Cinema Saturday #33

Man, time flies fast! That’s the 33rd week edition recommends you movies to your taste. I sincerely hope that you appreciate. In General, the number 33 is very special for us: here mentioned Russian alphabet, and heroes by Chernomor, and cows with a song. And indeed the number three is considered to be among the people happy. So sit comfortably in your chair and get a double portion of happiness on the last Saturday of the summer.

1. The bothersome man / Den brysomme mannen (2006)

manygoodtips.com_27.08.2015_CjZi3xxGvTFumAmazing and a bit fantastic story straight out of Norway (and a bit of Iceland). The theme of the «little man» – a favorite theme for those who make a good dramatic movie. In this case, for the main character by the name of Andreas it works out pretty well: under strange circumstances, he falls into a world which at first glance seems perfect. Now forty-year-old loser has a good job in a large office, a wife and a semblance of a normal life. But something is still wrong: a lot of people around emotionless, like a zombie, only in human form. It’s exciting and even annoying character, he wonders: how can you not enjoy this life? World of illusions is harder than real, and Andreas seems to be decides to prioritize again. But is it too late for such a step? We’ll see.

– I fell in love with someone at work, I didn’t plan it.

– I thought we were happy.

Was… But then I fell in love.

– What?

– I’m leaving you.

– We have guests on Saturday.

2. The Hole / The Hole (2001) strong British Thriller the beginning. Before watching you need to know only one rule: dude, you shouldn’t throw parties in an abandoned underground bunker during the war! Especially with untrained guys who did the heavy red glass of alcohol in the hands not kept. At some point during the party the fun is over and the panic starts. What keeps this bunker? What secrets are hiding? They all get out? I get to sleep? The film definitely keeps the tension and creates a special atmosphere. If your mental health is all right, you’re unlikely to be scared, but to unravel the tangled story will be interesting.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you don’t care about yourself, you wanted to be with him?.. When he looks at you, your heart stops and his breath burns the skin. Have you ever craved someone so much that you didn’t exist?..

3. Tokyo! / Tokyo! (2008) the clock Asian flavor. Talking about the plot or meaning of Japanese cinema hard (not only that, but in General). It is worth noting an unusual directorial reception: the film is divided into three separate stories («interior Design», «Shit» and «Shaking Tokyo»). Naturally, they filmed three different people from Japan, Germany and France. The film tells about the inhabitants of the largest metropolis of Asia in a very unusual and even surreal form. What is it worth to watch? To remind yourself that there is another mentality, another way of looking at things and a completely different world. If the film inspire you to travel to Tokyo, don’t forget to send us a postcard.

– Yesterday, you said that I have no dreams, no ambitions. It’s not true! I love photography, art, know how to manage the boat. And read a lot. But this is all a hobby, not dreams or ambitions. – What’s the difference? Me determines what I love. After all, it enriches me spiritually.

4. Dogma / Dogma (1999)

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2015_0iXRGAmhcx8qXAs you can do on a night without Comedy? However, this picture is quite specific. We have already mentioned that God loves a Trinity, «Dogma» interpretation of the Proverbs shows very extraordinary. All screening on the theme of man’s faith in a higher power meet ruthless criticism from those «in the know». Picture of Kevin Smith is no exception. There was a serious problem in the genre, after joking on the topic of faith is like walking on a razor’s edge. But «Dogma» was surprisingly easy, interesting and even tasty, if it is appropriate to say in this case. It shows angels, demons, prophets, and even God’s very ordinary people, with their flaws and absurdities. What is the cast! Young Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Salma Hayek… And as a bonus – a great Comedy Duo of that generation, Jay and silent Bob, a rather atypical role. Dude, remember how life was simple and ironic with the «Dogma», you will not regret!

Hey! What is it? God? Lonely, funny, with a great sense of humor. Take the sex. There’s nothing funnier than your stupid faces during intercourse. – The sex jokes? – As far as I know, and on Earth too.

5. Deja Vu / Deja Vu (2006)

manygoodtips.com_27.08.2015_AAtwES3Z1Iag9You are not asleep, finish good action. This film is suitable for science fiction fans, fighters and Denzel Washington. And even for those who at least once experienced deja vu. What is this phenomenon? A dream, a parallel reality or a figment of a sick imagination? Together with a special agent named Doug Carlin us will experience this condition, understand its essence and perhaps prevent a disaster. Hard to call this a picture of a landmark or triumphant, but one thing is clear: what is happening on the screen, you can really believe. Maybe all of these space-time tricks will be available to everyone? We will learn how to manage them the same way as cars? It would be cool!

– First things first: where’s the phone? And come on, guys. This is a police investigation. There is a rule, there must be a maker.

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