Cinema Saturday #74

Our kinorurik already receives a pension, and you still have to drop it. We are absolutely happy, because some movies only look for you, then to tell about them, and your output was a little better. Today, you will be good movies that will blow your mind or at least make you think. Very intelligent movie and never boring – as we love.

1. «Bronson» (Bronson), 2008

Pora great film about the hero of all the rebels, and, no doubt, the legendary man – Charles Bronson. If you don’t know who that is, then we will explain. In the British media, Charles Bronson earned the title of most dangerous criminal in the country. He sat in solitary confinement for various violations of almost half a century, while Bronson did not kill anyone, not raped, he was not even a terrorist. Just this guy able to run into trouble in the most protected prisons in the country. Besides, he is a real mountain of muscles: his power is known for its many fans around the world. In Britain there is even a movement, which calls for the release of Bronson from prison. In a sense, he’s a national star. And this national star played by Tom hardy. Actor it’s difficult to know for the movie he gained 19 pounds of muscle mass.

The story, of course, is based on the real life of this crazy. The most vivid episodes from his past, chewed the whole story, the whole essence of this man. The film is not boring, but not exciting. He tells heavy, dramatic story of a man who fell into eternity through his fists and his unbridled temper.

2. «The rules of life French guy (Libre et assoupi), 2013

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2016_SjCDoPObyyZi9A film about you, if you still live with mom, not working and like to spend evenings watching the ceiling patterns, lying on the couch. The main character – Sebastian. He’s like Diogenes, only cooler, because not drunk, and looks decent. Sebastian has already matured, but the work he did not want. In essence he is an honest man on the planet. In his dictionary is missing the word «need», for which he faces angry workers in the community, which blames him for all the ills of humanity: «Living, you know, at the expense of our taxes and does nothing». But he doesn’t want to obey the pressure, continuing to live exactly as you like him and no one else. And in his life much wisdom, for what good work, what to do, if it brings you pleasure, if it’s not yours? For the money, but then Sebastian finds a loophole in the system of social assistance.

Movie funny, sometimes sad, sometimes terribly familiar with, like your life. Not without specific European humor, which rejects all vulgar, but she knows how to make laugh the audience without any drugs, sex, jokes below the belt. Great for watching alone or with a friend.

3. «Lethal orgasm» (Deathgasm), 2015

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2016_ApUb56wcNQIDRI had a short period when I was into all these Norwegian satanic rock groups. If the film I saw then, then perhaps now would make sacrifices to the sound of heavy guitars.

Of course, it’s a Comedy, one of the craziest and bloodiest that we’ve seen. The plot is just a huge set of cliches that pervades black metal scene, and it all looks appropriate and harmoniously, despite his grotesqueness. The main character is a guy who enjoys all this ominous music. He has to live with relatives that pricible Christianity. Love it no not use: has a half brother, uncle sees him as a real evil, and in school he is a loser. But then everything changes: our lover gets acquainted with local tough guy, who also bursts on black. They decide to form a band and call it «Fatal orgasm». Music in the movie enough, but the story is not about a group of Satan that threatens to enslave the human world. Look with friends and don’t forget about the beer.

4. «One false move (One False Move), 1992

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2016_aUu0C8Sr0l9axRecently, we have frequently to offer you all sorts of detectives and crime. We like to contemplate this criminal atmosphere on the screen much more than in real life. Today we offer you to download to your hard drive, «One false move», the script for which was written by Billy Bob Thornton. This is already a sign of quality, because the bad stories Thornton writes. He was confined to a secondary role, and the main characters played by bill Paxton and cinda Williams.

«One false move» is a story that must pay for everything. And if you’re with your team-mates cut out the whole family, even the black, you certainly will reach «Hurricane». In this case, the «Hurricane» name of the policeman from Arkansas, Dale Dixon. He will not leave crime unpunished. And if you want to see how he will cope with the mad bastards, soon to include the film.

5. «Failure in time» (Retroactive), 1997

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2016_TxXxXJnRrSBFJPicture of James Belushi? Here we have forgotten and so I decided to watch retrovie, in some sense, a movie about time travel. Moreover, in this film, Belushi plays the villain, which seems difficult too ingrained image from K-19.

The idea is unique, although later it was used in the movie «the butterfly Effect». Now describe what we mean. Before us stands a simple petrol station, lost somewhere in the great American plains. Typical landscape that has been used in thousands of movies, a trivial way of America. The main character is a fellow traveler Karen hooked to the wrong guy. As a result, she becomes witness to a murder. And then begins something interesting that is associated with returns in the past. Very dynamic picture that will not get bored.

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