Mr. Bean, aka Rowan Atkinson

manygoodtips.com_16.04.2014_RXL96SZ61K0V5Many actors don’t like to be held hostage to a single role that follows them their whole lives. Don’t even know what will be played Walter white actor Bryan Cranston, whose name we remembered only by using Google. Our today’s hero is known to most of the audience only as Mr. Bean, although he had other roles.

In fact, Rowan Atkinson is not as simple as it seems. The first thing to thank him for his notorious role of Mr. Bina, who do not like a particularly intelligent man. The actor was born in the family of a British farmer. Father managed to give him an exceptional education. First, Atkinson attended a private school, and at the same time with the future Prime Minister Tony Blair, and then enrolled in the University of Newcastle, where he studied… engineering. Yes, this silly the man has serious technical education. The future Mr. Bean is not stopped, received a master’s degree in engineering at Oxford. Oxford, with its many circles gave Atkinson a new hobby — the theatre. Rowan took part in a very famous dramatic society of Oxford, where he met the future author of the jokes of «Mr. bean» by Richard Curtis, who later became a good friend of Atkinson. Then fate brought him with Hugh Laurie and Stephen fry. Dude, most likely under the influence of the humor of Monty Python, was to come up with sketches, humorous and rooms to play in serious productions. He soon realized that the theatre and the craft of acting for him something more than just a hobby.

It was a

Noticed Atkinson at the Edinburgh festival in 1976, where he also lit Hugh Laurie and Stephen fry. Two years later, Rowan invited to radio show. Dude writes jokes and becomes the main actor in the show The Atkinson People. The program was made in collaboration with the same by Richard Curtis. In parallel, Atkinson finishes University and goes on tour around the country, where gaining material on «Mr. bean». It became obvious that Rowan will be known after he became a screenwriter known in the UK show «not the nine o’clock news». Atkinson at the time was still trying to do away with its not a serious role, starring in the third film in the James bond movie «Never say never». At the same time, Atkinson played his first role in a Comedy film that once again shifted the karmic balance in favor of humor. Unfortunately, as fate would have hinted that Atkinson shines to play «Mr bean» no matter what!


Europe and Britain found out about it after the BBC series «Black adder», where Atkinson played the role of the cowardly dastardly nobleman sir Edmund. Life Atkinson crossed again, with a creative way of the future «Dr. house», who also played in this series. The sitcom is notable for the fact that this is a parody on films about the middle Ages and at the same time Comedy in the genre of alternative history. The series takes the second place in the ranking of the best British sitcoms and sixteenth place in the list of «the 100 greatest British television programmes».


World fame came to Atkinson in 1990, when the screens out the series «Mr. Bean». The script was invented by Atkinson and Curtis, and the image of Mr. bean was Rowan came up with back in University. The name of this hero Atkinson has come up with quite a long time, he even wanted to name the character Mr. Cauliflower (eng. Mr. Cauliflower), but still stopped at Mr. Bob (bean — eng. Bob). Sam Atkinson «tested» for three years before leaving the series for one show — room was received with enthusiasm. The series is reminiscent of a silent film with dialogue in it practically there are no more antics of Mr bean.

Why do people like this character? A wide audience he’s cute, because it looks so ugly, wrong, stupid, petty and very funny man. A more narrow group of people thinks that Atkinson did or not the perfect comic hero: on the one hand, he’s funny in appearance absurd, but it is not a stupid and spineless. Mr. Bean redneck, small dirty dog, not a goodie, which also manages to keep a girl in the friend zone! Hero Atkinson doing minor mischief and deliberately, but most often he’s not thinking about the people around and hurts in passing. The reason for the strange grimaces and peculiar behaviour in the fact that Mr. Bean is obviously the immature person in an adult’s body, boring men. And there are many such people. Fourteen series and several feature films tell about the adventures of the protagonist.


Before Mr bean has a Teddy bear, Teddy, who replaces him friends. Constant experimentation Bina rather worn out bear. Sometimes the toy seems quite a lively, at least Mr. Bean finds her like this. The girl holding Bin in the friend zone, called Irma Gobb. She appeared in several episodes and sincerely hopes that Bean will pull her in marriage, but instead he gives her a hook for a picture, then it does not appear in the movies. Offended, probably. Kind of a regular character can be considered the car of Mr. bean «Leyland Mini 1000cc 1970. However, throughout the film. she several times changed

To hero Mr bean Rowan was concerned, frankly, not very good. Two years ago, he officially refused to disown this image, planning to do dramatic roles. In the nineties Atkinson thought that Mr. Bean prevents him to establish a personal life, but on set he met his future wife, who worked there as a makeup artist. The last appearance of Mr bean in cinema was the film «Mr. Bean’s holiday», was released in 2007. The film showed that Mr bean is still have a crush: he took $229,7 million In the film revealed the real name of the hero — his name is Rowan, and he lit up the daughter of an actor. But at the Olympics 2012 in London, Atkinson again tried on the image of Mr. bean.

For the sake

Rowan Atkinson life is not like his character. He has a huge as 100 million pounds. Atkinson main passion is collecting expensive cars. Rowan understands at a very high level, even writes professional articles in cool magazines. This passion is so well known that the guy was invited to the filming of the program Top Gear, where he showed the highest class. Rowan broke the previous record and showed the professional sports rider. But passion has a negative side — Atkinson often gets into accidents.

The Rowan still have the powder where you need it. After the divorce it was seen in the company of the actress 30 years younger than him. Mr. Bean moget! Now Atkinson plays a dramatic role in theatres. Will the Rowan the same fate as Jim Carrey and mark a serious role, is still unknown.

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