Multifunctional alarm clock radio Cannon security radio vault

Cannon security radio vault0581356638

What could be simpler than a regular alarm, no, really? What can be added to the device that’s keeping you awake? In fact, a lot of things , see our heading «Inventory», he will understand.

But this alarm clock is a godsend, all our editorial staff is delighted, despite the fact that personally I am not the owner of the products Apple. Besides the obvious functions of «to Wake» alarm clock can also play music from a variety of products «Apple» — this is no surprise, but that’s exactly what it is possible to surprise someone, it’s the fact that the alarm represents a personal safe. Inside this structure there is a small pull-out drawer that opens with the scan of a fingerprint. A bit much, isn’t it? However, someone that may be useful.

There is such joy $ 350.