Moving to Moscow



Hi, Dude, I have a question for you. What you need to know about moving to another city twenty year old dude? If so, on the example of Moscow (my case).


Hi! I’m 22, planning a move to the capital for about six months, so I will try to help you deal with this difficult process. We have already shared with you how to survive the difficulties of moving , but will try to remember that is not for stressful and critical situations.

You must understand the main thing – we live in Moscow! But Moscow is a big lottery. Here you can all win.

«Moscow does not believe in tears»let’s Start with the fact that you – well done. In 20 years there is a determination to change the situation and place of residence, and the presence of ambitious plans are always commendable. No matter, you’re going to study, work or to conquer the Golden-domed other ways, consider a one-way ticket lottery. Unfortunately, you couldn’t remember what town you’re from and how they were going to get to Moscow. Anyway, take care of the Luggage. If everything you own fits in a suitcase/bag/backpack, consider travel easily remember just about weight limitations. If you decide to take in a new life half of his father’s house, in advance think about its transportation. For example, 2 weeks before your departure, send things with special baggage service at the railway station.

So, you’re in the capital! The first time you will be lot in with the new: large concentrations of people and a huge flow of information. By the way, you are very handy gadgets. We are fortunate that in the modern world created a huge number of useful applications of the type «tube», «subway», «foursquare», and so on. With the help of a competent treatment will be able to know what to eat, where to go and how to get there. Yes, Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so don’t be surprised the prices for transport, food and utilities. By the way, have you figured out where you live? To find a decent apartment in the capital is a very difficult task that requires the utmost responsibility and care. So there is nothing wrong to stay with relatives or friends for the first time. They will help to adapt in the early stages of the move, and with finding an apartment help, and good show. If it so happens that there is no way to stay with friends, do not neglect the hostels will save money and will get an interesting Dating to find their homes.

What’s new will show me Moscow?

Yesterday was prom, and tomorrow will be two.

«Woe from wit»Griboyedov’s Words should be important to you mark – you need to constantly discover something unknown. If up to this point you really wanted to learn to draw, sing, play sports or read stand-up, it’s time to start. Moscow – a city of possibilities, says a famous Russian business trainer, an important a start. For the first year in a new place you have to open up and reach a certain level. You just have to be everywhere, literally torn between the activities in your professional field, informal meetings and home parties. You never know in advance where it will be the most important meeting in your career and a moment that will change life in General. Dating is a very important factor, the engine of your development. So the first time don’t «give in» or to take in a week bezvylazno sitting at home. Rest in old age, and fresh (almost) Moscow air is needed now.

I love Moscow, but this does not prevent her to hate.

«Key of the yellow metal»Now a little about the sad: in fact, far from home you’re not – the population of Moscow is over 12 million people, and each had a heap of the Affairs, concerns and experiences. Even if you were very lucky with the friends and family support you in difficult times, still the end result depends on your internal attitude and confidence. Weak in the capital don’t like, especially if it is pronounced Hicks. But you’re not one of those, right? Get in this endless race as sharply as possible, with passion, without fear of harsh criticism and indifference. As the hero of Clint Eastwood’s «Gran Torino»: «Find your girl. Then find grace». And let Moscow will become your friend, not Sozvezdie and do not forget to write to us. I sincerely believe that all your undertakings in the capital will be successful, dude!

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