Munchkin: one of the craziest games in the world

You already know that the editors often spends the evening playing Board games. The games themselves may be different (some of them play for several days in a row), but a special love uses the now popular «Munchkin«. It is a simple yet interesting card game party where you can play for hours. Subject, of course, stands on the Foundation of might and magic no fantasy anywhere! In this case, all flavored with such good humor and the game mechanics are built in such a way that will not be bored.



The game came up with a couple of crazy geniuses back in 2000. Called these people Steve Jackson and John Kovalik. The latter was responsible only for the drawings, but the first – the idea, plot and mechanics. In 2001, American Original award Awards recognized the «Munchkin» best game of the year. Since then, fifteen years later, a generation of players has changed, and «Munchkin» still excites the minds of fans of card games around the world.

The reason lies in the special mood, shouting about the frivolity of what is happening. «Munchkin» does not copy the old monster world RPG, like Dungeons & Dragons, she parodies. And does it stunningly. Instead of cards Manticore in your hand will show off Alcantara, instead of the halberds – the Swiss army halberd.

Designed is fun for different ages, experience in role-playing games may not be – the rules are quite simple.

Play best of three, maximum of six people. Technically you can play with ten men, but then you have eternity to wait for your turn, and it will not bring joy. The aim of the game is to reach the tenth level, to become the ultimate hero. This can be achieved in several ways. For example, you can increase your level by fighting monsters, and you can sell your cards for 1000 gold (the price level).

Kosher of the game is that players are not separated from each other. You will have to interact with other guys at the table to defeat any strong monster. However, the need to help others, on the contrary, sprinkle some salt on the wound by using different cards that reinforce the most monsters, or just cast a curse. Role-playing, sound. If you start to play «Munchkin», you will be a witness to how players trade their help, crying out for mercy, which use – in the struggle all means are good.

A conflict situation can be solved simply, if the reading of the rules, namely, a noisy quarrel at the table where the last word is for the owner of the card.

A brief overview of the rules


So, a standard set of «Munchkin» is a set of 168 cards, dice and rules. Of course, you can buy various add-ons – in time came out abysmal. But you are quite suitable for the classic, if want to learn the basics. The rules are simple enough for one party you can remember them for a lifetime. Will tell you about them briefly.

The aim of the game is to reach level 10. Will help you with that 95 door cards, 73 treasure map and cube. Before the game, you need 10 small pieces (anything that can take coins of the same size). They need to monitor the level of your character. You can certainly write it, but easy to get wrong. Next divide the cards to the deck doors and treasures, and mix them, and give each player 4 cards from each deck.

The game consists of moves, each move of several phases. When you complete the course, then begins the next player, and so on.

Phase currents:

1. First we knock the door, that is raise the upper door from the deck, and there your or free card, which can be directly to play or put in their hand; or a monster, which necessarily need to fight; or the curse from getting to you.

2. The second phase is called «Looking for trouble». The point is that if the door was not a monster, you can play with monster hands (remember, we gave you the door cards at the beginning?). Fighting them: kick your ass or take away from his body gold and experience.

3. If you’re still peaceful, like a boa constrictor, and no one got in a fight, you can clean the stash. This means that you need to search an empty room, taking a second card from the door deck (don’t show it!) on hand.

4. And the final phase, referred to as «the bounty». The point is that you cannot hold more than five cards in your hand, or have to give extra cards to the other player (the lowest level), or to play them. If you were the most low-level, you will just have to fold. Such cases.But the best part happens during the battle. Just at this time, you can call an ally, thanks to the beauty of their eyes is good or bribery. Other players certainly will not be happy about this situation and will try to help the monster. In any case, whatever your thoughts, remember that not every help you. Especially if your sudden ally too high a level, because you can not give him the opportunity to get to the victory before you. This policy, which is adorned with interpersonal relationships. For this reason, it is interesting to play not only with friends but with strangers, with characters that you don’t have time to read. The rest of the battle similar to the battles in other card games. You combine your power and strength of their cards, and also the power of an ally to defeat the monster that would tear you to pieces, whether you’re one-on-one. But there are easy opponents.



In General, fans of «Munchkin» in Russia exceeded a critical level, and we are not surprised to learn that very soon will start the regional championship on this game, which will be held in June, and the finale at the end of this first month of autumn – 24 and 25 September. He performed across the country and quite possibly in your town, too. Organized by publisher of Board games Hobby World, through which we have the pleasure to play in the Russian edition of popular Board games, including such as «Catan», «Carcassonne» and «Arkham Horror». Besides, they have and create their own games that are not inferior in quality to foreign. Nice to see a commercial company invests in the gaming culture, conducting such a big event.

Participation in the championship is free, us only joy. He is, meanwhile, in two stages. First stage – selection, it brings out the best regional player that complain about the winner of the qualifying stage. However, with him in Moscow can go another 9 players that follow the game figures right behind him.If the qualifying phase brings together more than 40 people, the final allowed as many as 15 players. So the real chance is for everyone. After these lucky people can announce their participation in the final tournament, which will be a very epic sight in the capital at the festival Board games «Agrokon».

Requirements players simple but mandatory. You need to know the current version of the rules «Munchkin», as well as to see official clarification from Steve Jackson, the Creator of the game, in disputable situations. Should be familiar with the rules of the tournament, to avoid trouble inadvertently. For example, you can only play using the classic set of games, without any additions. All the necessary information you can find on the publishers website HobbyWorld.

Where can I learn more about the qualifiers and the final game? About prizes and Souvenirs of the championship? It is best to contact clubmakers, name and phone number which will appear on the website Hobby World in the section «Tournaments«. Like all other people.

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