Music for creative work


Musical taste is a little one similar. Someone is fighting for the genre, others are listening it is easier, while others prefer noise terror that turns your mind into an acid mess. However, if you want to make the day productive then it is not about taste, but about the emotions that are projected onto your nervous system one or the other composition. Tracklist of such songs should not be too strong (from the drive tire quickly), he shall not be quiet (to sleep we don’t need) – need to get to the point. And, it seems, we did it.

1. Parov Stelar feat. Lilja Bloom – COCO

Let’s start with ease. As can Parov Stelar and Lilja Bloom is pretty good in this clip.

2. Foster The People – The Truth

Easy, cheerful music, which is reminiscent of a boy band healthy person. Great for background music.

3. Prince – Kiss

Actually, Prince can listen everywhere and always. He mixed funk and rock-n-roll, added a little bit of jazz and got what I wanted – a very unusual music that is hard to compare with something else. As with any funk in this world, funk Prince makes your thought processes work.

4. John Coltrane – Blue Train

It’s also cool to work under jazz. No words, texts and written poetry, but poetry of the saxophone that can convey what words can not be conveyed. Especially when at the helm of John Coltrane.

5. Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – Upfunk

Who said that the last guy that did the funk died back in the 80’s? Look new and trendy «Pigeons Playing Ping Pong». Soulful music with a distinctive guitar rhythms and a voice that energizes the heart to a fruitful working hours. Great.

6. Black River Delta – Follow You Down

What the hell the Swedes are cool? Great slow jam, laced with lingering groan solo guitar. The whole album is just fucking. He, by the way, this year’s debut. Separately, you suggest the song «A Man Buried». And the album is called «Devil On The Loose» – the network will find, don’t worry.

7. Wino & Conny Ochs – Crystal Madonna

Soulful music from these guys, past which can not pass. In 2015 they released the album «Freedom Conspiracy», it and look. There is a bit of darkness in it, but it doesn’t interfere with the music.

8. Lisa Lystam Family Band – Get Up And Move

Dilute a selection of cheerful young lady, who makes far more manly, sind than 50-year-old men with our dear pop. Enjoy, she really knows how to make great country rock.

9. Black Pistol Fire – Suffication Blues

Such a bright garage a miracle that creates explosions of vigorous activity immediately after the first listen of the track. The guys mixed a lot of styles, perhaps unconsciously, but emerged victorious.

10. Michael Burks – Empty Promises

First, I think that this was recorded twenty years ago, no less, and then look at the date, see the year 2008 and wonder. This black man has written something cool in the spirit of the old school – with suffering and pain, the Blues.

11. The Heavy – What Makes A Good Man?

What would happen if a black guy to surround the white musicians? Born of divine music, see for yourself.

12. Morphine – French Fries With Pepper

It’s just Morphine, without them anywhere. If the work is under the shower, heat, against any natural calamity and darkness, this group will be the best soundtrack for what is happening.

13. Alex Parche Band – Get down in business

Well it seems so hard rock, but bluesy inserts into the composition more. If you are not afraid of long solos, then take it.

14. Shaun Murphy – I’m A Woman

If you want more female vocals, which creaks in my soul, tearing it from the inside, this song is fully consistent with this feeling.

15. Stevie Nimmo – Still Hungry

Good group with very nice guitar sound and texts in the spirit of freedom and of masculinity.

16. Spiritual Front – Song for the old man

In the «Spiritual Front» is a much more pleasant songs like «Jesus died in Las Vegas», but we liked the video we advise you to evaluate.

17. Labrenda Ben – Too Big To Cry

And here is more kindness, without which it is impossible to do in this world. Pure soul music with enchanting female vocals and motives that can only inspire.

18. Julie Rhodes – In Your Garden

If you puhachova, the clips it was better not to look. But the music he makes that is necessary – Americana with a touch of gospel. Debuted this year, and it turned out very well.

19. The Tailbreakers – Shake It

Modern psychedelic from Toronto. Behind the times, but the better. Someone has to do kindness and good at music venues. Do not be surprised if they cut for Canada in the Volkswagen T1.

20. Fuzz Ghost – Sunshine

Even a little garage, wild, dirty sound. The music this guy sends you to another planet, seriously.

21. Velvet Revolver – Dirty Little Thing

Difficult to do without fossils, which are alive all groups, one-day together. Besides, bands like Velvet Revolver, always make a cool video where he was drinking, and sexy girls, and explosions.

22. The Blue Van – Word From The Bird

Some people get stuck in time, trying to get back something lost, like «The Blue Van». A never gonna say that the song they recorded in the new Millennium. Imbued with the spirit of 60-ies, not otherwise.

23. W. A. S. P. – Somebody To Love

The cover for the hard rock. Of course, this is not the original, but the original and so we heard to the holes, right?

24. PJ Harvey – The Ministry Of Defence

New album PJ Harvey» was a success: they create a great atmosphere, be sure to find. Oh yeah, called the work «The Hope Six Demolition Project».

25. Sam & Dave – Hold On I’m Comin’

And if you want reckless happiness, turn «Sam & Dave». So, again funky, but so it happened.

26. The Kills – Heart Of A Dog

We like the voice Mosshart, we like the aesthetics of the entire group, their music, videos, lyrics and, of course, composing a gift Jamie Hinsa. This couple does the art, and it is good. Let the fans have less than Miley Cyrus. Don’t miss the new album, buddy!

27. Deadboy & The Elephantmen – Stop I’m Already Dead

Love this group, so suggest. This track in particular is listed as OST to slaughter the show, «I zombie».

28. The Baseballs – Goodbye Peggy Sue

Music, imbued with the spirit of America of the 50’s, although it sounds like modern pop-punk, Americana.

29. The Blasters – Dark Night

You know that song, sure. It is, of course, gives all these dark bars buried in the deserts of Nebraska. But the song is gorgeous, no matter how much you didn’t listen.

30. The Colts – Magic Woman

This group reminds us of the old days of Elvis Presley. Only if Elvis would have been born several decades later. The song itself is also invigorating, and with it we complete the tracklist. On a positive note, so to speak.

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