Film Saturdays #54

On I think the heading of the week «Movie on Saturday». Just another work day gone, and that means it’s time to go into cinematic binge. Fortunately, the films contribute to this. They are as gloomy as weather outside the window, which does not go out. Here a selection of films we have today so — the conclusion in one form or another.

1. «1408», 2007

If someone does not understand the numerological variety to the title, the movie is called «1408».

John Cusack plays the role of a writer who writes horror novels about poltergeists and unusual phenomena in hotels. He is in the delights of the afterlife does not believe, settles in the hotel room, which, according to legend, evil spirits Packed like a tin of anchovies and… and more pleasant viewing. Awaits you typically kingovsky film, which is not surprising: the film is based on the eponymous work of genius of horror. Fear, terror and goosebumps included.

I must say, kusaka get to play a typical hero of the works of Stephen king (it’s bad, his wife left, life becomes horror), who is forced to relive the horror with Samuel L. Jackson. It is not boring, to him and empathize with him live all those horrible emotions that he had endured.

The result is one of the best adaptations of the king along with «Darkness,» «the Green mile» and «Shawshank redemption».

2. «The Moon 2112» (Moon), 2009

Before poking in the face of «Interstellar», «Gravity» and «the Martian», pay attention to this equally talented space history, filmed in just 33 days with a budget of $5 000 000. The film though was going on the knee, even in first class screenwriters for this film managed to attract only because during the filming, they staged another strike. It turned out a heartwarming story about a guy who spent three years in solitude, watching the automated station for the extraction of rare gas on the moon. 3 years with a robot that speaks with the voice of Kevin spacey is insane.

It was incredibly beautiful and piercingly sad ode to loneliness, where mixed cloning. But filmed so neat and beautiful that just can’t break away. Here comes to the fore philosophy and not fiction. Who will find the link to «Outcast», someone to «the Sixth day» with Arnold Schwarzenegger», but otherwise it is an independent masterpiece.

3. «Room» (Room), 2015

It is possible that after this film you will want to go and tell everyone about what he saw. Still, the film leaves a very strong impression. The picture penetrates deep beneath your skin. The story of a girl who is kidnapped and imprisoned in a room of a psycho-rapist. In this room she gave birth to his son, who, in addition to four walls, saw nothing. Only the TV brightens up their stay in prison. But after seven years they manage to escape, and here begins the most difficult – trying to learn how to live in a big world.

The film makes you experience emotions in place with the characters in the movie. You plunged into a deep depression, bordering on depression, I have hope and enthusiastic emotions. Watch them wonder the more that they are something new and unconventional for the cinema. An incredibly strong film, in which brie Larson is obliged to «Oscar».

4. «Went to prison» (let’s Go to Prison), 2006

Evening in the hut, you tramps! Here’s a picture emerged of prisoners, where one – well, pure hell, that lawlessness had framed the second prisoner – well, purely from «man».

Stupidity can be of high quality, and this Comedy is proof of this. Turned out a quality film, sometimes the humor goes below the belt, but the impression it does not spoil, because the other lung and even flea from the humor there. Otherwise, it is impossible, because it’s a movie about stupidity, stupid and strange characters, one of which is a malicious bully and a jerk who visits prisons as a sanatorium and the other cowardly daddy’s boy, not ready for life behind bars. Here to have fun not just jokes, but the interaction between the main characters. No, not as in «the Outrage,» men do not revolt against the thieves order, Mussorgsky and lawlessness of the thieves of the law is not ruffled. It’s a cautionary tale for those prisoners who attempt to lower outrage «suckers» and «men».

It’s a great Comedy for a fun evening, where everything from acting to music that invokes a strictly positive emotion. It is recommended to set the mood in good company.

5. «25th hour» (25th Hour), 2002

When spike Lee made films, and was not engaged in nonsense, demanding that the list of nominees on «Oscar» included black actors.

Surprisingly, in this film there is no dynamism, no entertainment, it consists entirely of dialogue, but its fun to watch.

The film tells about one last day on the freedom of drug dealer Monty, who this morning needs to go to jail he is serving a 7-year period. The narrative is punctuated by a couple of flashbacks and a gorgeous embodiment of the scenario ideas in the end, for which is to watch it.

Special events weren’t happening. Just gradually, through visual imagery, great acting, sad music, immerse myself in a life situation of the protagonist.

Great criminal urban drama named Edward Norton. He is just gorgeous in this role.

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