Multimedia player Sony NWZ-A15

You can forget house keys, passport, money, head, anything, but not a gadget, which takes you from the surrounding grey world into a bright world of music and stunning bass. The holidays ended and the second day you pull your pretty plumper body to work, listening to favorite tracks of the powerful speaker of the house, and through the headphones. For all music lovers and just for those who appreciate the proven quality, Sony released a great multimedia player. According to the company, this new product is the smallest and lightest digital music player, which boasts high quality and richness of sound.

Sony NWZ-A15 is equipped with a special system that handles large amounts of wideband audio data, while reducing noise and distortion. Another definite plus – the player is holding charge: up to 30 hours if you listen to the tracks high resolution, and 50 – in MP3 format. Also, we should note the clear and concise style of design: robust metal housing reduces the number of external electrical noise and stabilises sound reproduction. This player will easily fit the best representatives of your personal library. Built-in memory 16 GB or 64 GB can be expanded via microSD up to 128 GB. Many users are pleased with the support for flac up to 192khz 24 bit, but disappointed by the lack of headphones in the kit.

The average price – 7 990 rubles.

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