Cinema Saturday #96

Recently I listened to a lecture by an intelligent old man, who said that the whole world is text. And even movies — this is the text, just found a new, more viable form. That is, if you’re watching a movie by Victor Hugo, you both read the book by Victor Hugo, albeit unconsciously. Point of view is controversial, but pleasant.

It turns out that we senomanskiy assemblies entered your head many interesting books, stories and truths. So without further ADO, continue with your educational activities and will offer another five films that deserve you to look at them.

1. Secretary (Secretary), 2001

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2016_5sX5IDnGAqU9ZThe film is about love, and about love in the realities of the overt sadomasochism. For those couples who adore the works of Sacher-Masoch, Marquis de Sade, or just like to use the whip in their sexual games. If girlfriend does not approve of flip-flops, don’t be afraid to shock with this film — there’s nothing extreme, but there is a young Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is sympathetic, as a very strange and very Horny Secretary. The filmmakers explain her attraction to the beat of psychological disorders, which we know is literally in the beginning of the film. Character discharged from a psychiatric hospital, after which she gets a job with Mr. gray (familiar?) — guy and a lawyer.

As a result, two abnormalities find each other and begin to fill themselves with what they lacked in life. A lawyer, as it turns out, has a craving for sadism, but with a girl you already figured that out — she provokes him to humiliate himself. While all this takes place in such a romantic and a clockwork key that turns the «Secretary» in an easy and intuitive film that tells about the eternal love that always wins. A chic choice for watching with a friend.

2. The perfect man (Un homme idéal), 2015

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2016_y0HFoEoXAQzg6French cinema will never be confused with the Russian or American. And not because there you will see the French face in the films of France has its own atmosphere, is very specific. They even thrillers is removed, and the us. Trying to rely on sensual perception of the world, so add love, even in horror movies.

For example, we recently watched the Thriller «the Perfect man», which at first seemed to us to retake the American film «the Words», but it was much more sleeker and tougher. The story begins, however, as well: a young guy who can not publish his book, finds a very interesting diary of a veteran of the Algerian war. In this diary laid live story of a man who has passed through the millstones of the war and emerged from it to others. The diary begins with, «this morning I killed a man».

You understand that the loader, which transferred all publishing houses, it is difficult to cope with a hideous desire to publish this journal for your novel. And when that happens, he becomes a «young genius of French literature» — his respect, he contracts, he gives interviews and appears on television, he even appears beautiful wife. But after a few years, the agent requires a new book, and «writer» can’t write, and couldn’t never. Besides declared comrade of the veteran, whose diary was successfully stolen a «writer.» The world starts falling apart, and the guy will or patch holes in its fragile history, or act courageously — to open to the world. What path will he choose? And a lot of time he had to make a change?

3. Body bags (Body Bags), 1993

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2016_3z1TqMRwgw8lNThe result of joint creative work of three legendary Directors: John carpenter, Tobe Hooper and Larry Salkia. Why three? Because the «body Bags» is an anthology consisting of three stories which are virtually connected to each other. I wanted the guys to shoot a movie, and they decided to do it in one painting — turned out convincing.

The title prepares us for something disgusting, where is the blood is ketchup, and instead of the plot — spooky kitsch. But when you start to watch «body Bags» that sigh of relief — it’s quite a normal movie with the amendment that it has more humor than horror. And the humor of the highest order, where there is reference to different social «norms» and «fear» like fear 40-year-old man to lose all his hair, which he begins to take all sorts of rubbish to make hair thicker and longer as the stars of glam rock. But the hair you will have to pay, like everything else in this world. In General, if you want to relax, laugh and watch horror old school, then you should be in a body bag.

4. Broken flowers (Broken Flowers), 2005 Palme d’or at the Cannes film festival sometimes is an argument to throw the film away, because «again, it’s a fucking auteur cinema!». But here the situation is different. «Broken flowers» took Jim Jarmusch is one of the few Directors who can submit a film in such a way that it will hook even the fan of «die hard» and «Terminator», and without any explosions and chases. This is what happens when the Director takes on «vital topics.

The film starred many stars, but the main one is bill Murray, who perfectly played a man spent his life on the sex. It has had many girlfriends, but have not found the one which could start a family, start a real life. But no girlfriend to blame, and he — he is a pathological womanizer, what is acceptable when you’re 20 but not when you’re 50.

And then one day he opens a pink envelope that contains the story of twenty years ago. One of his former female tells him that was pregnant by him and bore a son, who is now 19 years old. The reply, of course, was also anonymous. Imagine that you have received this belated letter. What will be the reaction? Many men run from it, but not in the moment when they are no longer needed. The man remains nothing how to remember all her friends, with whom he slept twenty years ago, to find her son and try to explain to him.

5. Blindness (Blindness), 2008

manygoodtips.com_11.11.2016_3bGFSRlreHRR2There is one Portuguese writer, known for the domestic reader poorly — his name is josé Saramago, and he received the Nobel prize in 1988. He is known primarily as a serious critic of organized religion, consumer society and dictatorship. José Saramago is not one of those writers who «send your mind on vacation». His books are saturated with magical realism texts, who naively believe they can change something in the mass consciousness, but even if they changed one human life, was not written in vain.

What we got about the writer? The fact is that «Blindness» is a film adaptation of his novel Ensaio sobre a cegueira. The author didn’t want to give the film rights, while in the house it has not made the way the producer NIV Fichman and screenwriter don McKellar, «popular», explained why the book needs adaptation.

In the end, the author agreed, but to get the Prime Minister could not — the doctors have forbidden. However, the Director flew to Lisbon to show the author of the film. Where is the zeal? Just the movie, and his story came out stunning. We are given ample space — a metropolis which has no name (it was a requirement of the author). In this metropolis begins a strange epidemic — people are starting to go blind. The whole town loses sight, only one woman can see, and she’s trying to help people, but can you? The film, I must say, caused an uproar in various social organizations representing the interests of the blind. And here we are interested in how they looked in that movie?

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