Cinema Saturday #98

Our topic is already notably turned gray, have become worn out old, but in the meantime does not lose its original youthful enthusiasm. For example, today we again found five films. And again, these films are United by one important quality: they are damn good. There are easy movie, is heavier, but without a doubt, every picture will brighten up the day and perhaps leave behind something important in your mind.

1. Running scared (Running Scared), 2005


This is a Thriller. Not a Thriller, where you’ll see many others genres (Comedy, parable, horror) and action in your absolute. No unnecessary thoughts and no double bottom. Only a living history that tells the story of how it was thwarted deal of huckster by the deaths of several corrupt police officers. In the center of the action is six gangster named Joey, who was inside of a great war between the mafia and the police. In this film there are many technical inaccuracies, but Director Wayne Kramer can be easily forgiven. After all, the meaning of the film lies in endless shooting so fleeing man, who was a bit unlucky.

By the way, the movie failed. The movie does not pay off, but fans of strong crime Thriller we still recommend — they will get what they expect from such films. Besides, if the Americans shoot a film about modern mafia, without the evil Russian there just will not do, because you once again see how dangerous your countrymen in America. Not a reason for pride, but an occasion for irony.

2. Bernie (Bernie), 2011


It is strange that this film is a very long time without our attention: he is hilarious, but also sad. Jack black can never love, and his humor is considered stupid, but in this case it transformed so that it can hardly recognize you. With this film you begin to realize that black is not a bad actor, and he can play different characters. Of course, we liked the movie, not only because of black. In this important story — an absurd, funny and, in some sense, life.

It is surprising that the movie, despite the large number of follies, based on real events. This story happened in the real world! The composition is gorgeous — the company He was Matthew McConaughey and Shirley MacLaine (the woman you watched in many movies). Black plays a friendly, but very strange owner of the funeral home. McLane — a wealthy widow with delusions of control. And McConaughey — the Sheriff, of course. In General, the story line already formed in your head. Over the situation, which turned out to be the main characters, it is easy to laugh, but after watching a bit of sediment from the fact that this story is similar to thousands of other stories that occur in the real world right now.

3. Doubt » (Doubt), 2008


This is a complex film. Not in the sense that he is somehow unclear and cleverly filmed, and writers have written nonsense. Difficult in the sense that it leaves a mixed feeling. Watch this movie carefully, preferably one without a large amount of food at the table. Just turn on a movie and begin to feel the charm of the educational process in a Catholic school. The company will keep you Philip Seymour Hoffman, Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. To the credit of the actors, they all played their role by 148%.

Before we closed Catholic school with white children. However, there is a black guy would have beaten if not for the protection of the advanced priest who teaches peace, good, understanding, and, by coincidence, is the main cleric of the school.

But there is the school Director who is strict, demanding and uncompromising — it Alosius sister, a nun. She watches the friendship between father Flynn (priest) and a black pupil, and this friendship seems strange. In her soul creeps in, doubt that covers her mind. Begins a fierce struggle between two strong minds, which can only end in one — the priest has to leave. But if he is guilty? Is there even any proof? What’s the whole story from the point of view of faith, society and Church organizations? This film does not answer questions but instead defines them.

4. Zodiac (Zodiac), 2007


Among American murderers a lot of «stars». Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy… the List names can be up to in the morning. And these serial killers are really «stars». At the time, wrote about them in the Newspapers, removed the transmission, showing the news. They kept at Bay the millions of America, and then they were caught and often put in the electric chair.

But there are subtle representatives of this dark folk. The Most Famous Is Jack The Ripper. Behind him is the zodiac mystery man, the man, the myth and image. The zodiac became folklore and has done a disservice to Ted Cruz, candidate for US presidents from Republicans in the primaries, which looks suspiciously was similar to a composite sketch of the serial killer from San Francisco.

The zodiac is interesting because it corresponded with the police. Played with them, left a tip, and was never found. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous book by Robert Graysmith. So you will see a lot of fiction, but it will not spoil the impression from the story as a whole. David Fincher to remove bad can not, especially when it comes to paintings, where everything is not as it seems. Remember «Fight club» and «Disappeared».

5. Frankenstein (Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), 1994


The novel by Mary Shelley filmed countless times. There is nothing surprising: «Frankenstein» — great work, which has largely defined the vector of development of the genre literature of horror. But if you look at what was off about the unfortunate monster, which is assembled from pieces of the flesh of the dead, that you wonder — good movies can be counted on the fingers of three-fingered hands. For example, it seemed quite mediocre movie «Victor Frankenstein», which was removed in 2015. Therefore, as the object of the night’s screening we recommend the 1994 film, which is much better.

The Director of «Frankenstein» did not shamelessly mock the original. He decided to grab the essence of the book, to Polish the script and to follow the original as much as it was reasonable in the modern film industry. In the end, on hand we have a picture which combines Thriller, horror and, oddly enough, romantic story. The atmosphere is a unique and colorful bunch, which immediately stands out among the cardboard «mysterious» films from the mainstream. We would recommend to watch it with a friend.

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