Cinema Saturday #92

What is a good movie? This is when the movie star actors? Or when the budget passes for $ 20 million? Maybe it was in the script or soundtrack? Or perhaps the special effects that provoke cancer of the brain with its endless explosions, flying and ethereal worlds? Really good movie — it’s just a good movie that makes you forget about reality and immerse into the world of a different reality — a fictional, but no less significant. The film may contain much more truth than your whole life and even all of human history. Such films and we want to tell you, as well as those that will help you just relax without another word.

1. «Puncture» (Puncture), 2011 film is a harsh drama based on real events that occurred in Texas in the late XX century. Then the wild history has occurred in one of the hospitals — the girl was infected with AIDS, pricked by an infected needle. The money she paid, but she was not satisfied, because the girl was thinking about how to protect from such horrible accidents of others. Together with her father she develops a syringe, the needle is hidden after use, but there is no hospital that decides to take the syringes on the arms. What is the reason? Poor design, expensive syringes? No, even in the hospital will save on accidents, but corruption makes the system so easy to rebuild. You have to hire a lawyer, a real professional, but a junkie with a lot of experience, which fall fate to clean up all this corruption shit. Because of his actions we see the whole movie. The identity of the lawyer, played by Chris Evans, is very contradictory. It’s awesome expert, but he is a man eating own demons. The whole movie he uses drugs, but due to his actions, the case is slowly but surely moving. A movie about human drama, and that strong man with his position always will be surrounded by corporate predators that will try to eat it with giblets. The film is not for the popcorn.

2. «The magic country» (Finding Neverland), 2004 of the most emotional films we watched lately. Is it weird to watch a movie with friends, beer and fried chicken. But if you take a companion friend, the pleasure will be unforgettable. Marc Forster, the film’s Director, has created a beautiful Duo — Kate Winslet and johnny Depp. You might think that «finding Neverland» is a romantic story of two lovers, but it’s not — it’s about a guy who can’t do wrong just because social norms require. Johnny Depp plays the writer-loser John. Matthew Barry, who would later write the story of Peter pan and will gain international recognition.

But at the time of the film he writes plays that are not popular are considered to be crap, simply put. Apparently, the author just can’t find a Muse, which is wise of him to write a masterpiece. But after a while John. Matthew Barrie meets a widow with many children, who gladly accepts his help in the upbringing of children. The writer plays with the babies (within the law), finding in them his inspiration, but from the looks it this way — a married man hanging out with a widow and her children. London spread nasty rumors that threaten to dislodge the author beyond British society. A film about true humanity, in search of his destiny and struggle with the «right» opinion, which is taken for granted by everyone who is deprived of imagination.

3. «TRUMBO» (Trumbo), 2015

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_Hw9OJjrHjS5u7If you appreciate the old-school American cinema, you should know who Dalton TRUMBO. This is a screenwriter of major motion pictures of the mid-twentieth century. His works he wrote in the midst of the Cold war. Why is it so important this clarification? Because Dalton TRUMBO was a Communist in the era of «witch hunt», where each «red» actor, writer or Director entered into the black list, so they are not removed «dangerous movies». Censorship was infernal. At this time, the society indulged their government, which, under the guise of traditional values, choked all the creative people of America, moved destiny to the glory of the struggle against the internal enemy — the fifth column. In this story has its Mizulina (the similarity of the character is awesome) and your Milon (American Milonova less fortunate, he’s in jail scrubbed toilets and floors). But it’s not about them, but about the man-giant who was not afraid to go against mad people and government forces.

He, of course, took the machine and did not designed the bombs, while in the Communist underground. Instead, Dalton is armed with a typewriter and under different aliases,made movies that received Oscar one after the other. Dalton TRUMBO is a real hero who defended freedom of speech in a unique way and eventually was able to break the system. All prohibitions concerning ideology, collapsed. But it was the courage of some people who could get into prison for his audacity, deprived of their jobs. Watch movie need, even if you don’t know what a «Roman holiday,» «Spartacus» and «johnny got his gun». The movie is very timely not only for Hollywood but also for Russia, which, of course, also have their lists of «Hollywood 10». Elegant biopic.

4. Midnight Express (The Midnight Meat Train), 2008

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_V9KAZcOU4oHJZClive Barker called the second after Stephen king. But we do not consider the second — it is too original as a writer. The Creator of the «Hellraiser» can’t write second-rate history, many fans were convinced for a long time. And although we are not his supporters (very «soft» his subjects), but one story we like in all seriousness. We are talking about «Midnight Express», which was included in the collection «Books of blood». This story formed the basis of the screenplay «Midnight Express.» The film is not only a chilling atmosphere, but also by the primacy of plot over the game.

The story begins with Leon, a young and talented photographer, gets a profitable and lucrative offer from the new York gallery is to create photographs that would reflect the black and extreme new York. To do this, the photographer goes in search of «the wrong side of town» and finds a strange stranger. Starts a Stakeout that leads to one hell of a scary and mystical effects. In «Midnight Express» is the food and for those who enjoy mysticism, and for those who can’t watch horror movies without cruel and bloody scenes, which is famous for the fiction of Clive Barker. Your choice, if you want to scare yourself, friend and the serial killer that hid in the closet behind the TV.

5. «Real vampires» (What We Do in the Shadows), 2014

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_L2STyICo5jpupOur film distributor again shit in his pants and called the film as did not know to do this in all the other countries of the world. I guess I thought I’d play on the popularity of «Real boys», but Oh well. The film itself is outstanding in every sense of the banal and the name will not spoil it — it was very cool. Made the film Jemaine Clement, do you know him in the role of «Boris the Animals» («Men in black «), Taika, Waititi that mysteriously got a Director’s chair in the film «Thor: Ragnarok», though never filmed commercial projects («Real vampires» — the most successful film in his portfolio). About these two guys we know nothing, but they have created a film about vampires, which you can watch without a feeling of creeping nausea to her throat.

The main characters are vampires who are trying to survive in the modern world. As his lair they chose New Zealand, of course — in this country do not pay attention, and there are no angry people with pitchforks. Despite the fact that Viago, deacon and Vladislav (as Dracula) are powerful immortal beings, they behave like ordinary people with ordinary life problems: where to get the rent, how to pass face control at the club, what to eat and how to avoid sunlight. This movie is for you if you’re sick of formulaic comedies and want to bring a little positive in life.

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