Cinema Saturday #52

You successfully logged in, drugega Look what movies we’ve prepared especially for you. Soon to work and school, the holidays will soon end, and peace of mind PI… in General, the harsh working life. So tune in, get enough rest. Your attention is full of despair and madness (well, except for the last) movies.

1. Howl (Howl), 2015

The holidays came to an end, and remained to endure the Old New year and dive into the gray routine. So addictive was faster, we recommend a great horror movie, where for nearly 90 minutes worth of nasty topliprofiles the weather is like in late March. But otherwise, England. These krivozerye with a funny lip, and incorrect English Lord decided to remind the world about the true nature of werewolves, which, thanks to vampire myths became associated with inflated Puerto Ricans with a look that says «prepare your anus».

And here all in the best traditions of the genre. The good news though is that the film is not your typical youth tresh-shapito-horror movie with Schoolgirls prostitutes, pitching-and over-age and sexually transmitted diseases in the lead roles. There are no fake rivers of blood, even the moans seem genuine. Can only seem, but the film is really more natural and stylish than most of his «countrymen». Even the main characters delight – an interesting, motley company.

Despite the fact that the entire film is the characters almost never leave the train, the viewer is not annoying, you never get bored. In this case, a closed space, plus more to the script than a minus. This, of course, not the best movie of hairy, growling men (a we about werewolves, and not about Caucasians), but attention is definitely worth it.

2. The elephant man » (The Elephant Man), 1980

It’s a classic, it is necessary to know! Maestro meditations and meanings Lynch once again embarked on a journey through the fertile rivers of the monsters that cause contempt in others. Before that was triumphal «eraserhead», this time more delicate and breaks through a tear «the elephant Man». The story has a real basis. He lived in the 19th century a man like John Merrick, who suffered a rare disease that caused terrible deformations of the body. Here the same: freak, rejected by society, interesting is that the circus freaks and the doctor-physiologist for the study. However, under the ugly mask, he’s educated, completely normal and spiritually developed person. And this is the worst.

It is unknown for whom it is a great tragedy for the doctor, humanly attached to the object of his experiments and tries to prove to people that he’s not a monster, but a man or for a woman who is resigned to his unenviable fate of the victim of a bad joke of nature. Here’s a story about human helplessness. Scary when you are mentally healthy when you realize that ugly, when you understand why disgust from people, but nothing can do about it. The film may seem lengthy and boring, but will try to break a tear. But don’t forget the Director of the film. He never confined himself to a simple tear, and so the film has a much deeper meaning.

3. Frozen (Frozen), 2010

Generally, films with slogans like «don’t peered into the abyss, the abyss will look at you,» are giving such shoddy cheapness, which does not stink, even Tomatoes-murderers». As a rule, even the latest movies johnny Depp is not overrated as much as movies with such slogans. So did I. But for some reason sat down and looked and was surprised. But good movie, despite some stereotyped. All the movies where the action takes place in one place, give a stereotyped. But there are surprisingly a lot of originality.

Three students. The ski resort. Stopped the lift. Night. Cold. Wind, snow, silence and wolves. That’s all there is to know about this film before watching. That’s all you need to tell about the plot.

A Prime example of what a Thriller could be without severed limbs and rivers of blood. Enough to shoot a simple scene in particular and set the dialogue so that the viewer goose bumps under the nails ran.

4. The RAID (The Raid), 2011

A little Indonesian thrash metal, with lots of fights, blood, quotes, Wolverine and the traditional Asian understanding of what is good and what is to tear off the head foot his enemy.

One morning a SWAT team gets the job to enter the building and capture a well-known criminal. It would seem that this is a simple task for trained military. But the fact that this criminal, like a God in the criminal world. The whole house, which consists of 30 floors, belongs to him, and all who live in it – subordinates. And that all without problems, the operation to capture must pass silently. But one very stupid mistake all hell breaks loose, and all the criminals know that the house – strangers. Begins shameless action with lots of fights and stunt techniques that are the envy of the Jackie Chan movies.

Not without a stupid, idiotic pathetic dialogues. Well, how else, after all, this is Indonesian action movie. Here the main thing – fight! Here at solid action, a little meaning and story need only to justify the bloodbath that’s happening on the screen. And importantly, wrote the music with Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park, which for many years caressing the delicate ears of listeners with his distortion. If you want blood if you want a film where nothing to think, just look at the bloody graceful waltz, please – sweaty showdown in the style of «my kung fu is stronger than yours» under the «gash» which Shinoda.

5. Russian game, 2007

Russian film shot in Russian and very Russian. Even the Italian actor (who is actually Swiss) got that playing in Russian movies. Even in the «Agent of national security» Lekha Nikolaev kuralesin. So to understand the mysterious Russian soul for him was not so problematic.

The film is based on motives of products of Gogol in the original «Players», and chuhraja «Russian game» that expands the scope. Fun and playful story about gamblers with a graceful cloth, card parlors and evil, worthy to give foreign crime comedies plot. When talking about gamblers, will not be bored. No, not guy Ritchie, but in the spirit of Gogol’s time. The rest – a great nice movie about favorite topics: amazing adventures of a foreigner in Russia, XIX Golden age and about the mysterious Russian soul, to the passion, of generosity, of sin and redemption runs.

And most importantly – acting. Wins and gathered a good Russian actors (Garmash, Makovetsky, etc.) and once again proved that Russian classics must experienced Russian film Directors. No nationalism and creative expropriation. Russian classics – world value, but our somehow heartier obtained. And I must admit that if not for the original text of Gogol, didn’t fair so well.

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