Film Saturdays #5

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_Cfd4OVBC6QyetIf you have a girl, then for you the Sabbath is not the most common. Most likely, you already thought how to spend Valentine’s Day, but as a nice bonus at the end of the cultural programme can get under the blanket and to resort to watching those movies (of course, after running more interesting classes) that we picked you up. However, if all this confusion does not concern you, don’t think we forgot about you. Zatarivatsya a variety of treats, was the tea or open a beer, as for singles we also have a couple of options for a fun-filled movie nights.

1. «Midnight in Paris» (Midnight in Paris), 2011

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_2dIVWGewJv7ISOur Saturday selection of films opens the romantic, light and beautiful story from woody Allen, which will deliver the right tone and right mood for you and your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. In the center of the story is a hopeless romantic who comes with his bride to Paris for a cultural holiday and new emotions. He is in search of inspiration for his book, and she is in search of fun and Antiques, which can without a twinge to pull a lot of money. We notice how the contrasting couple, played by Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. Although deep down, our hero realizes that he is not the level of his future wife and, in General, it has no place in our modern century. His life changes after he in some incredible way, into the past, where he meets the legendary people from the worlds of art and one amazing woman… What happened and what resulted, you know, watching this movie. Be prepared that after the credits your girl will begin to beg you a trip to the most romantic city on Earth. And it’s not Magnitogorsk.

2. «Hands and feet for love» (Burke and Hare), 2010

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_jCIVMISBAuaBuIf you both decided to watch a movie about love, but a little less sugar snot and sentimental moments notice black Comedy in a well decorated English style, with its specific humor.

«In this story is true. In addition, we lied…»(C) Indeed, the film is based on real events, when at Edinburgh, a series of murders in the period from November 1827 to 31 October 1828. Then killed 17 people for the sake of a couple of friends who are immigrants from Ireland were able to sell the bodies of the unfortunate victims of the famous Edinburgh doctor Robert Knox for anatomical practice. Seems a little funny, but acting, absurd situations and original presentation will prove you wrong, if only you were a fan of British humor and history.

3. «Lie on the bottom in Brugge» (In Bruges), 2007

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_eWjpmnQgC1FMGWe visited Paris, looked to England, now it’s time to visit the small but picturesque town in Belgium. Sure you seen that movie with Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleason and Ralph Fiennes in the lead roles. However, the picture can be repeatedly reviewed, and it still will not lose a single gram of its beauty and charm. «Lie low in Bruges» is a drama and a sad Comedy, is mesmerizing landscapes and the perfect musical accompaniment, this is great acting and strong dialogues between the characters. So why not opt for this film?

4. «The Chamber 211» (Celda 211), 2009

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_X8Vc5tprbDrYYIf for you this Saturday – February- just another Saturday of the year, and you just enjoy a free evening and bought all yummy, then it’s time to get acquainted with the story of a jailer who was not at the time and in the wrong place, because apparently, lady Luck had forgotten about its existence in this fateful moment for him. Well, think about it: our protagonist first comes to a new place of work, where he got a job as a warden. And on this day the prisoners organize a bloody rebellion. Now our hapless jailer will have to pretend to be prisoners and struggling to try to survive in this cruel society, because outside the prison waiting for his young pregnant wife. The film is heavy and keeps in suspense until the last minute. Viewing a must!

5. «Fracture» (Fracture), 2007

manygoodtips.com_12.02.2015_vstfVoPJr6yqo«And you prove it!» – with such words Anthony Hopkins leads by the nose of Ryan Gosling throughout the film. The character of the first actor kills his wife for cheating, waiting for the police with the murder weapon in his hands, being near the victim’s body. And it seems to be obvious, and the culprit here would go to places not so remote, but… Then we would not have this intriguing beginning, a complex plot and an unexpected outcome. This movie, filmed with taste, for people who love puzzles and twists and turns.

Nice view, man.

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