Cinema Saturday #87

Welcome to our cozy 87th kinabatagan. Your attention is utterly easy 3 today and 2 too deep film, whose quality we guarantee own head and emotions. However, be warned, if you don’t like — that doesn’t mean the movie is bad, most likely you are not on the way with the Director.

1. All can (Absolutely Anything), 2015

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2016_hx3NZ0Rf8FC3MSay that lean and pale-faced English comedian Simon Pegg recently removed in one solid shit. This is partly true, apparently the actor has dulled the scent, and he forgot how to distinguish good scripts from bad, normal from Directors dropouts. And that’s when all the spectators grabbed the liquid hairs screaming, «Simon, stop squarethese in a third-rate consumer goods to all the idiots» on the horizon loomed a person, whose professionalism is no doubt. This Director was… No, not albert Einstein, but better than Terry Jones! One of the great gods of Olympus, called «Monty Python». Jones is listed as the Director of «Monty Python and the Holy Grail», «Life of Brian», «Meaning of life, Monty Python», albeit jointly with another big «Python» Terry Gilliam.

In recent years, Jones increasingly acted as the author of the historical documentary (and damn divine), complaining about his Oxford degree in history. His last film, an adaptation of the traditional English tale «the wind in the willows» and the screenplay for «Asterix and Obelix against Caesar». And now, 19 years later, he sat in the Director’s chair and gave… the British version of «Bruce Almighty.» But it’s «Monty Python», instead of God and here aliens.

Came too British Comedy inherent in humour and flair. Sometimes the humor is frankly stupid and the jokes are flat, but somehow they fit perfectly to the outline of a classic English Comedy about the transformation of the martyred teacher in a happy man who was given the ability to fulfill any desire. Terry Jones tried to do Comedy that would be funny to everyone, and he succeeded. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s perfect to brighten up the day and to enjoy a standard game of comedic actors.

No, nothing like that, you’re still going to wait for something in the style of «the Holy Grail», it’s Terry Jones fucking!

2. Access code «Cape town» (Safe House), 2012 happens if you call the most decent and talented black actor Denzel Washington, Deadpool, of Davos Seaworth from «Game of thrones», a wonderful Irish carcass Brendan Gleason and stuff them in action-Packed CIA Thriller? You get just «access Code «Cape town», incidentally, is one of the few films whose adapted name is not annoying, but to call the film «Secret apartment» or «Cron» — well, totally wrong for such a film.

If you like movies about tough men, without a sense of humor — please, this is it. I love classic stories about scouts with good action — include a «passcode» immediately. Watch as the legendary CIA agent caught selling secrets and trainee-a loser worn with Cape town from a man with a scythe and a beard, very similar to the Hungarian porn star is not something that is pleasant and exciting, to break away and sleep is difficult. And this is largely thanks to Denzel Washington.

You know, there are these roles to be looked at with pleasure, I want this character showed all 130 minutes. Tobin frost in the execution of Washington — this is the same character, for this role, Washington worthy of the most high-profile adoraci. Not far behind him and Reynolds. Was 2012 the year, and Ryan were trying to wash away the shame of the disastrous «Green lantern». And I must say, he did it. However, the cast is the strongest part of the film, even stronger than the plot. No, it’s not boring, it can and banal, does not possess the intrigue, straightforward, but sometimes fighters have to be exactly like this, not all the time fucked up against sudden turns, some flirt with them so that over the top, and everything in moderation and nothing fabricated. In General bright, quite life political Thriller that looks at one go. 7.5 out of 10.

3. The dog pound (Dog Pound), 2009 very real story of three juvenile offenders who were in correctional colony. And now sufferers will have a difficult choice: to whom be worthy prisoner, who cock is omitted, who is godfather to twist and Mussorgsky litter to become, and who put all the big unit and resist the laws of thieves.

In General, the main character (and the guy did a fantastic job) chooses the latter path, first entering the system, and then spitting on authorities and bespredela in full. Pure bull, but with character and good intentions, the defender of the weak, the destitute and the broken.

No saliva, no sentiment, energetically and dynamically, for obvious reasons, but on a strong emotional wave. Solid anger, frustration, resentment and despair — sentiments that prevail in such places. No lyrics, all disgustingly corny and seedy, one inflamed nerve, that writes and draws this devoid of the flashback story. Otherwise, the story of the people who were in an institution that has survived and broken do not show.

But alas, any comparison with the masterpiece «Outrage» movie is not.

4. Madness (Šílení), 2005

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2016_t62jVf6GoO8jjHow can you not love the Czech cinema, which has given us such exquisite trash, «Log», «Madness». As told to Eric Cartman: «Smsstore», but not for people with a healthy psyche. Such people are of the watch with caution. Although really nothing disgusting in this story about the phobia and fear not, half of the world population suffers from such fears. Another thing that is suggested in the painting method of their removal and suitable surroundings can describe the Director as «a Sick bastard».

You know what’s crazy? Montenegro you didn’t know, all he did lie, and if he met Ian Svankmajer, most likely in the first minute, shot himself in the head. The person is able to combine the absurd with the amazing consistency of reality. Pumped conscious situation reinforces the perception that this exceptional post-modernism. All of this, along with a gorgeous installation, creates a picture of horror, with the mentally unstable in society.

5. View the Odyssey (To vlemma tou Odyssea), 1995

manygoodtips.com_9.09.2016_0irOpyy1YL6ldAbout this movie don’t need to say it you just have to look, to think, to feel, and if everything goes smoothly, where you want to cry. It is not casual, Theo Angelopoulos, has always sought in his paintings to reveal the metaphysics of being, put so much soul and power in Odyssey on the Danube and relatives of the Balkans. The story of the Director. (he has no name) played by Harvey Keitel, who returned to Greece after many years for three unmanifested clips of the unfinished film by brothers Manaki — aromanov of Northern Greece and part of the pioneers of the Balkan cinema.

I have to say, Keitel is wonderful as always. His character is the alter-ego of Angelopoulos, the same Greek Director who wants home, but he felt that he had lost her. The deep metaphor of the painting and brought it to duration 3 hours, but it is not annoying, on the contrary gives the film charm. By the way, metaphors in the spirit of the time — 1995 in the Balkan war, cruel and merciless strife, as was the Trojan war. The journey of Ulysses — Keitel, who is looking for not Ithaca, but rather its cinematic roots, is much more sad surroundings of the tragedy of the Balkans. Therefore, before viewing still reread «Illiada» and at least briefly examine the political situation of that era to understand what I wanted to say Angelopoulos a painting, which can not leave indifferent.

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