Film Saturdays #43

In 43 of the series «father’s daughters» Dasha crashed dad’s car, and Galina called Polezhaykina to solve this problem. But our selection of such shit will not only kosher movies for any taste and for any company, without the bad acting, stupid script and tightened scenes. Only high-quality, high-octane movie. Even envy those who will watch it for the first time.


Six-string samurai (Six-String Samurai), 1998

If you mix rock-n-roll, «Fallout», Star wars, kung fu, Russian guitarists with sickles and hammers, the guitar playing «Czardas» by Monti, an aversion to spinach and samurai stuff, you get a real masterpiece. The film was shot on expired film, which is still planned to throw in the trash. Money picture is not there at all. So «General» that the costumes of the main characters gathered at flea markets and the trash. Trash! And actually, originally it was supposed to be a movie with serious dialogue, and turned post-apocalyptic, something that still knocks the tears of men with hairy swollen liver.

This is the most original approach to the theme of post-apocalyptic world. A movie like vistabeam other representatives of the genre, and on the other hand, has created its own unique atmosphere, where the Russians, in the 57th year still dropped the bomb on America, king was Elvis, and through the years travel through the wasteland heroes of rock ‘ n ‘ roll, with guitars at the ready and weapons. The main character is one of them, he drinks from the broken glass do not understand that running away from Slash in the role of Death, traveling from makes a strange noise boy, plays the guitar and under the good rock-n-roll chops up enemies with his long samurai sword. Only in the last minutes it becomes clear what all those «carrying values» was.

I know you, man. You’re not going to Vegas. Where are you, death is rushing, like new Plymouth, fifty-second.


Men (Husbands), 1970

Classic film, about which few know. But in vain, the film, as spoon heavenly after a hard day spent with horse manure. The film is about the crisis of middle age, narrated brutal, stylish, a man who knows what he’s talking about. John Cassavetes is one of the best Directors the American «new wave», which is realized for a good movie all you need are some good actors and a good idea. And then everything goes like clockwork. And so it happened, got wonderful actors, among them even noticed Peter Falk, the legendary exhaust raincoat, cigars and specialty representation of the «Lieutenant Columbo» did not immediately recognize himself Cassavetes and the legendary Ben Gazzara.

And, as they say in fairy tales, «the magic happened», the film played colors, and the story of three men who met at the funeral of an old friend and went on a binge, began to Shine with new colors. I mean, it’s not «the hangover», there’s humor, but without vulgarity. The film is primarily instructive, although there are no high morality. It is so natural and pleasant, as if watching a documentary chronicling several days of ordinary people. And you want an excited thrill along with the characters sing at the table, vomit in the toilet, fall in love with strangers, to fight and again to reconcile with your best friend, laugh at the antics of men and to cry over their own unfulfilled desires.


Taxi Driver (Taxi Driver), 1976

Is long to present this film? No? Don’t know what the story is? So thanks to her, Scorsese and De Niro ascended to the firmament of cinematic greatness, which is desperately trying not to break now 39 years old. The role was first offered to another great Italian man with sad eyes – al Pacino, but he refused and all his boevikov-trillerny potential realized years later.

De Niro played the role suffers from insomnia veteran of the Vietnam war brilliantly. Predastavit to someone else in the role of Travis Bicle impossible. Leaning into the taxi, he leads his lonely taxi the night streets of endless city, watching the rot of human sin, hoping that one day heaven will be sent to the Ground saving the rain that will clear new York from centuries of dirt. But it’s not getting better, people seem to be getting worse, and shortcomings dirtier.

Fans of hard drum and is strongly recommended for viewing. Fans of the classics definitely. There is a chance to see Harvey Keitel in an unusual role, De Niro hairstyle punk, a young jodie foster and a picture that was more classic than the song of Robbie Williams.

At night all the animals come out: whores, pimps, thieves, blue, druggery, junkies, sick, venal. The day will come and rain will wash the streets of all the carrion.


The body (El cuerpo), 2012

While Hollywood focused on big-budget popcorn stamping products, the Europeans take off a quality Thriller. Few people know, but I mount this film Joan of Manel Vilaseca, because few people know who Joan of Manel Vilaseca. But if your knowledge of Spanish cinema is limited to the names of Almodovar Banderas, then you have a great chance to explore the good in him, namely, psychological movies and thrillers. This film is one of the best representatives.

The story itself is seemingly simple. An experienced detective Jaime arrives on call to the local morgue where the night blacked out all the cameras, and the guard in horror ran away. And while I was running, I got under the car and from under her – just in a coma. In the morgue, too, is not all right: the body was gone, Mikey Villaverde, died this morning from heart failure. Further, we do not tell.

The Director expertly flirts with the audience, sometimes tossing an unexpected, confusing fragments, without giving us time to say: «the Script is weak. I already guessed who this is.» Fans of the detective will be interesting, of course, if they don’t scare oppressive atmosphere, from which Sergei Badyuk was the gnawing.


Last girl (The Final Girls), 2015

Slasher (in English slash – «to cut») implies a presence in the film of a psycho killer who stalks and kills blood on an industrial scale a series of victims-teenagers in his characteristic, particularly cynical manner. Back in the picture must be a forest, the first to die of the Niger, and the only survivor to remain a virgin. Here on these cliches and laugh at the filmmakers. It would seem that the parody movie is not fashionable, especially because their numbers have considerably prevailed over quality, and then the pearl. And the story is interesting: a girl mourning the death of his mother, who, by the way, thanks to these popular and famous. She and her friends go to the movies, the same movie was recognized as the best in maternal filmography. And here after a fire in the cinema the guys accidentally get into the film, and begins a rampant journey through the flashbacks, and 80-m, and all that we love slashers with irony and sarcasm. Carpenter approves.

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