Film Saturdays #8

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_byklb0iemU9MGWell, dude, you already bought gifts for their beloved women? Or, as any normal man, it was postponed for tomorrow? If all your gifts Packed in rustling wrappers, rather then pick a movie from our list, after all you deserve a break! Though otherwise, nothing and nobody would prevent you from watching a couple of movies this Saturday night, because tomorrow still a lot of time that should be spent for the benefit of the mind and heart. These tapes are ideal for viewing alone, and in company with a friend. After all, tomorrow is her day, so this time let’s dispense with the dismemberment, drama and fights on the screen.

1. «Bobro To Pojalovat!» (Bienvenue chez les CH tis), 2008

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_afN7q3EhOwZr2This amazing Comedy looked 20.5 million French, which was an absolute record, in 1966, belonged to the classic motion picture «the Big walk». In the center of the plot – Philip Abrams, head post office, located in the South of France, who passionately wants to improve and move with his family in Paradise, near Marseille. But fate disposed of in another way: it receives a service transfer to the town of BERGUES, which is on the North of the country. And just what horrors did not tell about this place! Minus forty on a Sunny day, rude, uncouth inhabitants are alcoholics, and the local dialect is unimaginable gibberish that can bring to mind of a decent man just a couple of hours. On hearing this, Philip takes out your children’s jackets and embarks on a new job as a scaffold. Speaking of gibberish, you some time to get used to the speech of the main characters, which our translators so painstakingly adapted for the Russian audience. Gorgeous French humor, charming characters, genuinely funny situations, intimate landscapes and uncomplicated morality how stupid are imposed on us stamps and templates that will definitely cheer you up and probably make this movie one of my favorites.

2. «Barefoot on a roadway» (Barfuss), 2005

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_y3c4Tj48AbuCTOld Thiel knows how to make quality films so awesome to play. «Midnight» will appeal to you and your girlfriend, because the film is good at creating a romantic mood light, no pink snot, fake dramas and sentimental dialogue that we so love to feed Hollywood.

Hero Schweiger – a typical loser, no kitten and child, who works as a cleaner in a psychiatric clinic. By coincidence, he saves one of the patients of the hospital from suicide, which then unexpectedly appears on his doorstep. Well, as you know, from that moment begins the funny, touching and amazing adventures of this odd couple. So why don’t you opt for a European film with a simple story but deep meaning to learn than all ended?

3. «The military diver» (Men of Honor), 2000

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_pVvue1lsWYMWFTwo hours of your life definitely will not be in vain if you do decide to see it, or to review the film, played by Robert De Niro and Cuba Gooding Jr. The story, based on real events, describes the fate of the legendary diver Carl Brashear, whose path to the dream was incredibly difficult and thorny. Despite the tenacity, willpower and courage, his supervisors and colleagues saw the guy just went too far «Niger», which has no place in the Navy of the United States. And as soon as you start to think that nothing worse than this guy’s not gonna happen, fate throws a new trick and gives tests that are capable of breaking even the toughest spirit. This is a real men’s movie about courage, honor, fortitude, and friendship, makes you reassess your priorities and even thinking.

4. «Moonrise Kingdom» (Moonrise Kingdom), 2012

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_tWxrBLEgEZVlLThis picture is pleased with his cast, and plot. Two teenagers run away from-under adult supervision, well, the rest is in a panic looking for the missing children. Perhaps this description you are not very inspired, but do not rush to label. Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, bill Murray and Harvey Keitel rarely make shitty movies. This amazing tape is nostalgic and hugs like its colors, subtle humor and atmosphere. On a cloudy March evening, this set will be the perfect remedy for the melancholy and boredom.

5. «Angel-And» (Angel-A) 2005

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_EcHikxUhS8T4ZConcludes today’s post is another movie coming from France – «angel-A». This work of Besson’s critics have met are pretty cool, while in the hearts of the audience the movie found a very warm response. Black-and-white image of the streets of Paris, nice music and the story of how in the life of an unremarkable fraudster breaks into strange long-legged blonde who took him under his wing, definitely not for everybody. But if you did, then this movie will be a great pastime, leaving behind a desire to reflect.

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