Multifaceted and controversial Emir Kusturica

manygoodtips.com_19.03.2015_fBd1NPJMQ2NEGWho is Emir Kusturica? The Director? Of course. But here’s a look at his extraordinary films. According to you, the man who directed «Arizona Dream» and «Underground», «Black cat, white cat», maybe a quiet gray-haired man who talk about the world and existentialism? Of course not. It is the violence of nature, stubbornness, coupled with the enormous talent.

He and the Builder, and writer, and guitar igrets, and generally… it’s Hard to be. And it’s not elementary to lack of time to great things, but the fact that Emir Kusturica is the main export product of the glorious suffering of the Republika Srpska. No, the Serbian land has generated a lot of talents to be proud of. It takes all in its path, the best tennis player of our time Novak Djokovic and talented players like Sinisa Mikhailovich and Aleksandar Kolarov, and a mysterious genius, without which there would be no modern world, Nikola Tesla, Nobel prize winner Ivo Andric, and a favorite of European Bohemia Goran Bregovic – all is the pride of the small Republic. But Kusturica is so much more. He was always at the point of attack, always being confrontational, not being afraid of provocations, and to say what he thinks. And that was often involved in politics.

Unlike its famous citizens, the Emir remained modest Serbia, and all of his achievements are associated with it. So, was the experience in Hollywood, where he was called in after the triumph of the tragedy of the collapse of the human dream «Home for hanging» (in the Russian hire the film was released under the title «time of the Gypsies»). But in America failed. Rather, the film «Arizona Dreams» has attracted worldwide attention, has received positive reviews, impressed everyone with a brilliant soundtrack Bregovic and Iggy Pop song, but flopped at the box office. Although the main role was starred johnny Depp, and the film received a consolation prize in the form of «silver bear». And all because Kusturica was filming as I wanted. He didn’t think about how to please a massive «pop cornovii» to the public. He just did what he wanted, so he left Hollywood, he was there it was uncomfortable.

Emir entire life doing what he wants. Music, he became involved only because the group of his friend Nele of Kirilica opened up bassist. He is in the life of a bass in the hands not kept, but an innate sense of purpose helped to learn in between filming in Canada. But now about 3 months out of the year Kusturitsa has toured the world, playing pretty difficult passages on the guitar in the band The No Smoking Orchestra – «no Smoking orchestra». Well, you know that such a person even a group with a strange name. Play some mix of rock ‘ n ‘ roll with traditional Serbian tunes. And all of this is good: Kusturica’s having fun and gets pleasure from it and money, the viewer receives emotions, and the group demand and good advertising. Who would they have been interesting without his epic guitarist!

manygoodtips.com_19.03.2015_FcRTpA3Cmd0alThat stubbornness from childhood. Simple Sarajevo loafer, though he was the son of an important official, day and night was lost on the street. Mainly involved in the fights, the so-called «district to district». He’s still beating, for example, with my son – the composer of his latest movies, and the drummer of «Smoking orchestra» – by Triboro. Face off from boredom. Now imagine: the Serbs in General the nation is very large. The standard size of the shoes in the shop window – 45. And these two, under the ninety-meter elephant spread dressing room to the nines – so creative people struggle with boredom.

But back to my childhood. Bush, as his friends call him, could become a professional football player, he was even offered a contract youth team of the famous «red Star», for which he still hurts. But the urge to create your own world and show it to people took its toll. Amir’s was not just a leader, and a leader with imagination, which helped him to become a filmmaker of world renown. His first student tape «Garnik» received first prize at the festival of student films. And then off we go: «do you Remember Dolly bell», «Daddy business trip», «Underground»…

By the way, about the «Underground»: it was with this film, you can start a story «Kusturica is a politician.» If you know in the 90s is a country like Yugoslavia, divided into the beginning of now an independent Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia. And it was not just the collapse of the peace, and the carnage, which lasted more than one year. Kusturica, a descendant of Serbs who moved into Bosnia, a native of Sarajevo, Bosnia, whose best friend would be a Croat, always says that he feels himself a Yugoslav. So he took direct part in the conflict, acting as a negotiator between the warring forces urging peace. And for the sake of peace the Emir was ready for anything: even to kill the leader of the Serbian radical nationalists Seselj, who was challenged to a duel, but for some reason he refused. It often began to see on the front lines in military camouflage, some have suggested that the TV appears double, and the present Director with the grapple gun at the ready in the woods, like a real Che Guevarra, whom he loves very much. By the way, he has a lot in common with Comandante: both dislike capitalism, both a shaggy beard and outrageously stubborn. Perhaps that is why Bush one time produced their own beer, where one side of the bottle was the famous pop-art image of Che, on the other – the same Comandante Ku. all appeals were in vain, the people could not be stopped, the desire to fight always overshadows any peaceful appeal. And that Kusturica could not resist, once during the siege of Sarajevo, his home was bombed. There is nothing sadder than to lose the homeland. He lost it. Died from a heart attack the father, the Emir permanently moved to Belgrade and became a Serbian film Director, removing the film, one way or another devoted to fratricide, «Underground», which in Serbian rolling out called «there was one country». Critics criticized the picture in spite of the «Palme d’or», and Bush left the cinema. But anyway, the family had to be fed, and he returned with a very absurd picture «Black cat, white cat». In fact, the film was a stigma on the whole Serbian film. The picture can only be described as frantic! Many have seen the movie master and so I think that it takes only the crazy funny Comedy about Gypsies. In fact he only had 2 films about the Roma (and this «time of the Gypsies»), and 2 comedies («the Will» and, in fact, «Cats»). Everything else – tragicomedies, tragedies more. So, everything has an element of Comedy, tons of slapstick, absurd, but mostly movies about dreams. Fulfilled and unfulfilled. Someone will say that all his movies are crazy, with lots of music, flying fish, drowned. What is this? My answer is: don’t look. Unpleasant always drinking and playing under the pipe the roar of the people – is not included. Don’t like magical realism, don’t watch Fincher’s films and Fellini.

And Kusturica, offended by NATO and the UN, mercilessly accuse the West of crimes against the Serbian people, rented movies about it «Underground», «Life as miracle». And later became the main promoter of Serbian culture and Serbian values, after which even baptized in the Orthodox manner. In fact, he became commander of a small Serbia. When did political developments in Kosovo, the Emir has threatened to abandon all international awards and personally supervised the rally. The people he trusts and loves more than the President, because in fact, Kusturica made for a small country and its place in the world much more than any government. If he had not been directed, certainly became a politician. Although whether there will be.

But all anything, if in between things righteous Maestro has not started the expansion of the cities beloved Republic. As he says about himself: «I am the relieves the city planner and the building Director.»

Once on the set of «life is a miracle» Kusturica saw a gorgeous mountainous area and thought it would be nice to live here. The Serbian «our all» stubborn as an ox and targeted saw no obstacles to build a whole village. So-so village. It is called «Drvengrad», or more euphemistically «Kustendorf». Walking through its streets, you can stumble outside Maradona smoothly into the street named Nikita Mikhalkov (Yes, they’re PAL), and there, on the square of Dostoevsky, drank some wine, go down to the cellar, the door of which is painted sitting in jail, George Bush and Javier Solano, to which the Serbian people separate «love» for the dastardly bombing of Belgrade. To his estate Kusturica arrives by helicopter and goes to him as Lord, admires the peasants and cozy wooden houses, and then descends into its own cinema, which looks shot for soul short.

manygoodtips.com_19.03.2015_F4rBlS80QT91HOn the estate the annual international film and music festival «Kustendorf». Serbs are generally very fond of fun and noise, and it would be strange if in its microstate Bush has not done their revelry with blackjack and… rather, with sorokogradusnoy brandy and tourists. The main goal of the festival is a personal revenge, the Maestro of the Hollywood stupid movies. So for the Intro before the festival shows the animation where Kusturica Boxing with Bruce Willis that embodies all of Hollywood. Clearly, Kusturica wins, then Bruce breaks into popcorn. I don’t know where this dislike for Willis, but at the very first festival they ritually buried all of the «die hard». However, this does not prevent him to call his American friends – johnny Depp, Jim Jarmusch. Probably because they don’t shy away from healthy good movies, or maybe just good people.

We Kusturica has another mansion – Antichrist in Bosnia, named after the world’s most popular Serbian writer Ivo Andric. In fact, it is a cultural center with museums, monuments, concert hall and, as usual, an excellent wine shop. It Bush also plans to live, conduct festivals, although the city, unlike the Serbian prototype, created more in entertainment purposes than for life. Wants to promote Serbian culture in the world. And apparently, the Maestro has more money, because the city is built, as expected, of stone.

Never trust a woman who lies.

Of course, Kusturica – a man of complex, ambiguous, and his work. His favorite movie is… all of the films he shot! He is very proud, but a unique person. He is still afloat, cursing Hollywood, but takes in his films of Hollywood stars. That year, the Amir promises to make a film about a Mexican bandit Pacho Villa with johnny Depp in the title role. And soon the screens will be released film «On the milky road» with Monica Bellucci. And most interestingly, his Arthouse attracts attention and is beyond the scope of the genre. He created his own style, and like it or not is up to you. When he was waiting for the new masterpiece, he’s making a documentary about yourself such rebels like Maradona. But the documentary, filmed Custoy may not be just a documentary. Needs to be animation with a goal scored by the Queen of England and similar sprees. And sometimes he acted in very good movies like «Pelican». Can afford.

And still, despite the violent reaction, every film receives the prestigious award. Not so much film Directors, twice received the notorious American branch. Probably, the filmmakers can’t leave alone the ingenious aphorisms, which are teeming with his films.

Here he is, multifaceted and contradictory Emir Kusturica.

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