Cinema Saturday #84

A good movie is a relative term and very subjective. Someone is crazy about movies of the mid-twentieth century, someone happy to go to blockbusters taken on the annual budget of our country, and someone like a quiet and peaceful movie that you can watch with a friend, saturate bright feelings and good. Today, as before, we will present you another five films, of which we are just a delight. Among them are horror, Thriller and, of course, a perfect Comedy. You surely will find something for yourself — we believe in you.

1. Horrible bosses (Horrible Bosses), 2011

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_odm1knowTF6lCThe level of positivity in the blood declined markedly over the past week. Too many strange, sad and absurd news. But such a disposition has always saved a good, solid Comedy. And that is exactly what we found.

Meet the «Horrible bosses», a 2011 film shot by Seth Gordon, who had a hand in such films as «Catch a fat girl if you can» and «Four Christmases». In our personal opinion, «horrible bosses» — the best film of Gordon. He’s funny, and not at the level of some of the bunches, and the level is great in some black Comedy. Still, there is removed Charlie day, who you may know from kosher TV series «always Sunny In Philadelphia». His role in this film is not too different from the one he played in the series, and that’s cool, because the madness of the character Charlie only enhances a good impression of the film.

The plot, at first glance, it seems the corporate story of three losers, workers of small and middle managers who hate their bosses. Working life devour their identity, make life gray, and the bosses are only making it worse. Well, just because they are bosses. Any male problem is solved in the bar. It was there in three close friends, there is a «brilliant» solution to all problems is to kill the damn bosses. Watching their attempts was a pleasure.

2. The green room (Green Room), 2015

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_AfYyONGD94OsbIn this movie main role is played by Anton Yelchin. Our compatriot, which is so absurd was lost under wheels of own car. Sorry for the guy, because his business, he knew the «Green room,» which received a nomination at the Cannes film festival, demonstrates this. Directed by Jeremy Saunier, which is known only that once he received the Palme d’or for the film «Crash».

I have to say — good in this film. This brutal crime picture, heavy Thriller, which can be called a real «school of survival». And the story starts with the dubious adventures of a punk rock band that travels across America on the van (almost like in the 60s). Of they have little money, therefore the group is not particularly picky about employer gives concerts everywhere. Receives, as is usual in the real world, the penny, which is that food can be bought. So good luck! Skinheads decide to invite the group to have played them at a private party. They pay more than others, and therefore, no moral dilemmas will not arise. I want to live — learn to spin. And like a concert all worked out, and the skins only killed someone in the dressing room. The murder and saw one of the band members. Get out of the punks at full strength? Or their score in bits, the guys screaming «White Power»? The shocking history of human nature.

3. Obsession (Wicker Park), 2004 — the story is dramatic, very unusual, the outcome of which cannot be predicted in the first half of the film. That is, you probably know the movies, the limbs which alleged no matter what. And the more you look, the more often it turns out to guess the plot moves. «Obsession» is not so. If you say you understand the thing in the first thirty minutes, we don’t believe you.

To watch this movie with a friend and without her, but friends and better do not about love, it will be awkward. And not the romantic, tearful and candy love will be discussed, and that eats into the brain its processes, break a life, can’t let go on the psychological level. Real pathology. Show us the story of the demon-possessed guy who lost his girlfriend a couple of years ago. He’s trying to find her, but in vain. In his quest, he stumbles already on another girl, which seems to be well informed about the «loss». How come she knows? Something fishy here.

4. The game Ender (Ender’s Game), 2013

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_Ge06cTKNtsl03Very inspirational fiction, where he plays an aging Harrison Ford and a fine fellow ACE Butterfield, who is the Central character of the film. Frankly, we expected an epic spectacle, comparable to the «Star way». It’s foolish to count on it. Dust science fiction hit us in the head. In reality «the Game Ender» is a symbiosis of teen fiction and, perhaps, a philosophical parable. The combination drug, but the impression we have. But that doesn’t make «Game Ender» a bad movie, on the contrary.

Movie based on the novel by Orson Scott card, who in his book, whack on the head from supporters of the LGBT community. The author of the novel also acts as a producer of the film, which is good — is the legalization of the message of the film from the author himself. Absurd scandal with sexual minorities has fuelled interest in watching the public, but expect some extreme views in the film is not worth it. He is the General topic of minority concerns. Here are raised more serious questions: What is good? Who is the real enemy? Right to start a war first to save themselves? You can do evil for good? Important questions, the answers to which are not as clear and all under the galactic sauce blasters and insectoid aliens.

5. See nothing, hear nothing (See No Evil, Hear No Evil), 1989

manygoodtips.com_19.08.2016_HYzP7Ploaj6FYMovie childhood — so he remembered me. Then I watched it because there was a great choice, and now look, because they realize the value of this kind of cinema. Such Comedy a Comedy by people who made different. Almost all of them died. The same Richard Pryor, comedian excellence, died in 2005. And grandmother with a scythe to get to Arthur Hiller, the Director of this kind of Comedy.

If you have not watched this movie, then be sure to deliver 103 minutes of your free time — you will not regret. There are a lot of good satire, which is tied to sitcoms, as well as the magnificent Duo of Pryor and Welder. They are just made for these roles, so all is well. After this film, they will tie long-term friendship. Special mention is given to young Kevin spacey, who plays a very comical villain. Film for fun and that’s it.

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