Film Saturdays #64

The first Saturday of April, as well! The birds are chirping, the trees green, the sun shines. And the mood is perfect! We certainly want to share with you, recommending the trash-horror film about a werewolf and the Czech log, devouring everything in its path. Remember, we are responsible for your mental state.

1. Baaria (Baarìa), 2009

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2016_1cmm2RA68fx9KGiuseppe Tornatore bad movie doesn’t. Maybe, with rare exception, and it is connected more with the taste of the audience. If he knows how to get into the soul, to move and amuse you as it should. That’s just another one of those movies. Nice long, but not laced story of three generations of a typical family Torrenuova with a small, sun-drenched, vendetta and cheerfulness of Bagheria, whose name in Sicilian dialect sounds like Baaria. The city is not taken from the head, do the long-suffering town, Tornatore knows firsthand, because he was born and raised in it.

And the whole history of the city is the history of his resident, who is experiencing the most striking moments of the history of the twentieth century: childhood under Mussolini, a youth during world war II, membership in the Communist party, to become a big officer and fight against mafia. And yet – so simple and sincere life moments, and everything is decorated with music by Maestro Morricone.

On the background of a superhero of consumer goods this movie looks really sincere and wonderful. However, why it looks the way it is. Look and see how you weaned from a simple good movie, not trying to blow your mind, captivates the beauty, sincerity and life interesting. Epic without pathos and cheap tricks – that’s what this film is.

By the way, the movie, everything else, very informative. You can learn the history, life and customs of the inhabitants of the Apennine appendage of the boot for three hours. In short, lovers of beauty and epic must watch.

2. The Howling (The Howling), 1980

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2016_rg5v2t3tmWOg2Good old movie of the 80s about werewolves. All fans of angry Volchkov watch strictly necessary. The film directed by Joe Dante knows how to make a movie about furry scum, or «Gremlins» will not be called. In fact, «Howl» for many years became a landmark in the genre, setting a high bar for scary movies on bipedal wolves. A classic of the genre: a forest filled with howling, the fog spreading on legs – it all started from here like manner to shove the monster in the beginning of the film, and show the transformation from normal person into a hideous beast. Don’t worry, a sham, of course, visible, but not annoying and not afraid of his puppet. For those times it was archicree, our, spoiled the game is pretty good. Anyway, after the movie was sleeping with the night light.

Do not judge him harshly. The film lacks integrity, always waiting for the catch, and he, alas, obsolete in 36 years (great date, even Kurt Cobain as many did not survive). And the characters seem too calm. Although that panic – the main character of life is in the ass, so it’s a habit developed over the years. And yet it is beautiful and a must see as a classic. Frightening classic. Besides, the film is worth seeing for comparison, if you’ve seen more recent «Howl», which we recommended earlier.

3. A most wanted man (A Most Wanted Man), 2014

manygoodtips.com_1.04.2016_Pz21p0TJYFzklThe Swan song of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died in an unequal battle with drugs. Though to distinguish it from the rest of the cast would be an impertinence, it is to urinate on the bar in front of your mom and head to the birthday of Stalin. In the film, after all, working fine actor and the owner of the biggest mouth in the Wild West, Willem Dafoe, Rachel McAdams and a guy with a suspiciously Russian name Grigoriy Dobrygin. Oh yeah, he’s really Russian, one of the few who’s name is in the «Decadent West».

The movie itself is a great choice for those who are tired of the monotony of a dynamic Hollywood blockbusters. At first glance, in front of you is the detective, shot exclusively on the Canon. In simple terms, pretty boring and slow film, its capacity will be enough to attract avid fans of the genre plus accidentally went to the cinema the students walking pair. In fact, the Director is very competent and gradually reveals the trump card of my film. Give him a chance and he’ll tie you up, doused from head to toe atmosphere, masking nervousness, and surprise unusual attitude to the heroes. Starts as a normal detective, but it ends very unusually, leaving atypical for this genre aftertaste.

4. Bedazzled (Bedazzled), 2000 remember in the 90s and 2000s were very popular such actors like Brendan Fraser? All right, one that «mummies» were fighting for the eternal peace of the pyramids of gray. So, this is one of the few films in his career which shows that he’s a great actor. Company Frasier is wildly sexy, and forever young wife Austin powers Elizabeth Hurley, who plays… Satan.

The plot is a classic that dates back to Faust and other such timeless classics. A loser sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for 7 wishes. And then… then you need to watch. At least pardinho of humor and a maximum of pouzitelnosti. The devil like hero substitutes Frazier, making his desire spoils the trick, but the negative character is, by contrast, teaches: that Satan helps those who help themselves.

Very funny good picture that is not ashamed to watch with neither mother nor grandmother, nor the girl, nor grandfather, nor with each other.

5. A Log Of Wood (Otesánek), 2000

Poradi.s. ua_1.04.2016_LnwPRSLG9NdHYIt’s like Serbian, Czech. And it is not about your ex and not about the football team of Russia. The film is about a childless couple who amid their family the grief completely gone head. One day kooky dreams about son dad brings home a lump, otesyvat it and presents you as my son. Dolyanovskaya the wife begins to spiritualize the log, to love and caress like that of a child. Dad begins to realize the inferiority of the situation, but warn the wife fails because Otik (Czech Pinocchio) begins to show signs of life. But there is one «But»: the boy is very voracious, so much so that it eats everything in its path.

In fact, «the Log» is a film adaptation of the Czech folk tale «Hungry stomach» with the addition of a Surah that storytellers never dreamed of. The film certainly leaves a pleasant impression, there is something to laugh and then curled his face in surprise. Each image concise written, even the secondary characters like the neighbor’s girl and the old pedophile, constantly watching her. Hilarious, fun and, most importantly, interesting Eastern European Arthouse. Choosing between him and the movies Żory Gooseberry family, definitely choose it.

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