Cinema Saturday #105

Saying that the modern cinema is getting closer and closer to a deep crisis. Skeptics argue that the quality of the movie will fall so that «Shirley-Myrli» will seem standard. We are not afraid, we know what movies to watch, to enjoy the magical world of cinema and not think about the bad.

1. With an eye-down from the chart-out! (Music and Lyrics), 2007

Here distributors can screw it up just using two or three words and give a good movie a very children’s name (in the original movie called «Music and lyrics»). However, do not look at the name, and that the fit between it and the final credits. Was, to put sincere, self-ironic film, outstanding British flavor (quite common for films with Hugh Grant). Speaking of Grant — apparently, it was his last great work. But it was already 10 years ago, and what became of him. Although in 2007, the year of Grant, merit and age, resembled his character — an aging sex symbol who was once more popular than the Dalai Lama, who was offered to come back and remind myself. Only in the film greatly exaggerated.

The result is a very elegant mockery of the modern culture. Not the first of its kind, maybe a little naive, but such films are not enough. Was gonna slay and modern market, and the stars of the ‘ 80s. Which is only written specially for the film song and filmed her clip in the best traditions of boy bands of the time. And what is surprising: even specially written for the film the song sounds better than all our pop. And the film is better than most recent comedies.

2. Perfect world (A Perfect World, 1993

«Director Clint Eastwood, starring Kevin costner». In the 90s, as, in principle, and now, these seven words and one preposition are the guarantors of a good movie. While these two are on their own (without the other actors, as well as a large staff) capable of making very rude and, nevertheless, breaks into tears and sympathy movie. The story is this: a hardened criminal Butch hiding from the cunning and well-known policeman with a young hostage who sees in Butch the father he never had. And then Wake up typical of movies like this with mixed feelings. Like it is impossible to sympathize with the criminal, but still sympathize with, despise, in General, the right guy is a COP.

The movie makes to look at such philosophical things as the relationship of fathers and sons, the problems large and small worlds. And all this through the prism of the conversation of a little boy and a grown man. It turned out that it is possible to watch, not looking up.

3. Old New year, 1980

The actual picture, after all, how does the Old New year, old illiquid calendar has already arrived. Now delay is talking about the beginning of a new life with the new year anywhere.

If all Soviet film production are you completely idiotic tag words «trash» and «crap», then definitely take a look at this masterpiece. Maybe brains will stand in the right place, and more like a careless phrase to rend the air will not.

Your mother, switching channels, and stumbling on these movies, first and foremost, always says, «Oh, a good movie, and the actors are cool.» This is the case: the actors are really wonderful, everything in its place and perfectly exist in the generated scripts, not as Danila Kozlovsky in «Viking». Retell the plot makes no sense, just say shown two families celebrate the Old New year — working and intelligent. All the rest is irony, subtle satire, is written in a good script. To have even the slightest sense of celebration, to see this picture.

4. The Descent (The Descent), 2005

A typical representative of the genre: a beautiful girl and part-time lovers of extreme sports travel to distant mountain ranges, running into a mysterious lake, swim into the grotto and begin to break down the ridges themselves. Sudden rockfall walled the exit up, and they go deep, knowing that in addition to the darkness and cold in the water, swim some inhospitable creature. What’s next — guess himself.

Despite its seeming banality, the film is not like a cheap horror movie for teenagers, because the Actresses really play and say adequate, well-written dialogues. When they float in the dark, is really pathetic, but when it’s the climax, if not a personal brick plant starts to work like clockwork. Some of the shots is really appalling.

The film has everything that you need a real horror movie: a fresh idea, the main character, mystery, blood, monsters and space. No frills, just a classic work on animal fear.

5. Revolver (Revolver), 2005

In our days, when the most discussed movie of guy Ritchie forgot the order. Why are most discussed? Yes, because after the «Big jackpot» and «Maps, money, two trunks» to see the complex psychological drama with courtly crime was, to put it mildly, unexpected. Sense, intelligence and gravity — the words would seem unfamiliar to Richie. Turns out he owns these techniques sufficiently to break the head of the ordinary man in the street. However, we should not forget who wrote the screenplay — Luc Besson.

However, without the brand of «show-off» Richie’s broken hand and riddled carcasses could not have done, otherwise no one would understand. Nevertheless, there is much less than that Richie, who all used to see in «Rock’roll kind of guy» and similar films. Therefore, to properly set yourself.

The main problem with this film is that after viewing quite a long time you start to think about the film and its issues. Go all day on foot, like a fuck bag, and replaying scenes. Even hairy, like Trevor of GTA 5, Jason Statham ceases to amaze, although I must say that this is a typical role of Jason — nothing outstanding, as always.

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