Multiple giant icicle, the Corkcicle


We already wrote about the best ways of chilling your favorite beverages. In our category «Equipment» has been such a thing as a cooler for beer and a great substitute for ice cubes in the face of the cubes of soapstone. But today’s our guest column — multiple giant icicle to cool the wine.

If you love good wine, then you probably know what wine to drink properly. That is chilled. But as you know, wine needs to breathe, and during this time it can be a nasty warm, but this is not the case. There are buckets of ice, but they have many drawbacks: the ice melts, pours wine and makes a lot of trouble. There are expensive ogledalce of wine, which I know are huge fans of this drink, but they are expensive. This option is ideal as it does not look.

Inside this rod is a strange gel, which perfectly holds a hell of a cold. Some time the stem is in the freezer, and then placed in an already open jar. Wash under the tap. Designed to be reusable.

Is Corkcicle $ 16.


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