Cinema Saturday #50

«Ho-Ho-Ho,» says Santa? Yesterday was Christmas, less than a week – the New Year. What does it mean? This means that films should be purely Christmas. Melodrama and Soviet films (despite their masterpiece), you can watch the next 20 days on TV. In addition, it is our jubilee, 50 th edition, holiday celebration turns out! And the last in 2015. If our films have benefited — we are glad. If not… our hearts cry. But despite the fact that you love the topic or not, if it will gain 10000 views per day, we upload pictures of breast our most charismatic employee.

1. Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noël), 2005

It would seem that the epithet «Good» is not suitable for movies in which we are talking about the war. And anyway, what kind of horrible symbiosis of war and Christmas. But it happens sometimes. We are talking about the legendary «Christmas truce» during the First world war on the Western Front, where all, according to Remark, «no change». The fact that in 1914, German, French and English soldiers on the eve of Christmas eve left the trenches and mingled in a single bunch, began to congratulate each other on the holiday. There was even a case when a British soldier cut his overgrown «Bosch» in the midst of this General heap, and one of the «brutalise» was a young corporal Adolf Ilosovic schickelgruber, aka Hitler.

But the film is not about the former artist, and human values, try to answer the question, for what this stuff, like war, happening in human history, because all people are equal, and joy we have similar (not counting maniacs and freaks, of course, their tastes are very specific). Makes us realize that sad New year surrounded by Olivier and singer-better than raw in the trenches in the arms of the enemy.

2. New a Christmas tale (Scrooged), 1988

In the Russian blockbuster movie came out called «Greedy». A Christmas tale is not a name, but rather the genre of this film. But, despite traditional morality and the Comedy, drama and horror there is much more. What else to expect from the Director who made «Omena» and «Lethal weapon»? A modern interpretation of a grumpy Dickensian Scrooge, who not only filmed, like but not abused. Only this time, he was incarnated in the chubby face of bill Murray, which plays a role as media Mogul Frank Cross. This cheapskate, sucking out the juices of subordinates, gives instead of prizes, towels and hates Christmas, otherworldly force decided to give a lesson to all the pleasures: dipping into the past, present and future in these exciting creatures as a crazy taxi driver from hell. All is well with bill Murray is good and the script and story of the holiday even some Peeps.

3. Rise of the guardians (Rise of the Guardians), 2012

Yes, the animation is, but, incidentally, very fit, from the category of «family». Good movie about how Santa called the Northerner, along with the Tooth Fairy, Sand Man, an old man with a special gift on behalf of Jack frost and the Easter Bunny are going to wet the Pitch for what he stole childhood dreams and hidden at the… intrigue!

Here is a beautiful story in the cartoon, each frame calls continue to dream and believe, believe and dream. Even giving some of the biblical dogma. In fact, of hidden meanings, much more, each frame is imbued with morality, but not the cloying, inherent in many Christmas stories.

It is clear that the story lines here came a lot, like in «the Avengers», where gathered all the superheroes together. And here also follow all of them – great fun.

Really beautiful, bright animation, from which emanates the winter holidays.

4. Love actually (Love Actually), 2003

The film, which is assembled the whole world of the British film industry and even Liam Neeson. Hugh Grant plays the dream of an inveterate Tory, Prime Minister of England, sent a nasty hole in U.S. policy, and Bilbo Baggins shakes his pelvis, working as a stunt double in a sex scene. Great movie, where entwined a bunch of connected stories, but it is very easy and a pleasure to watch.

It has those «brianscott» and wit that movie every year on the eve of winter holidays reviewing even brutal bearded lumberjacks. Love how they sang old rocker Billy Mack in leather pants, it’s everywhere, and she needs to share even with a fat Manager. Not because you’re gay, but because it is the only person who loves you. As a friend, well, without the blue.

5. Bad Santa (Bad Santa), 2003

A special look at the Christmas story, very original and catchy, removed under the guidance of him who had produced the Coen brothers. If the real Santa or Santa Claus used to drink and after every two words sprinkled remembered and sharp, like a blow with a sickle on a causal place, obscene phrases, among adults, perhaps, would be those who believe in the existence of generous pensioner.

The story of the Jew-drunk and his companion dwarf Negro, which «prick» safes, changing clothes and working Santa Claus and Christmas Elf. Black Comedy, soaked in booze and desperation, but all about one thing: that Christmas is a bright and good holiday and Christmas miracle extends even to those who have the ear dull boy. The best part, Billy Bob Thornton, whose name according to the rules of the English language has to be spoken with bezzubkin «ze», well, except for «Fargo,» of course.

Perhaps you’ve seen this movie, but to watch is that «Ironically» because you saw it hundreds of times.

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