Cinema Saturday #72

We’ll today to watch the movie epic, fantastic, dramatic and scary. Why? Because it’s tradition. We can not give you at the mercy of the films in the same genre, so it will be boring and wrong. So here’s a tasty hodgepodge, which melts the ice and sadly last working week. It will distract you from the routine, and if you’re lucky, it will make your day more meaningful. Movie often suggests that change people’s lives. And if it does not, then just relax.

1. Last love on Earth (Perfect Sense), 2010

manygoodtips.com_27.05.2016_N6auLc5tYjGfQA movie that is perfect to view as a friend, and with yourself, if you’re not lucky. Starring the famous Ewan McGregor and Eva green, which characters are faced with events that they cannot affect – they are just victims of the disaster.

It’s fantastic, very unusual fiction. It tells the story of the Holocaust, in a sense, the Apocalypse. But the threat lies not in the meteorite, is not approaching on the Earth a mysterious planet, not in the revolt of the apes and not even into bloodthirsty zombies. The trouble is that people for some reason lose their senses, one by one. Lost touch, smell, sight and so on. On this tragic landscape and the unfolding love story between two individuals of different sexes. The closer to the finale, the stronger the attachment grows.

A great romantic-apocalyptic movie.

2. The Witch (The VVitch: A New England Folktale), 2015

manygoodtips.com_27.05.2016_eUdZeBo6TdUuKThe film, which was presented at the festival of independent cinema «Sundance» and immediately became the cause of the capture of hundreds of film critics. No, this isn’t some small-scale film with one actor in a drab room, it’s horror. And horror the most stylish, beautiful and frightening. The action takes place in New England, this region was once inspired by HP Lovecraft, in this region are the most weird things. The plot takes us back to the times when America has not yet been fully explored, but the Anglo-Saxon civilization are quite accustomed. The years of violent faith, small communities where the Church was inviolable authority. And here we see a family of colonists who leave their plantation to live on a secluded farm in the «Paradise place» called New England. However, alone they will not find, because soon disappears the youngest child, a baby.

3. The Promise (The Pledge), 2000 of Sean Penn (if you didn’t know this actor and the movies, and a good one), where the main role was played by Jack Nicholson, and secondary – loved Benicio Del Toro.

It’s a mystery, and a non-trivial, not in the Canon of Agatha Christie. The investigation deals with an old man who takes one last job right at a party to celebrate his departure (retirement, see). And difficult: killed 8-year-old girl, and not just killed, but also desecrated the body. The mother of the deceased makes an old to swear on the Bible that he finds the murderer and will not leave him alive. From this moment begins the main plot, which is replete with 180-degree turns and crazy moments. To predict the ending is unrealistic, don’t even try. The story is so unique that to break away from it impossible.

4. Kingsman: the Secret service (Kingsman: The Secret Service), 2015

manygoodtips.com_27.05.2016_B6e044IUe4WIFMovie comics a healthy person, namely, Mark Millar, who is to blame for creating such masterpieces as «Kick-ass», «wanted» and a limited comic book series «the Civil war» (it recently a movie came out, Yes). In General, the talent this author has, and therefore we could not ignore the relatively recent adaptation of the comic book «the Secret service».

Main character Eggsy. The guy who once served in the Marines, but was much smarter than his teammates. He had a great future, but he decided to become the local punks. Then Eggsy meets Harry, who opens to him a new opportunity, namely, to join a secret organization, standing guard around the world. In General, In the end, we see a solid action movie with elements of Comedy to the spy theme, which never gets old. Recommend watching just for fun, to add in some mad drive.

5. Nothing to lose (Nothing to Lose), 1997 of the 90s, without a doubt, carry some spark. They want to see it many times. Maybe the fact that these films took in turn our domestic channels, and we, meanwhile, had regularly watched. But we think the case is different – in their unique atmosphere and special sense of humor, which I hadn’t.

Take, for example, the movie with Martin Lawrence and Tim Robbins ‘ «Nothing to lose». The main character gets into a situation that is familiar, perhaps a fifth of the male population of the planet. Despite the fact that he had to work everything is fine, he is a respected man and a good guy, he is faced with a severe shock – his own wife is sleeping with his boss. The guy throws everything at once, gets in the car and goes over the horizon: fuck this town, that wife, work and private life! Along the way he meets a black guy who climbs into his car in the hope of grabanut «snowball.»

As a result, we are seeing a cool road story about two guys who get into all sorts of trouble. Profound concept, no, everything is on the surface. But these films do not expect a double bottom, he shot for fun.

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