Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport

Muay Thai

Everybody knows that Muay Thai is a martial art. Enemies use in the fight, knees, elbows, feet and hands to strike each other with furious blows. This martial art can boast a millennial history and rich tradition, is still thriving in our society, which is sent to the next stadiums or stick to their TV screens to see the in-fights what does not encounter in everyday life, and to make bets.

Muay Thai fighters often begin their sports career at the age of five or six years, going into the ring and participating in battles twice a month. Often Thai fighters, veterans of Muay Thai, finish his career with over several hundred fights. Shin harden, rolling them glass bottles and kicking banana trees. Round after round, after hard training, sparring and fighting are frequent — they occur much more frequently than in other martial arts — training mode depletes and becomes a part of life of each soldier. Around workouts and the entire life of the masters of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai is practiced not only in Thailand. This sport is wildly popular worldwide, and almost everywhere considered the most effective martial art. Muay Thai is very violent, and whoever wants to master it at a professional level, have to go to his historical homeland.

The history of Muay Thai

Muay ThaiThe roots of Muay Thai goes back two thousand years. It combines the features of Indian, Japanese and Chinese martial arts, this is still debate, however, took shape Muay Thai in the era of the state of ayuthia.

First, opponents fought with bare hands, there was no division into weight categories, the level of skills didn’t matter. The only necessity to take part in the battle was the desire to fight. The ring served as an earthen platform, it was possible to beat in the groin and use in a fight head. At some point, even in the era of the Ayutthaya, something in the rules changed. Opponents began to wrap his hands in hemp ribbons to protect the fingers and joints, helping to strengthen and protect the fists. This form of Muay Thai called Muay KAAD of cheek and spread very quickly.

Muay Thai

According to legend, opponents plunged his hands into the water and gave them dry hemp became tougher, so the impact was more dangerous and painful. Some stories tell that sometimes hemp braid was wcreplays tiny shards of glass. The annual competition in Muay KAAD of check is still being held on the Northern border of Thailand (where it borders with Laos) during Songkran (Thai new year holiday). Boxers fight until knockout, and if at the end of the battle both can still stay on his feet, a draw. Of course, in these days of Muay Thai, there are strict rules: Boxing gloves and wraps required.

Kids Muay Thai

The fact that children under the age of five or six years begin a career in this cruel sport, of course, controversial. Children start doing Muay Thai for various and numerous reasons. The whole world is groaning, crying about the cruelty and human rights, forgetting that in Thailand, Muay Thai is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is a cruel and traumatic sport, however it gives children a chance to escape poverty and start a different life. Some children fall into the camp of Muay Thai because you no longer want to be homeless, trying to recover from drug addiction, etc. while Others come here out of love for the sport. As a result, these camps become like a big family, and coaches often take on the role of parents, which many of the boys just wasn’t there. Camps Muay Thai is a kind of commune, living in its internal rules.

Traditions and values

Muay Thai

Many people believe that Muay Thai is just incredibly cruel, almost dog fight, but it comes from the wrong interpretation of martial arts. Of course, this cruel sport, like most martial arts (if not all), but it also has traditions, and values. In the proper atmosphere Muay Thai — this is the highest degree of humility, discipline and inspiration.

For example, every battle traditionally starts with a prayer Wye KRU (the men sit in the corners of the ring face to coach as a sign of respect) and the ritual dance RAM Muay, the purpose of which is to show respect for the opponent and his camp and the dance serves as an expression of gratitude to my teachers, family and religion. Opponents put on the head of the mongkon, a traditional rope of twisted threads 108 on the end of which is applied to the magic signs and pratit (amulet) around bicep: it is believed that both brings good luck.

Any martial art wave in person confidence and humility, and Muay Thai is no exception.

Join the Muay Thai club, all take an oath:

«I will be strong and clean, I will always be honest, to always watch my behavior in school [Muay Thai] and beyond. I would never boast of his power and bully the weak. I will obey his Tutors and I will be faithful to their nation. We all, students and teachers, let us love one another be United in your goals and thoughts and will always help each other».

Legendary Ramon Dekker

It is logical that in Muay Thai for a very long time was dominated by Thai fighters who held the title in his tightly compressed powerful fists. However, a few «outsiders» has managed to become masters of Muay Thai. Among them Ramon Dekker. This Dutchman, persistently fought for its success, became a legend among fans of Muay Thai because it was one of the few foreigners who went head to head with the Thai fighters. Sometimes he had to fight up to two times per week — when provoked — and he finished his career as his Thai colleagues, with over 200 battles.

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