Cinema Saturday #97

Don’t know what to do? It is sad to sit? Try to enjoy next Saturday’s collection. Its advantages are obvious: you won’t refuse as the girl does not disappoint as the weather and will not seek money from you. So, start to watch more, and then the weekend is short.

1. Nice guys (The Nice Guys), 2016

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_NTgIkah6sUtToIt was nice to see Ryan Gosling in the role of burdock, an idiot and a loser — it looks very organic, like Russell Crowe in the image of a hired enforcer. In fact, the charm of the main characters and keeps the film, rather to say that this is one of the main components. The second component of the original idea, involved in pornography and corruption.

Separately pleased with perfectly reproduced the style of the film and the authentic atmosphere of the 70s. in Itself a very interesting period in the history of the United States: with pools, parties, disco, fitted jackets to bright shirts with large collar, porn stars and cocaine. The film is sprinkled with gags and typical moves that are used almost in all the stories about the companions of idiots.

The film was pleasant not to all: some do not found in this Comedy — considered that used a very cliche beaten and jokes fall short. Places touched with absurdity, sometimes sunk in parcelnet. But the opposing voices that argue that the balance of humour and crime is observed, witty dialogue, and the characters fit perfectly given the absurdity of the situations. Anyway, in the process of watching becomes boring and there is no desire to switch to something else. You still have to watch the movie yourself and then decide who is right.

2. Mud (Mud), 2012

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_EFVgQChVmpAlNThe movie was filmed in the most fruitful period in the career of McConaughey. The actor has proved that he can more than play or melodramas, and were taken for a most unexpected role. Exactly: play someone the other weird guy with the snake tattoo, which shines with hole in his teeth and hiding from cops and criminals in the old boat, the film could be called boring, unremarkable picture. But it turned out the serious work that makes reverently staring at the screen.

There is in this film, something from «Tom Sawyer.» In any case, the exact location — the Missouri river, and a couple of guys dug up mud. But if «Tom Sawyer» — food for the wild boys, the «mud» for tired, sad men. And flabby and not ochotorena Reese Witherspoon only adds to the sadness and truthfulness of the picture.

3. Life beyond (After.Life), 2009

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_RufwOaaDRC1VDThe film «the wolf Man» proved that a good horror film it is not enough only star actors. It is necessary that the script and the idea was forced to be fidgety. But nervousness can be achieved by any method, not just dismemberment, corpses, and suddenly appearing scary animals.

There are films in which the main idea rests on a strong philosophical impulse, causing confusion. A film in which Liam Neeson convinces having recovered in funeral homes Christina Ricci is that she died — just one of those. The theme of life after life and its dark embodiment of scaring and without the slasher, and when you can’t figure out if the heroine is dead, or it is diluted on a voluntary death, the stress becomes so high that coronary heart disease is impossible.

In all other aspects, was really decent and a hell of a fun movie. Gorgeous shot, the actors (especially Mr. Neeson) believe. What else do you need for happiness?

4. Warriors (The Warriors), 1979

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_28L79Cd5Cl7rpThis could only shoot in the 70s, the 80s, is just another movie in a different format. At the time of its release, the film was extremely relevant because the problem of teen gangs in the United States was tense to the limit. However, this happens every 10 years, after which there is a new part of GTA.

The main characters — some of these adolescents boor who consider themselves very cool and pulled a leather vest on a naked body. Only here all this toughness evaporates right after the guys hang the murder of a local authority, and for them it starts a real hunt. Nobody likes «Warriors» (so-called the gang of guys) — every gang in the city arrange for them pursuit to bring to life an uncontrollable desire to hurt palladam.

Though they are not better: the Baseball Furies with mugs, decorated under the band KISS; «Reefs» in colorful, like the geisha, robes, and a gang of Nazi skinheads, afroamericanas in the composition — the top of idiocy. Absurd only the existing band of memes baseball. Adequate on the background of the Warriors run through all of new York, fighting off enemies strained, unnatural, but incredibly beautiful collisions.

Painting in the spirit of the time — even the appearance of gangs is a parody of the fashion and tastes of 70s of the remaining symbols of the era — the pulsating fluorescent light, crying synth and some fantasmagorichnost what is happening. The film is without a doubt a genius that takes the soul of every mikrodetal.

5. The diving bell and the butterfly (Le scaphandre et le papillon), 2007

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2016_xOeFgEnAziN4gThe film has managed for 9 years to gain cult status. He was nominated for «Oscar», critics spared no words of praise, and the audience watched and shed tears over the story of former editor of Elle magazine who suffered a stroke and now speaks to the world with his one working eye. This film is to look at each to understand how vulnerable human life: today you have everything tomorrow you will eat, who sew the broken eyelid.

But it works eyelid quite cope with their responsibilities, telling about your life, work, family, stroke, hospital, doctors and all of the events. Echoes of the inner voice of the previous flashbacks from a past Bohemian life, where had it all: success, women and the eternal running around, almost killing the hero in the grave.

The film is based on the book by Jean-Dominique bauby — the editor of Elle. And his book he wrote, just blinking eye to the desired letter. So the crew managed to perfectly convey the mood and status is locked in its human body.

«The diving bell and the butterfly» — a must-have for everyone. Especially good to watch in moments of sadness, to see the eternal truth — could be worse.

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