Cinema Saturday #99

Movie on Saturdays is like a breath of fresh cold air after booze, like vodka with dissolved pills «Smarties» like a dream in bed after a 9 hour flight and subsequent shaking in the car. In General, it’s magical. We have made this selection almost a hundred times, and we not surprising that we still find a suitable movie, and the fact that it in such quantities removed. Enjoy the next selection — the first in the last month of the year and last two-digit numbering.

1. Alphaville (Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution), 1965

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_FinkGP7b1dqFmDon’t you dare say something like: «Well, again, junk, where is the close?», if you don’t want the editors have had a heart attack. What is before you — this is a real classic, and call it «stacherski a relic of the» Supreme filth. In the end, not so with Godard, who directed this wonderful film. Godard — it’s not you Kokshenov, he was able to do, and beautiful, and smart, and so that the whole of modern cinema imitates him. Almost all of it. Incidentally, the famous German synth-pop group, which created the immortal tear-whiny lyrics about eternal youth (Forever Young), took its name in honor of this film.

In this work, he touches on the existential situation when the person is like between life and death, and in what context — in dystopia. Alphaville is such a closed totalitarian society, located millions of light-years from our planet and electronically controlled alpha brain. Created it escaped from the Earth, Professor Nosferatu, hiding here under the name of von Braun. The society is renowned for its excessive consistency, in the lexicon of the residents there are no such words as «why», «love», «tenderness», «consciousness», and for the illogical actions of people executed. And against the background that appears lightly patronizing the agent’s face from planet Earth, sent to kill brown. Because no shit from orders and conclusions of Alphaville impossible. And she a dystopia that makes you think and is a must-have app for anyone who considers themselves an intelligent person.

2. Dead man’s shoes (Dead man’s Shoes), 2004

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_fGNSPtxSjfn9sYou went to serve in the army, and after 8 years he returned and learned that his mentally disabled brother was taken under the wing of local drug dealers. What to do in such cases? To become berserk and start to destroy everything around. Although the budget for the picture was a small part of the film shot hand-held camera, and some shots clearly read that this is the author’s cinema, and it is made with quality, which is sometimes lacking serious studios.

This film opens the curtain and allows the viewer to look at the grim life of the English periphery in which there are more immigrants than the local population. It seems to us that if you change the names and move the location of the action in our open spaces, the film would not tolerate fundamental changes.

At first the film may seem too illogical. But do not rush to switch — the last 20 minutes will give a logical explanation for the doers of farce.

3. Wayne’s world (Wayne’s World), 1992 who are interested, what did Mike Myers (not to be confused with vypuskatel intestines) before becoming the Austin Powers and the voice of Shrek, and why he’s called the idol of American youth of the 80s-90s, you must watch this movie. This is a typical funny Comedy of the 90s, but with its history.

The fact that the images of the main characters was known to the American audience long before the release of the picture. First, Myers grimacing at the image of Wayne Campbell on the canadian TV and then moved to the forge of American comedians «live Saturday night», where he acquired a faithful companion Hardened and for a long time down the viewer power of humor in different thickness, density and quality.

And then there was the movie — like the usual teen Comedy, but with its own atmosphere. Somehow naturally funny. The main characters — bright and overly silly idiots who have created their own semi-professional cable TV. Furious nihilists, who, unlike the characters in modern Comedy, not so zealously obsessed with Boobs and entertainment. They do stupid things, but this nonsense is not a farce, it’s human stupidity. And apparently this is enough to modern comedies that strive at the first opportunity to slide into a mocking fart.

The picture does not claim to masterpiece, but it’s better than other attempts to make the along a specific character. To recall the «eggs of fate». Everything here is so good that some antics from here you can see ACE Ventura. So look at the good old-fashioned Comedy about two dudes like a do’er and Vasily Strelnikov, absolutely worth it.

4. Street kings (Street Kings), 2008 Reeves once again plays a man whose wife died, and in life, it was a nightmare. In addition to his film involved forest Whitaker similar in costume at a rich hip-hop producer, Hugh Laurie and a bunch of actors who remember when you see in person. And together they are involved in fiction, about a bad COP, which in fact is the janitor of this shitty town. Typical drunk that is a long time under the spray from the shower, washes himself with the shit of this city.

And then begins the process of cleaning, followed by more blood and action. A kind of «COP wars», only taken high quality. Do not be confused stupid name, more suitable for a biopic about a successful rap group. Here, everything is much more spectacular, especially the plot. He is so strong, that do not care about action, blood, steel views of the main characters, which are always played at their level.

5. Looking for Eric (Looking for Eric), 2009

manygoodtips.com_2.12.2016_bqj7LGZ9iES4oThe main character is a postman in the club «Manchester United», and to him in visions is the real king of the club, his legend and the most charismatic football player of the 90 — Eric Cantona. But the film is not about football, although he’s present almost everywhere. The film is about the mistakes we committed and attempts to correct these errors, about loneliness, about the fact that there is always the opportunity to change your life, you just have to put in a little effort. And also that it is necessary to trust people and not always trying to cope with all problems on their own.

This is a simple light story, which is impressive, beautifully aged Frenchman gives a wise philosophical advice 50-year-old loser. Although the Canton, when he tried to philosophize in the time of the interview looked specifically. Yeah, it was nice to see a legend in such an unexpected role. Good people: and good goals scored (which is shown in the film), and gives advice. Perhaps everyone needs to get one of your idol. But much more surprising is the fact that this film was made by Ken loach. Very atypical work for him.

But don’t think this is entirely a movie about conversation. There’s a lot of sad, ironic and funny moments, made under the impression of the charisma of the guy who always ran around the pitch with the collar and beat the fans blows in the style of kung fu.

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