a lot of electronic, marginal, Russian and recitative. In music it is better to be a lover and find the good in any style. But all the same bars designed for leisurely, melodic guitar music and drunken voices that told life like no other. You’re not going to a rave ask to include some Allegrova. Everything has its place in the overall. A gang called «Reggie Wayne Morris» understands that sometimes words are not necessary. However, they have a lot of good reinstrumenting songs. Take a chic album ‘ 13 «don’t Bring Me Daylight». Separately recommend a song from this album «she’s gone» – you know what it’s about.

4. «Hey Mister», Stacie Collins

It is not necessary to deprive of attention of friends. As it turned out, many of them know how to play great music. Stacy Collins is one of these. It is necessary to be able to have fun, that’s why we created this fun, sometimes a simple song. It’s always nice to see a girl who knows how to handle a harmonica. Even we have not a damn thing worked on it at least something to play.

5. «Eat Yo Words», Mick Clarke

Often look at how the once large stars become old ruins, pumped full of Botox, completely unable to put any kind of a good song. With Blues artists, this does not happen, which is strange. Maybe they do sign a contract with the Devil? No idea, but, for example, Mick Clarke bummed new, quite a pleasant album «Shake it up!» Put most any track with it. Sweating!

6. Sell Your Soul, The Damned and Dirty

By the way, about selling a soul. There’s a very great song «Sell Your Soul». Plays a man at the intersection of different styles, and it turns out he is fine. The clip is also nice: you are no decorations and special effects, just released two ordinary man, sat down with a guitar and began to sing and play. Love is. Once it becomes clear that the guys have the same life as the rest of us, and that they are ordinary people of flesh and blood.

7. «One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer», George Thorogood

Say, «Look, man, I have nowhere to live,

Can I stay with you for a couple of days?»

He says: «I have to ask my wife.»

He leaves the house,

I can already see the answer on his face

A negative answer.The cult song Rudy Toombs, which has covered many well-known personalities and without which we could not do. The best version, in our opinion, this version of George Thorogood. Yes. Be sure to paraphrase the text of this coolest of history – it’s worth it, especially if you can’t pay the rent, the owner of the living space turned out, and friends were assholes who didn’t want to take you to him. There is always the option to go to the restaurant and order yourself one Scotch, one whiskey and one beer.

8. «Warm beer and cold woman», Tom Waits

The bar is not a bar, a saloon is not a saloon, if every couple hours they do not sound the songs of Tom waits. Perhaps, there is no «drinking» of the musician than the man that sings the lion’s voice is quite clear about things. This track and finish.

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