Cinema Saturday #94

This time we decided to put together a thematic compilation for Halloween, but fear not — it was a place not only horror, but drama, romantic story to watch with your girlfriend and even absurd, but very funny Comedy.

These seemingly different films linked by the presence of mystery in the story. In one picture, the main characters are vampires, the other with the voice of a dead person who’s on the radio.

1. A Radio Wave (Frequency), 2000

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_LU2oc063x8F7zActor Dennis Quaid, who played a Central role in the film «Radio wave», was injured during filming, which cost him 16 stitches in my head. After this information you’re probably thinking that «Radio wave» is a Thriller where spineless Hollywood the kids would not, after all shooting involve acrobatic feats and falling from the fifth floor to the car body. In fact, «Radio wave» is a family movie. In a good way.

The film is about a father and son and their relationship. The uniqueness of the story is that the father of police officer John Sullivan lives in the same house, not rumbling in the chair, drinking beer and swearing at the unfortunate expense of sports games — he died long ago, but found a way to enter the world of the living. Yes, you guessed it — through the airwaves.

2. Only lovers left alive (Only Lovers Left Alive), 2013 of the most controversial films of Jim Jarmusch. Controversial not because it’s complex, but rather because in this movie, Jarmusch decided to show himself to the mass audience, earn some money for his talent and a little bit away from habits to create a deep, but low budget films.

Today, the work of Jarmusch, it’s hard to call underground. Thanks to «Dead man», «outlaw» and «Night on earth» directed firmly entrenched in the minds of film enthusiasts at any level. And here he produces a movie where the main role went to Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston and Anton Elchin. The all-star team, which is a lot. Besides Jarmusch decides to make a vampire. Just when the word «vampire» causing nausea.

Despite all the obstacles, he was able to remove the beyond cinema, which gives aromas of the East and West at the same time. There is in it something from tales of the Tangiers, which raped our brains William Burroughs, and films level «Interview with the vampire» — here it is style, nothing more. In fact, not so important, what kind of beings are the main characters. Jarmusch needed vampires to show the essence of love, which is able to live in eternity, and the essence of loneliness, which can also be forever.

To watch Adam, a rocker from Detroit who remembers the days of the Mongol invasion, and every free moment lingering to pluck the strings, more interesting, when music making takes place on the background of the peace drink blood two dislike each other sisters-vampires. And, of course, like any other Jarmusch movie, «only lovers left alive» has an excellent guitar soundtrack.

3. Idle hands (Idle Hands), 1999

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_SMHCnyprnQDaiThis film is designed for home parties in the style of horror. First, there are songs Offspring and Rob Zombie — music, youth, Vice and madness of the graduating class. Secondly, in the film is Jessica Alba, and sexy, and in those days was just perfect — she’s got a great image of the «neighbor’s daughter», which wants to unleash the sex.

The film is, of course, on Halloween night. The main hero is a teenager Anton, who only does that rides on the easy smoke dope and is looking at the character of the Alba. But in the morning he discovers that his parents are dead — they tore off the head of some monster that knows no pity. After some time he learns that the evil maniac who terrifies the entire city, is himself. Even so. Maniac is not he, but his right hand that has healed his own life.

On the basis of this idea, and happen all the frenzy and horror of which will not frighten you, despite the abundance of blood and guts», but I will laugh. It’s like movies with Bruce Campbell, just in the spirit of black youth comedies of the 90s.

4. The mother of tears (La terza madre), 2007

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_CuA1PB6m0bCUaItaly is home to one very harsh dynasty of filmmakers, named after the Argento. Dario Argento is a cult Director and screenwriter, who shot the films, now called a classic «terrible» films.» For example, the films «Suspiria» and «Inferno».

In «Mother of tears» he’s got two positions: conducted on the set and came up with the plot. His daughter, Asia Argento, in turn, got the lead role. And it is not family relationships, but the fact that Asia is a gorgeous actress with a very strong inner strength. I look at her and immediately know you are a real psychopath. She still looks sexy for his forty.

The film itself is the final part of the trilogy, which is considered to be the top creative Director. On the previous two films we wrote earlier. The trilogy today called one of the best in the genre of the Italian horror film. The film is, despite its modest budget, the extreme realism. When you see violence or death, I realize that if it happened in fact, that is the only way! While we can’t say that Argento had too much dill.

«Mother of tears» is quite rich in symbolism and mysticism, it is a story about witches, demons, and a strange cult that honors one of the most powerful witches called the Mother of tears. If we’re still not convinced, then see this movie for Boobs Asia Argento — they deserve it.

5. Super 8 (Super 8), 2011

manygoodtips.com_28.10.2016_xfQ1PSRrZdsaPIt is foolish to spend this weekend without movies about aliens — they are among us. First they destroy our spacecraft on Mars, then arrive on Earth and take away our wives, children, and precious metals. However, everything can be explained — to blame the military, the government and scientists. What other versions? I think the other you ought to find in the science fiction film «Super 8».

It took J. J. Abrams on his own script, and that’s saying a lot because Jay is obsessed with space and alien themes, and they had obtained the best. The money he got from the great and terrible Stephen Spielberg, who had never been a love to lose them. In some magical way, this Jew is easy to guess, the film «shoot», and which will slide into the audience’s DNA.

That «Super 8» is a shot that will appeal to everyone who loves an abundance of «secret materials» in the frame. Strange things, kidnapping, brutal state, secret experiments, is a tangle of mysteries will unravel a few teenagers, simultaneously locking all on camera.

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