Cinema Saturday #82

Good selection — when there is plenty to choose from. When it is a great horror movie, and crazy Thriller with a psychopath and not less crazy action movie with an important message that you want to adopt each our reader. Of course, this collection should be a film that is not ashamed to watch with a girl, finding many Parallels with my own relationship. And a movie about the senselessness of war not prevent them must often look not to talk nonsense after watching the domestic news. Where can I find a movie selection? Starting from the next paragraph, of course.

1. Stolen date (Man-Up), 2015

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_S5p5KkCS5TQ5iWe start with a romantic movie, but not that from which cocoa pink flowers, because the film is Simon Pegg. This means that the viewing pleasure will not only your friend but yourself. Just please, don’t expect the hero Pegg will take a power saw and begin to cut the head of the insurgents dead. «Stolen date» is still civil, no brilliant attack by trasacco.

The film will appeal to those guys who look at their women, such untidy and imperfect, and I think: «what am I even doing with her? Why I like it?». The film skillfully answering such silly questions, in the tradition of the genre. There are, of course, the fly in the ointment in this picture, namely clichés. But it is a problem of the genre of romantic comedies in which something new coming up very difficult. Anyway, always work the scheme: meeting, conflict, reconciliation and happy ending.

2. Death sentence (Death Sentence), 2007

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_uH8pMiyx0o1lEDid you ever think about the burden of fatherhood? About the responsibility, when you unexpectedly become head of the family? Say they are too young for this? Maybe, but today you have to be ready for what awaits you in a year, five years, twenty years. To be head of the family is not only to educate their children and provide them with everything necessary.

It is naive to believe that the modern world requires men only. The main character of «Death sentence», nick, has everything a man wants: a great job, in which he occupies a high position; raised sons who stay from issues, and generally take on different heights on the sports and training field; and a loving wife, who though not a model, but looks good and, most importantly, loves her husband. Imagine this happy, in the full sense of family and a father who, seemingly, did everything right.

Presented? And now I’ll tell you what happens when the illusion of abundance enters your brain in a toxic state of rest — your world is going to hell because we don’t live in Paradise. Is it that you understand the real reality. And Nick realized this when his eyes are killing beloved son cut his throat. And it wasn’t a robbery. Murder for the sake of crazy fun street gangs. Father was there, but couldn’t save his own son, because he had no idea that such cruelty does exist. And this is only the beginning of the film, the first ten to fifteen minutes. That will make Nick, an old representative of the office plankton, then? And whether it is possible to predict the implications of his actions?

This film is recommended for viewing mandatory — the picture does not stand on ceremony with the viewer and shows the truth in which we all now live.

3. War horse (War Horse), 2011

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_MTL1UxUHrrNGSThe only thing I love horses, so this is the taste of sausage, which of them do. Disgusting? Possible. But when I watched this movie, my opinion on these loyal as a dog, animals have changed dramatically. It is clear that this is a fantasy. But that fantasy is one of the most renowned Directors — Steven Spielberg. And he made a terrific movie, which tells not just about the horse’s life. This movie once again confirms the view that war will never bring you happiness. It devastates lives, taking innocent life, puts on the knees strong, and mixed with mud and shit. War is not what is shown to us in parades, to increase electoral responsiveness from pseudo-Patriotic masses. War is pain, blood, guts, mud and devastation.

However, even in war, and in the case of «war horse», we are talking about first world, there is a place of friendship, love and mutual assistance. Even in war there are people who want to be people who risk their lives only in order to make any humane act. Horse, who show us every second, is a conductor, whose eyes we see all the events. Its history begins in England, even before the outbreak of hostilities, in the family of the drunk farmer who spends his last money to buy useless, from the point of view of ploughing, animals.

The first part of the film tells about life on this farm, which rapidly goes to the bottom. There lives a guy who found this animal as his closest friend. And, like, already, and life is getting better, and stony field, was able to plough, but the old lady fate does not sleep — it breaks the spine all the expectations of a young man.

The farmer has to sell the horse to the military to pay rent. And in that moment begins an epic journey of a horse on the battlefields of the First world war. I especially like is the moral component of the film. In this war, from the point of view of the Director, there is no «evil Krauts» or «evil English». People just did something stupid, they pay. Ordinary soldiers quite unable to agree among themselves, even under conditions of trench life. In General, powerful film that is worthy of your viewing.

4. The killer inside me (The Killer Inside Me), 2010

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_IF4x63SqVKtKnIt maniachenko movie filmed on the eponymous book by Jim Thompson. The book itself, I must say, extremely interesting, unusual and, in some sense, cruel. We are pleased that the Director haven’t cut anything from the original story. Except that the main character was very… how to say… immature. In the text I imagined him simply a COP, with conservative principles, and there is a psychopath a psychopath, however, Casey Affleck played it right.

So, show us the life of Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford, who works in a small town where the main problem is the presence of prostitutes on the outskirts of that confused God-fearing Texans. Lou Ford is a crowd favorite, cheerful, friendly, ready to help the guy, and free. But inside him lurks a very different man who rapes and kills, he does it without regret and with great cunning. His brain — sick mush of various psychopathic disorders. But Lou Ford is not the animal — the brain it works perfectly and it is easy to go from police harassment even when no one has doubts about his actions. «The killer inside me» is like a detective, but just the opposite, where the fools are only good guys.

5. On the other side of the door (The Other Side of the Door), 2015

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2016_ZsTCDDH0LDvpORare collection complete without a horror movie. And it gives us special pleasure to dig into this genre, despite the fact that highbrow critics consider it «low». Sometimes it seems that such films deliberately lower the rating. And this understatement comes from misunderstanding of the specifics, and not because the movie took a horrible. A cliché nightmares are not always bad. But come on with the analysis, back to the movies.

«On the other side of the door» — this movie is not about chainsaws, the screams of broken people and disgusting naturalism. There are fans and such, but this is not the case. In this film, horror reigns, mystery, underworld and rebellious children — the good traditions of our time. The film begins with the fact that a young family living in India, overtakes the tragedy of a horrific giant — killed their son, who life and has not seen especially. And, of course, if the mother had the opportunity to see his son, she would use this opportunity, despite the consequences. And open the gates to the dead world, where all kinds of evil creeps. A cautionary tale, which completely kills the desire to flirt with the dead.

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