Cinema Saturday #90

Horror, now in its ninth decade, we exchanged releases. It is ninety weeks and 450 films. And a lot of time that you spent on them. Someone will say that this time safely washed down the toilet, but in fact, any movie — is a story that has a direct relationship to the life experiences and art. We try to advise only the strong movie that can leave in your heart a significant mark. So treat our kinorurik seriously — maybe one day she will save your life.

Brothers of Grimsby (Grimsby), 2016

manygoodtips.com_30.09.2016_rRCl9djjH0mdlVery disgusting movie. However, like any shot with Sacha Baron Cohen — a despicable man in Hollywood. But joke this guy knows how. It combines the immoral British humour and facial expressions of Jim Carrey. It turns out very stupid, but very funny. You have to understand that movies Cohen is not just a movie about Tits, pussy and farting. It is also a wonderful satire on modern relationships between people, government and large corporations.

«Brothers from Grimsby» — a Comedy for the crowd, fun and a drunk mood, but on the film we can think of, when the degree of blood alcohol subsides a bit. Cohen is not as simple as it seems. On the other hand, the film is a notorious and vile Comedy, which is good when outside and inside of sadness and hopelessness.

Capote (Capote), 2005

manygoodtips.com_30.09.2016_XiIATAfxexlpwTruman Capote is a well — known writer, who scribbled great stories like «Breakfast at Tiffany’s» (you could see the same film — classics). The hood is impossible to determine a specific genre, he worked at the intersection of styles and great attention was paid to the actuality of events — the journalist’s work left its mark.

And the most delicious story he wrote, is «cold-Blooded murder» — a documentary novel, which describes the massacre in Kansas, when two monsters dealt harshly with the typical American family. This story makes on the writer pretty damn strong impression. The writing process is the backbone of the plot of the film.

But the viewer certainly won’t be two hours to observe how the character of Philip Seymour Hoffman (he was a good actor) knocks on a typewriter. The main character is not just writing, he also explores, to communicate with criminals, trying to sneak into their understanding of the world to write a good book, but it completely forgets the world-old truth: «If you gaze long enough into the abyss, the abyss will gaze into you.» About this movie.

Who I am (Who Am I — Kein System ist sicher), 2014 hackers recently rented not so much good films. At the turn of the Millennium this topic was discussed from different angles, and such masterpieces as «the Throne», «johnny Mnemonic» and «Hackers». What now? In Hollywood a lull. But Germany delivers great content on this topic.

Take the movie 2014 «Who I am». At the time of release, reed Hastings, Executive producer at Netflix, called «Who am I» is a wonderful example of genuine history, which does not contain the template moves in the story. The film tells about a young genius of Benjamin, who dreams of becoming a superhero. But the guy can not realize their dreams in life, until he meets his total opposite — max. You would think that they would get into the red cloaks, pants tight to wet at the corners of criminal trash, but instead they decide to rebel against the system, after a few cyber-crimes that make them idols of German youth.

The Destruction (Demolition), 2015

manygoodtips.com_30.09.2016_6zzzN3qzmEA9yThis movie with Jake Gyllenhaal critics have taken cold, but in the modern world is merely an additional reason to see it (remember, with what fury critics argued the genius of «Ghostbusters»). The Director is Jean-Marc vallée was the Frenchman who directed «Wild» and «Dallas buyers club». The lack of talent of this filmmaker, not reproach. The last film only confirms this idea.

Consequently, the «Destruction» is moderately heavy, moderately sad movie. Jake Gyllenhaal gave a major role, and it’s no wonder — he played great. The film itself is, in our opinion, more for a single viewing. It has no complicated moves, but it isn’t the sound of a friendly crowd. Watch it with an open mind, absorbing the tragedy that was invented for us by the author of the script. And the tragedy, one way or another, afraid of his absolute credibility — the guy’s dying wife, but he feels nothing. Nothing. He doesn’t care. And this is the worst, because we do not fully understand that for us means «beloved» man, can we ever really experience the feeling called «love». Strong film.

The way South (Southbound), 2015

manygoodtips.com_30.09.2016_rUooocXndiQ3bAccording to tradition, tucked in our cinematic dish the perfect horror movie on road theme. A stylish film that is certainly focused on the road movie of the 80s. It is divided into a few road stories that combined, in fact, one road. In each story its own Director, so we do not see a complete picture, but a horror anthology, which, however, looks quite a solid because inherent in this message. The inevitable retribution for sin — that’s the main idea of all four stories. The heroes of each story have to fight with their own dark secrets to forgiveness from the horror that lives on the road. And not all will survive.

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